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*** Friday 1st Tri ***

Just starting the post! 


  • Hello lovely ladies, how are you all?

    I'm so glad it is Friday. I've woken up still feeling rather exhausted. I think I hadn't been sleeping well in the run up to the scan and the nerves yesterday just wiped it out of me. I was sick again yesterday evening. Gross alert - I had oven chips for my dinner. Yep just oven chips in a sandwich. Then I brought it all back up and got a half chip stuck in my nose! I laughed so much at myself trying to blow this half chip out of my nose, it did come out eventually with such force it flew right across the bathroom. Sorry if I've just made anyone else sick!!

    Hello to you all that follow. Will try and get back on at lunchtime x

  • Morning Ducky. Ha, I don't think I'll look at chips in the same way again lol. Bless you though. I fancy a chip butty now...

    AFM, felt a bit queasy when I first woke up but I'm showered and dressed and not feeling too bad now, just the usual tiredness. Might try and grab a nap this afternoon! Hi to all who follow.

  • Morning all, just saying bye to those that didn't get on yesterday afternoon. See you over on secnd tri! X

  • Morning!

    Ducky - ohh no! lol Its funny but must have been awful at the time! I hope you catch up on sleep soon.

    weathergirl - pleased to hear you're feeling better now that you're up. Much planned for the day?

    AFM - im shattered. couldn't sleep last night,  then I was up at 6 this morning for work. but that's it... 9 hours to go and then I'm off for 2 weeks. not going anywhere, just using up before April. its come at the right time though, really need to catch up on sleep!

    Hi to all that follow xx

  • Ducky - haha, that sounds so funny! Can't believe you got a chip stuck up your nose.

    WG - can't believe you fancy chips after that story ;) hope you get a nap later on.

    Browny - I might "bump" into you in a few weeks on the 2nd tri.

    Boo - enjoy your 2 weeks off, I'm jealous. Have you got any plans?

    AFM - not much to report, this week has felt long so I'll be glad to get some sleep at the weekend.
  • Morning everyone. Happy damn Friday!!

    Ducky - despite the fact I am eating my breakfast, that literally made me laugh out loud. You poor thing.

    WG - hope you get through the day without feeling too tired.

    Hopefully 'see' you soon Browny!

    Boo - I am SO jealous of you. Easter is my next decent chunk of time off as I have no holiday until April. Ho hum.

    PP - hope today goes quick so you can have a nice chilled weekend.

    AFM - bathroom leak is all sorted, and it's only superficial damage to the lounge so I may take a few days off in the summer and get it repainted before Bubble comes along. I am quite tired today, and my heart flutters are back but other than that I feel OK. I have a friend's hen do this weekend, so I am having to pull out the 'antibiotics' trick. Fun times! Looking forward to it though :)

    Have good weekends all, if I don't get back on today x

  • Browny - all the best for your time in 2nd tri, hopefully see you there soon.

    Boo - yay to 2 weeks off! Do you have much planned for your time off?

    PP - hope you manage to catch up on some sleep this weekend.

    Gavi - glad the leak didn't cause too much damage. Enjoy the hen weekend.

    Well, I had a tiny amount of pink spotting when I went to the loo earlier. Cue panic and paranoia now. I have loads of housework to do but I'm wondering if I should perhaps take it easy today. Aargh feeling quite worried now.

  • Morning ladies,

    Ducky: What a lovely image to start the day with!

    WG: Hope you get your nap this afternoon

    Browny: Hope your 2nd tri is smooth for you

    Boo: Enjoy your fortnight of sleeping!

    Picklepants: enjoy your weekend

    Gavi: Glad it wasn't anything major, enjoy the hen weekend!

