** Weekend 1st tri **

Morning ladies. Firstly sending lots of vibes to BF for your scan today, hope all is ok and baby is beating those fibroids away. What's everyone's plans? I might not be on much as busy one....getting my hair done this AM, house viewing this PM and late shift at work tonight. Then tomorrow we're out for lunch with friends. Hoping keeping busy wil make this week go quicker...I just want to see my baby now! ;-) Hi to all who follow xx


  • Bumping up to 1st page...

  • Morning Coco. Hope you enjoy your weekend, and scan day comes quickly!

    AFM off to see the inlaws today, then I'm staying at my mum's until Tuesday. Got our scan on Monday morning so she will drive us, and then also drive me to a dentist appt in the afternoon. It'll be nice to have extra help with A for a few days. I'm back at work now, 2.5 days a week, it's going well so far. Hope you all have lovely weekends x

  • Oh yes and Barefoot I hope the scan goes well x

  • Coco - hope you enjoy your weekend and the house viewing goes well. what are you having done to your hair?

    Saisi - hope the scan all goes well, will this be your first one?

    BF - I know I don't "know" you but vibes for your scan.

    I'm having a clear out of the bedrooms and finally unpacking boxes after being here over a year and then out with friends tonight.
  • Morning everyone!

    Coco - have a lovely weekend - you sound busy!

    Saisi - good luck for your scan

    PicklePants - congrats and welcome to first tri :)

    AFM - we've decided to tell the ILs tomorrow so I'm skipping moving BIL today as I won't be much use and cba to make excuses. So I'm home alone whilst H goes to help. Not sure what to do with myself! Still feeling/being sick and have stinking headaches! It's starting to sink in now and I'm getting excited :) xxx

  • Morning!

    Coco, sounds like you have a busy weekend planned!

    Saisi, yes, hope the scan goes well on Monday!

    BF good luck with the scan!

    PP, ooh I love doing that, but always end up in more of a mess than before!

    Afm, we drove up to derby last night to see some friends before they have their lo. She's 31 wks pg! Watching the rugby later & having fun!

    Hi to those that follow & hope you have a good weekend xx
  • Morning all.

    Sorry no personals, just a quick post today - had a lazy morning so far and really should get myself showered etc.

    Felt terrible yesterday afternoon, then suddenly realised it's probably withdrawal effects of my ADs (dizziness, so tired, etc.) - I've only been taking them every other day, and wondered if they might be making my sickness worse so thought I'd stop altogether as I'd heard some people saying they were really sick on them when they got pg.

    Anyway, had a lovely evening once I'd had a nap with my brother and his gf and a huge amount of Chinese takeaway!  Back to eating a bit more healthy today.  We told them our news, although not until they were just about to leave - think my brother had picked up a couple of hints of things I'd mentioned earlier in the night.  Best get round to telling my other brother at some point now.  

    As soon as they'd gone I went upstairs and C was standing there on the landing with a big smile on his face so I was a little worried he might have heard (we're not telling him yet, want to make sure everything is ok at the scan first) - fortunately not!  

    Anyway, need to go do the food shop soon, then a lazy afternoon so I'm feeling up to going out with my friends tonight.

  • Morning all, and thanks for the good wishes. I now have full blown lurgy with a fever and can't stop coughing. Luckily OH is nearly over his and starting to feel able to look after me a bit. I don't plan to get up until we have to leave. Scan is at 2 and I'll pop back later and update. Have a good day all xx

  • Coco-house sounds nice, fingers crossed you like it. What are you having done to your hair?

    Sasasi- it will be lovely to be at your mums, mine always spoils me when I go home. Good luck for the scan.

    Pickle pants- hope the spring clean goes well.

    Browny going from your ticker your a day ahead of me. I hope your headache goes, enjoy chilling today.

    Who are you supporting in the rugby bracken?

    Sounds like you had a lovely evening deedee. I love Chinese but we don't have a decent takeaway near us so we don't have it often.

    Good luck for your scan barefoot!

    AFM- slept in, then household stuff, now tidy my art room. Need I finish my commission this weekend. If I can get onto the computer rather than my phone ill try to put a few pics of it up as a few people asked to see it. Enjoy your weekend ladies.

  • Hi all, we're back!

