** Wednesday 1st tri **

Morning ladies! Hope you're all well. I'm like a zombie this morning after a v early start. O's last 3 teeth are breaking through and although he's fine in the night he is waking around 5am each morning just now :'( Just in time for the severe tiredness of 1st tri to kick in! Otherwise all fine here and nothing to report! Will pop back later for personals. Coco 4+0


  • Morning coco, sorry to hear you're getting woken early. I hope the teeth are through soon.

    I'm feeling more refreshed today. Still woke up at 5.30 am but fell asleep earlier last night so I'm feeling better. Less nauseous I think too.

    Hello to everyone else!

  • You and me both Imp! i take comfort in that these are the last 3 now, so I know we'll have a decent gap before baby arrives/starts teething! Glad you're feeling refreshed and less nauseous today...it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do x

  • Good that it's the last three, the end is in sight!

    After saying I felt less sick, I've just cleaned my teeth and I now feel rotten again.

  • Hi All.

    Coco - How old is your LO?

    Imp - Do you feel rotten all day or does it come and go?

    AFM - Nothing new. I managed to get through last night without being sick! Which was great. But I was sick more than usual in the morning, so it probably all balanced out still.

    I've got really painful ulcers on my tongue, thankfully its just on one side so I can eat on the other side still, but it feels like its all down the side of my tongue as well as on my cheek. I haven't had ulcers for years, so I'm thinking its either hormonal or I'm a bit run down because of everything that is going on in my body. I've read online that Bonjella can prolong them, so I haven't used anything on it, its been here for a few days now, getting more noticeable by the day though.

  • Coco - Hope the teething is done soon!

    Imp - Hope the sickness passes!

    Pep - Maybe go and see the pharmacist and see if they can recommend anything for your ulcers?

    AFM, I thought I was starting the feel more 'normal' again, but have been super nauseous today, only 2 and half hours until home time though thankfully!

  • Afternoon ladies, thus thread is so quiet these days.

    Pep- I tend to have peaks and troughs with the nausea, it doesn't follow the same pattern each day so I cave plan for it. The ulcers are possibly related to throwing up? Have you been washing your mouth out with salt water? Not good it you feel sick anyway but it'll help the ulcers.

    Vix sorry you're feeling rotten again, not long left of the day now.

  • Imp - I had thought it could be to do with the sickness. Not tried salt water, I really don't think I could stomach it. If I get brave enough I will.

  • Just don't swallow it pep. Gag material! If you're brave enough just dab salt on them. It'll fecking kill but it works.

    I used to get them a lot, at least once a week and it was generally being run down. Plenty of vitamin c helps I think.

  • Evening ladies.

    Coco - hope you've survived today and manage a bit more sleep tonight!!!!

    Imp - the nausea is good, the nausea is good lol. Hope you're ok now. It is very quiet today isn't it. I can really get on here until after work and everyone is usually away by then.

    Pep - aw poor you with ulcers. Hope you're coping. My nausea comes and goes. I get days on end when I feel fine than I can feel rotten for a whole day. For a while it was the afternoon and evening that I felt rough. I never know what each day is going to bring.

    Vix - sorry you're feeling bad again. Hope you survived.

    AFM - felt a bit nauseous with morning up to about lunch time. I now seem to feel fine again. Tonight is my night off so I've really got to get my Xmas cards started. In fact, as soon as I get off here that's what I'm doing. I need to make a start at the very least.

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • Hope you get your Xmas cards done CA. I'm not doing any this year, I'm hoping that people won't send them to me either! Scrooge alert!

  • I've made a start Imp before I went out. I did the ones for my immediate colleagues and started the ones that need posted so I'm probably about half way there.

    Think I'll not bother next year. It's just getting silly tbh!!!

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