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*** Friday 1st tri ***



  • Thanks girls, no fb update as want to tell people in person and no need for some of the people to know :-)

  • Congratulations Coco! flash a photo? see you 2nd tri soon!

  • Will upload as soon as on a computer....can't do this site v easily on my phone x

  • Ok so DD I took your advice and rang the hospital - scan date hadn't been booked, although I was registered (whatever that meant) but she booked it for me whilst I was on the phone - 18th Feb! My mums birthday and when I'll be 12+1, so perfect! So excited! She hadnt done my consultant appointment but she said she'd do it before posting my letter out so I have both in one envelope.

    Makes it seem more real now! :)

  • Great news Browny Smile sounds like they need a kick up the backside!

  • Evening all.

    Sorry, I'm on a bit too late to do personals but Coco, glad your scan went well!

    I'm not feeling great today...I've had a few heart palpitations yesterday and today and it's freaking me out a bit. Not helped by the fact that H's parents are at their house in Spain, and his dad has had to go into hospital there with irregular heartbeat (it's an issue he's had in the past). I feel OK, but I am just a bit weirded out by it all.

    Scan on Sunday at 10am, so I am counting down the minutes.

    Hope everyone else is OK xx

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