    It's nearly all great news!! Risk for Downs is 1:2600 ish, Edwards 1:12000 ish and Patau's 1:6000 ish. Nuchal measurement only 1mm and babybean was kicking it's legs and toying with it's cord. I told it not to play with it's food! Best news ever is the sac is now a relatively normal shape after being very deformed and squashed by fibroids 2 weeks ago. The consultant who saw me today said that as baby grows, the fibroids should now be pushed well out of the way, so I am so happy. Only slight downside is that the heart rate is way too high, at 184 but I suggested this may be because I have a fever at the moment. Consultant agreed and has arranged for me to pop back next Saturday to just recheck the heartrate. High rate can be indicative of Patau's, but there are no other indications so she was happy, and we are so so relieved that babybean has told the fibroids where to go! Also has anomaly scans done on brain (so amazing you can see the hemispheres already), heart, bowels and bladder and it's all looking normal. Oh, and I've caught up datewise. Until today I have been consistently 2 days behind, but today I'm back on track for my cycle dates, so 12 weeks today. Must change ticker again!

    So weird to think we can tell people now. A few colleagues knew, as did our parents, but I can finally tell friends, and especially my lovely cousin who was so supportive when I mc-ed. She's the one with twins and I was initially due on their first birthday. Will put a pic up later or tomorrow when OH scans it. Can't ask him now since he's engrossed in the rugby.

    Hope you are all having a lovely weekend

    (a very snotty) Barefoot xx

  • Great news BF! X

  • OH has scanned me a piccie (we got pics of everything this time, so about 30 pics, but you don't need to see it's brain LOL!)

    Here is our little fighter...

  • Great News BF.

    I'll pop on to do personals tomorrow, but I am feeling pretty rough. Feel quite sick today and I think I am getting a cold, so I am a bit woe is me! I think a good night's sleep and I will be back to my normal self tomorrow hopefully!

  • Just popping on to say hello to everybody - having another sickly horrible wkend , I cried myself to sleep last night I felt so Sick!

    Great scan pic BF x

  • Saisi - Good luck for tomorrow lovely! Glad work is going well...I think sometimes the thought is worse than the reality. I didn't return to my job post ML as it was too high pressured/long houred and they wouldn't go for PT hours...but I love my little PT job I have now, a bit of time out, seeing real adults and keeping my brain ticking over!

    PP - Hope the sort out was productive and you managed to stick your feet up too!

    Browny - I don't blame you taking it easy :-)

    Bracken - Hope you had a great yesterday.

    DD - Did the sickness pass with C? Hope you're feeling more yourself soon. Hope you had a good one last night!

    Raincloud - I'd love to see some pics of your commission...I did Art and graphics a levels and still try and do bits when I can myself, as well as my little crafty business!

    BF - glad you had a positive scan...long may this news continue.

    Gavi - sorry you've caught the lurgy....we've had the same here and it's rotten without drugs. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    SaSaSi - sorry you're still suffering with sickness...must be horrid.

    AFM - Well the house is beyond perfect so we've put in an offer....everything crossed for great news! Out for lunch with outlet friends who are also expecting today...they're 21 Weeks with their first so lots of baby talk today! Went shopping yesterday and got them a little gift of a fleecy snowsuit for winter and a teddy. Can't to start shopping for our own :-)

  • Hi everyone Wave Tentatively stepping in here, got my bfp yesterday and a cbd this morning confirms it, I am definitely pregnant! Eeek!

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone, no doubt I am going to have lots of questions!

    Please excuse lack of personals while I just figure out who's who and what's what!!

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nutella! That is all.

    Saisi - Good luck for tomorrow.

    PP - Make sure you didn't work too hard!

    Browny - How you feeling today Browny. Is all ok after your little fright the other day?

    Bracken - Hope you had a fab day

    DD - Fingers crossed the sickness passes soon.

    Raincloud - show us your goodies missy!

    BF - so pleased for you as I said yesterday

    SaSaSi - hopefully it will pass soon, and think of how worth it it will be in the end

    Coco - good luck with the house, I shall give you all my housey related vibes!

    AFM - I am feeling a bit better today, thankfully, although still a bit snotty. Still a little nauseous but I'm just starting to get used to it. I had a lovely day yesterday, great footy game, followed by afternoon tea with two friends, one of whom is 23 weeks PG. I did nearly pass out on the tube though, as I couldn't get a seat and I was very hot and woozy. I think if my scan goes OK next week, I am going to have to get myself a baby on board badge, but I just have to hope no one at work sees it!! Just counting down to early scan next week, and keeping everything crossed all is OK.

  • Eee! Nutella! Congrats!! Xx
  • Nuts!!!!! Fab to see you here chick! Wishing you all the best for the next 8 months xxx

  • *crash crash*

    BF - fab news and fab scan!

    Congrats on your BFP Nuts! How do you feel?

    Hi to all the other girls

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