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Morning ladies

How are we all today? Well I went to pregnancy yoga last night and it was really good, lots of relaxation and breathing and things as well as yoga poses and the other ladies were lovely. Was ssurprised at how tight my muscles seemed, and how hard I found it to relax, so def going to keep going. I'd recommend it 

Also found out last night that SIL is pregnant, due 10 days after me so thats nuce

Nothing much else to report except I'm tired!!Hope eeveryone is having a good day xx



  • Morning WE -  good to hear you enjoyed yoga! I do a yogalates DVD sometimes and find it relaxes me. I too find it hard to relax with such a stressful lifestyle.  Congrats to your SIL, cousins very close in ages lol.

    I was very tired last night. The most tired I've been so far I think. Mad morning packing and getting ready for the wedding in Ireland this weekend. Go to the airport straight from work, then drive an hour to the B&B when we land at Shannon. Wedding tomorrow then home Sunday afternoon. We should be home around 10pm Sunday. I'm going to be cream crackered! To top it off I have to worry about not drinking at the wedding and no-one knowing! :/

  • Morning

    Weekender- pregnancy yoga sounds nice. How exciting your SIL is due a baby at the same time

    Browny- Enjoy the wedding. Where are you off to for it? We have a family gathering at ours on Sat eve, I am still on anti biotics so a great excuse for not drinking.

    AFM- not too much to report. I'm shattered (bur then I do have 3 kids) and have a bit of a cold. I am on another set of anti biotics for a UTI. Off to Heathrow today to see my dad off to Oz. He is going to see my brother and his family for a month. He is very anxious about flying all of that way on his own (previously I had flown with him). On a plus side I think I am starting to feel baby move. Scan on Wednesday......not long now.

  • Morning!

    WE - yoga sounds good, definitely going to look into it over the next couple of weeks. Was everyone really pregnant? Just worried I'll feel silly starting so early!

    Browny - sounds like a hectic weekend! Hope you enjoy the wedding! Hopefully everyone will be so busy enjoying themselves they won't notice you're not drinking (or they'll get so drunk they'll forget about it the next morning!)

    Section4 - hope the weekend goes quickly so your scan day arrives soon. I've felt ok for the last few weeks but not sure I'd be up to running around after 3 kids!

    We went and took the scan picture to my parents last night. I was so nervous telling them (I felt 18 not almost 29!) but they were over the moon, especially my mum! I wouldn't be at all surprised if she starts shopping soon-I'll probably have to reign her in eventually but just going to let her enjoy it for a bit. Going to tell my boss today. I think lots of people at work have already guessed but he's probably oblivious so might be surprised! I've also told a couple of friends. One of them who had three kids already is so excited! Think she's been hoping for this for a while!

  • Weekender, glad it was good, hoping my dvd arrives soon. How weird about your SIL. Are you two close?

    Browny - yes, you'll be exhausted! But it's a nice exhausted? Hope the weather is dry for you

    S4 - bless your dad. It's a long old way on your own, hope he's good at napping, lol. Hope the party at home is good, any reason for it?

    AFM - I am DELIGHTED that maybe I might not feel like a dizzy, sicky, depressed sloth all the time whilst pregnant. I'm on a proper high with feeling semi-normal. And I am sure I have now felt baby on 3 or 4 separate evenings.

  • Flossy, bless ya for feeling nervous. That's sweet. We had no 'surprise' factor for our parents, in our wedding ceremony in July the celebrant spoke about our hopes for children, 23 days later we were telling them about our BFP. The only shock (for us too) was the timescale!

  • Weekender, you will have a maternity leave buddy!!!

    Browny - I love Shannon, have a lovely time! What will you say for not drinking?

    S4 - I have a cold aswell, can we take anything?

    Counter- that's amazing! Glad your blooming!!

    Flossy- awe that's so exciting and moments you will remember forever!

    Afm 6 times I got up for a wee last night! 6!!!!! With that's and my cold and cough I feel like I haven't slept this week, so I'm off today to try and catch up a bit! Xx

  • Browny, enjoy the wedding!

    Section4, hope your dad gets off ok, not long till scan, enjoy Saturday evening

    Flossy, its nice to start telling people isn't it? Bless your mum. Yoga was fine, there was five of us, one was 36 weeks, one 28, one 20 and one 16, then me so a variety of stages

  • My mum just text me saying 'thank you for giving us the best anniversary present ever' So cute! We only got married in March too Couter, in fact my due date is the week of our first wedding anniversary!

    Monnie - hope you get some rest today. Can't beat an afternoon nap!

  • Counter, yay to feeling better! Not particularly close to SIL. MIL has been weird about my pregnancy so far, didn't even congratulate us until after 12 week scan, so I have a feelingmy ppregnancy is going to be pushed completely to one side now, but I know how selfish I sound!

    Monnie, oh no you must be exhausted. At least its Friday :)

  • WE, I didn't think you sounded overly excited. Yes, it's a bit annoying but it might work out better for you, in a way. Depends how much MIL gets on your nerves, lol!

    Monnie, that's rubbish. I do one a night, and have since the start, so I feel pretty lucky on that score! Aw, I'm certainly not blooming but I was pretty ill 24/7 when I had my son, and I prepared myself for that, and feeling more mild symptoms than I have been is just wonderful. Some days I was in tears before I left the house, and then again when I fell in to bed at 8pm. Pathetic much?!  :D

  • Hello Ladies:)

    Weekender Yoga sounds fab :) might need to give it a try:) x

    Brownie hope you enjoy the wedding

    Section 4 poor you hope you get better soon x

    Flossie can totally understand that feeling of telling your parents  x

    Counter glad your feeling well

    Moonie poor you 6 times hope you get some rest today:)

    Afm got a later start today so had a longer sleep. Got midwife soon so hopefully after last nights post I will be clearer on my dates x into work after that for another busy day x x

  • Sorry for no personals, I had a massive bleed last night and had to call for paramedics to come out and see me, everything no wise was fine just waiting for the midwifes to call back with an epu appointment but 99% sure that it's a miscarriage, will come update you all later :(

  • Sorry to thread jump but CC I have every single thing inside me crossed for you and a positive update later. Thinking of you x

  • Oh CC. Oh sweetie I'm sorry. You must be worried sick. Pop back when you can. We're all rooting for you xx

  • Cc thinking of you and praying for good news xxx

  • Sorry that made no sense

    Sorry for no personals, I had a massive bleed last night and had to call for paramedics to come out and see me, everything Bp wise was fine so they didn't take me  just waiting for the midwifes to call back with an epu appointment but 99% sure that it's a miscarriage, will come update you all later :(

  • Thanks ladies I am 99% sure there's no way the baby would of survived that

  • Just wanted to say huge hugs to CC, I really hope you are wrong and everything is ok. Please update us later. Thinking of you and really worried about you xxx

  • S4 - anti-bs are a very good excuse lol. Hope your dad gets off ok. I flew to NZ on my own when I was 18 (we have family out there) he'll be ok if he keeps busy by reading, watching films, sleeping etc. X

    Flossy - bless your parents. Lovely that you can tell people now x

    Counter - glad you are feeling positive x

    Monnie - I'm not I'm going to hope no-one notices! I'll have a glass of wine in my hand but not drink it. Will just leave it somewhere/behind something in the table and hope no-one notices that I haven't taken a sip! Not sure how it will work though!

    ABC - hope the appointment goes ok x

    CC - again I want to say how I'm thinking of you xxx

  • Oh no CC, sorry to hear this, I've got everything crossed for you, update us when you can x

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