    AFM: WG it looks like we're in the same boat as I had a small amount of spotting last night but nothing since. I remember last time that I got spotting roughly when my next af would've been due but as I'm not even 6 weeks yet that's a bit early for me. I know it's normal to have a bit of spotting so trying not to think about it, hope yours gone too. I didn't get a chance to come back to the thread yesterday but I think the jeans are working to make me look smaller as they are a darker colour to ones I usually wear. Although my daughter keeps telling me that I have a big tummy!! Nice. Was gonna go to the free singing session at the library but as I was trying to coax someone downstairs I discovered that the had come out of the washing machine & my kitchen floor was flooded! So glad we were running late & I stopped the water in time. I feel that getting pregnant uses up a lot of your luck hence why, in the last 3 weeks, my car got 2 punctures, my hubbies car got hit & was written off & now this! Isn't life fun sometimes!!

  • PP - enjoy your sleep this wknd! Sounds like we're all suffering atm!

    gavi - enjoy the hen weekend! im also on one, in Brighton. fortunately the bride knows but not the others. I just hope I dont feel awful and have to leave early!

    WG - its hard not to worry, if you're concerned contact your MW. it is perfectly normal for some women to spot though.

    Blackkat -  I hope this is the last run of bad luck for you!

    afm (again) no big plans as such for my 2 weeks off, hen do this weekend, cake decorating class and sleep! ha.

  • WG - Spotting is so so scary. I really hope it is nothing. Definitely try and take it easy until it stops. How long until your scan? Will you have an early one?

    Browny - See you in the other side in a few days time!

    Boo - 2 weeks off sounds fabulous! Enjoy it! Cake class sounds right up my street - Make sure you report back.

    PP - I'll join you in the sleepy weekend. Can't wait!

    Gavi - so glad the bathroom is fixed and the damage isn't too bad.  Hen do sounds great. Do the girls know about bubble in your belly?

    Blackcat - glad your jeans are working there magic. Nightmare about the washing machine though :( I also hope your spotting was nothing to worry about but look after yourself.

  • Fingers crossed to WG and BK, hope spotting is nothing, try and rest up though.

    Ducky, the girls who were my bridesmaids know (as they're bm's for my friend too, plus one of them is pregnant too, she had her 20 week scan today). I don't really want to tell anyone else now as I don't want any fuss. I'm just going to use the excuse that my  Crohn's is playing up so am not soon as you talk about poorly bowels, people tend to stop prying!!

  • BK - us and our spotting hey! We've both had similar before pregnancy IIRC. Let's hope that's it now. Hope you get the washing machine sorted.

    Boo - a cake decorating class sounds good, are you into baking?

    Ducky - I've not even had my booking in appointment yet (it's on Monday) so no idea about a scan date either. Anyone know what the deal is with private scans? If I have one will I still my NHS one?

    Gavi - the housework has taken a back seat today and I've been putting my feet up. Feeling a bit guilt about missing my opportunity whilst F is at nursery but other things are more important aren't they x

  • WG - there are a few options to get an early scan. If your local Early Pregnancy (Assessment) Unit take self referrals, you could call them and ask to be seen. Mine doesn't and I have to be referred by a midwife which is a bit redundant if you haven't booked in yet! If your local EPU needs a referral you GP may do it for you. However sometimes they are a bit strict with who they refer and painless spotting may well not be major enough to think it warrants a referral - despite scaring the willies out if you. Thirdly you can book a private scan. Google private baby scans in local area. BabyBond are a name I've heard of (not that we have one round here!). An early scan costs in average between £70 and £100. Choosing to have one won't affect your NHS treatment in any way shape or form.

  • Thanks for that Ducky, I might have a look over the weekend. I'm trying to bear in mind it's probably nothing providing it doesn't get heavy and/or I don't get any pains or cramps. I'll mention it to the MW on Monday and go from there x

  • We're not doing well are we WG?!! Have you had any more? I'm sure it's nothing but you can always ring NHS direct if you need reassurance x

  • I've had a little but but it's only really when I wipe. Have you had any more BK?

  • No more for me (touch wood) but I've actually managed to stay calmer about it as I had this before with no problems. Fingers crossed it's nothing for either of us x

    Happy weekend all x

  • Just a quick message (as I'm in bed feeling so rough!) so can't do personals for everyone, sorry. Just wanted to say I'm keepingy fingers crossed for you both WG & Blackkat x
  • WG and Ducky, I love baking! I will make sure I report back.

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