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*** Friday 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies, happy Friday!!

Not much to report here, I'm tired but I'm bored hearing myself saying that! Only work till lunchtime on Fridays though so will be home again before I know it and H is taking M to pick up stepson this afternoon which means quiet for an hour and a half at least. 

Hope everyone is doing well and there's not too much sickness going on xx


  • Morning ladies.

    Weekender an hour and a half with no toddler sounds fab. Make sure you rest up rather than do housework!!

    I feel so sick. It's like I got to 8 weeks yesterday and a switch went off to make me feel ten times worse. Yuck. These next few weeks were the worst with p too so just got to ride it out. P and I have a busy day today. We've got to pick my mum off from taking her car to get mot'd, then take her back later. We're taking my horse up to a friends for her to jump him for me. I'm still riding and will for awhile yet but I won't really jump. She's going to do some competing on him over the winter whilst I'm off. Wrangling p and the horse and the horse of by myself will be fun! Then this afternoon a friend is coming over to visit. Last day of the holidays too....mind you work will probably be easier going than running after a toddler 24/7! Happy Friday everyone.

  • Morning weekender! Oh I know what you mean about being bored with your own fatigue monologue!! I have to say its the getting up 3x in the night for he toilet that's killing me and I've been told that only gets worse! No bump for me either yet  but the baby is pushing out all my fat bits so I'm that phase of looking a bit chunky!! Lovely!!

    My H is fast asleep next to me and I'm desperate to try out this immense hotel buffet breakfast...need to subtley wake him up!!

  • Oooops missed you AR! How long did the sickness last with P? I'm hoping its a short window! Hope you are able to enjoy the last day of the hols and yay for 8 weeks!!

  • Stupid thing won't let me edit. Should say horsebox not horse of!

    Sp I sympathise with the going to the loo. I went 4x last week!! Such a pain!  If I remember correctly that eases off a bit in the  middle and then gets worse when baby is big and sits on your bladder. Of course then it's harder as you get stuck in your back in bed and have to wake you H up each time to push you out of bed!! Hehe!! Buffet breakfast sounds perfect. I don't think I'd be subtle about waking him up! Have a lovely time.

  • The worst weeks were 8-11 and then it became more bearable again. Let's hope this time is similar!

  • Hi Ladies,  oh TGIF!

    Weekender, you can moan to us about fatigue as much as you like!

    AR - you've got your hands full with P and horse! Are you ever sick, or is it the nausea? I like to tell myself that never being sick but feeling is 24 hours a day is far worse. Ha ha.

    Sweetpea - I'm drooling at the thought of your breakfast, lol! You won't be around 'these 'ere' parts' much longer, looking at your ticker!

    I went home after work yesterday and didn't even sit down, just got in to bed at 7pm clothed. So tired. Hubby got in and held me and I just cried and whinged for an hour. Then he had to go to work lol. And now I'm being a *** to him by text for not texting me all night. What do I care? I actually slept for a change and didn't check my phone at all. What is wrong with me? Lol. Midwife today so awkwardness of ANOTHER stint away from work. Lots planned for weekend and I don't want to do any of it even though they're some of our closest friends we're due to have dinner with/party with and it will actually be fine/nice. I want to go to sleep and wake up in April. Grump! Grump! Grump!  :)

  • I think it just asterisked c-o-w. Blimey.

  • Hey ladies,

    Weekender - Sorry your feeling tired, moan away we all know how your feeling I am fed up of saying it too haha!

    AR - Good luck with P and the horse, nice of your friend to jump your horse for you :)

    SP - That breakfast sounds lush I hope you enjoyed it!

    Counter - Good luck at the midwife's today! and sorry you were being a cow lol! I am sure H understands!

    We are off shopping today so going to pick up a few bits to nibble on and MIL said Polo's are good so hopefully get some of those too, I am not waking up with indigestion anymore which is nice but it soon hits me once I am up lol!

    Downloaded the bump app today so H has been reading that all morning! Can't wait to get a ticker haha!

    Hope you all have a nice day :)

  • Morning all,

    Weekender - i feel the same as fed up as i am of being sick and tired i am more fed up of saying it!

    AR - Have fun taking the horse to someone else to jump, i reckon my poor girl is secretly hoping she has gone into retirement as i have only managed a couple of very steady ambles this week.  My symptoms were exactly the same spent the first 7 ish weeks feeling a bit tired and bit sick and thinking i had got off lightly and then just like someone had flicked a switch bleugh, i have you to thank for my new breakfast must have of pink grapefruit, can't start the day without one now.

    SP - Hope the breakfast buffet was worth the wait and you made the most of it.

    Counter - Pleased you managed to get some sleep might make you feel slightly brighter, good luck at the midwife.

    CC - Don't think we have met as i am a bit slack and don't get on here that much, congratulations and enjoy your shopping trip.

    Not much to report here am 10 + 3 now and desperately hoping and praying symptoms start to settle down a bit, i can't get through my days without a nap to the point we went to a wedding last Sunday and i went and had a kip in the car for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Not actually being sick as much now but other than while i am actually eating and about ten minutes after i feel sick and spend a good percentage of the day wretching which is sooooooo attractive.  Other than that feeling more positive than i have and desperately wishing the next three weeks away as my scan date is three weeks today and cant wait to see my little twinnies again.

    Hope you all have a lovely day and weekend xxx

  • Hi PP Wave

    I hope that your symptoms ease for you!, I am napping pretty much every day now lol!

    Hope the next three weeks fly by for you

  • Happy Friday everyone!

    weekender enjoy your hour and a half free - sounds fab!

    AR sorry you're feeling bleurgh, at least there's hopefully light at the end of the tunnel in 3 weeks. Your horse sounds fab, will definitely be fun wrangling them all - and even more so when the little one arrives.

    SP have a fab time in the hotel, defintiely make the most of the buffet!

    Oh bless you Counter glad you got some sleep hope you feel better for it, I'm sure your H won't mind some craziness we have to put up with all the lovely pregnancy symptoms after all. I think mine has got of quite lightly disappearing until after 20 weeks!

    CC i like foxes glacier mints too - they last a bit longer! Have a fun wander around glad you're feeling OK.

    Hi PP hope you three are all OK! Bless you it must be doubly hard with them both, a nap sounds like a good idea though I'm wishing I could shut my office door and get away with a kip but unlikley. Hoep you feel better soon.

    AFM interesting day yesterday - got a call at 7:30am to say no-one had been paid!!! Luckily was resolved fairly quickly but nearly gave me a coronary so was fairly busy. Had a nice evening on wednesday for our anniversary lying on the couch eating pasta and going to bed at 8pm - so rock and roll.

    After feeling awful on Tuesday the last couple haven't been so bad - back to just some queaziness and tiredness apart from a random throwing up session about 10:30 today strange. I have a weekend of no visitors so looking forward to lazing around and pregnancy yoga workshop on Sunday which should be interesting - I'm getting food shopping delivered tomorrow so am treating myself to McDonalds tonight (which I don''t normally eat but ahve been craving milkshake and chips - odd)

    Hope everyone has good weekends planned xxx

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