*** Christmas Day 1st Tri ***

Happy Christmas everyone.  Not sure if anyone will be around today but I thought I'd start a little thread anyway.

Ixia - Congrats on your scan yesterday and getting dated forwards.

Imp - sorry, I didn't say in yesterdays thread, I'm thrilled for your news yesterday.  Hope it lets you enjoy your Xmas.

AFM - I'm watching a bit of tv while H is out running.  We'll get some breakfast and open pressies when he comes back then we'll head over to my parents around lunchtime.  I'm feeling much better now which is good - I'll be able to eat my dinner without feeling sick.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day whatever you have planned.



  • Happy Christmas CA!

    Thanks for the message, it has helped me to enjoy Christmas a bit more, I was putting a brave face on it but I was being eaten up inside.

    I hope you have some nice pressies. Me and hubs don't but one another anything, we both have our birthdate 2 weeks either side if Xmas so it seems a waste of money. Bah humbug to us!

  • yay, I'm not here alone lol

    I can understand why you don't bother with Xmas pressies with both your birthdays being so close by.  Not bah humbug at all!!!!  Have a nice day anyway xxxx

  • Hello All!

    Merry Xmas!

    We're new to this, only 4 weeks 2 days today - only found out 2 days ago. Told my parents last night and they were a bit surprised, we only got married 4 months ago so I think they thought we'd wait a bit longer, but they soon softened and were talking names etc.

    Tonight, late on once everyone has gone home we'll tell OH's parents, they're a bit inundated with grandchildren at the moment so I don't think they'll be too fussed.

    I shall mostly be drinking diet lemonade today :op

    Can't wait to get to the doctors and get some dates booked in for appointments.

    Not having too many symptoms apart from an ache, feeling tired and nauseous every now and again!!

    Alipops xx

  • Merry Xmas!!

    Imp just seen your news. So pleased for you, absolutely amazing!

  • Thanks pep! :)

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  • Knock knock!

    Merry Christmas ladies. It is VERY early days for us but I am over the moon!  I hope I can join you xxx

  • Merry Christmas ladies!

    CA - glad you're feeling better, hope you enjoy your dinner.]

    Imp - so pleased for you, especially after being told you'd likely be high-risk, you must be over the moon.

    Ali - yes get to the doctors after Christmas! Enjoy telling the in-laws, I'm sure they'll be pleased.

    Pep - Merry Christmas Smile

    Ducky - WAHOOO! Hiiii! So pleased for you.

    AFM - told my family today, we waited until all the presents were opened and then said we had one more but it wasn't coming until August. They were thrilled! A got spoiled, my family have bought him loads of stuff. We're all just sitting around now playing with our presents and waiting for dinner at 5pm. Got a lazy new few days planned then going to the in-laws for second Christmas on Saturday and we'll tell them then too.

    Saisi 6+1 x

  • Ducky, I'm do happy for you- as you know. Come and join us! :) xx

    Saisi- I'm glad everyone is excited for you. Enjoy the rest of your Xmas.

  • Merry Christmas ladies!

    Pep -  fab news on your scan yesterday.  Wonderful

    Imp - what a relief for you.  So pleased for you!

    Ixia - congrats on your scan yesterday.  Was it good to tell everyone at work?

    Fig - more great scan newa. Fab pic!

    Alypops - welcome and congratulations!

    Saisi - how lovely to tell your family at Christmas

    CA -glad you're feeling better

    Ducky! Congratulations lady and welcome to first tri threads!

    Afm - with h's family in France.  Missing my own family at Christmas but thinking next year will be english Christmas with a 4 month old!

  • Merry Christmas ladies!

    CA, hope you made it through dinner without feeling sick.

    Imp, we don't buy each other anything either, and then go shopping in the sales. Hope you've had a lovely day.

    Ali, hope you haven't been too nauseous for your your a christmas dinner.

    Pep, Merry Christmas :)

    Ducky, so very thrilled for you! Welcome to 1st tri x

    Saisi, so pleased everyone is excited!

    CeeJay, hope you're having a nice time in France.

    AFM, eaten too much and currently slobbing on the sofa - perfect Christmas! I only have a few more days left in 1st tri, can't  believe how quickly it's gone!!

  • Ducky - Wow!!!!! Best news ever. Amazing. So happy for you. Wishing you a super uneventful pregnancy xx

  • So pleased to see you Ducky! Amazing news!

    CA & CeeJay - thank you! It was great telling everyone at work; we've both been working there a long time and it's a close team so everyone was over the moon.

  • Sorry for lack of personals..at MILs on my phone with crap signal! Just wanted to wish you all a v merry Christmas and send the hugest congrats to Ducky on her Christmas miracle ...welcome on board my lovely xx

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