*** Friday 2nd Tri ***


Not sure why i'm up so early given the exhausting day i had yesterday. LO has slept thru the past two nights (will miracles never cease!?) so maybe i am getting better sleep.

21+2 (i think!? Starting to lose track. LOL) Off to Playstop gym today and then my friends to find out what to do for her chickens that i'm looking after whilst she is away next week (i hope none of them die on me!!)


  • Morning HF! Another one here up early - especially wrong on my day off! Good news though that you're getting better sleep. Good luck with the chickens!

    I'm off to town later today to find some shoes for my brother's wedding tomorrow, then seeing my Mum for lunch. Otherwise planning to take it easy, I've been on anti-biotics for the last week for a UTI and it's still not feeling right so debating whether I make a doc's appt or just drop another sample in and ask them to check if it's clear... not really sure what to do for the best!

    Hi to all that follow!

  • Morning!

    HF - Enjoy looking after the chickens :-) glad LO is sleeping well atm.

    Rose - Good luck with getting some shoes. Defo speak to your Dr about the uti.

    Afm - Off to see the in-laws today, haven't seem them since March, can't say that I'm excited (H can be a bit of a pain with his parents) but hopefully baby talk will keep it flowing!

  • Morning, HF that's great news about L! She must know you need the sleep! Hope the chicken looking after is easy!

    Rose hope you get shoes sorted, no idea about the uti, can you call and ask if you can just take a sample?

    AFM this is my official last day of my holidays before back to work on Monday :( I'm actually gutted, I could cry! On the plus side I still have 3 non work days and I also forgot about the bank holiday so 5 days back at work the a 4 day week! We have done loads the past 2 weeks though so can't complain.

    H was up at nosebleed o'clock to go play golf so just about to walk our little dog then it's looking like a nice day again so we'll maybe head out this afternoon somewhere.

    Baby wise, I'm feeling the movements getting stronger. I also had that horrible pain in my back again last night, which I definitely think is sciatica! Not fun x

  • Sorry BE missed you lovey. Hope the inlaw trip isn't too bad! As you say, you can distract them with the baby chat!!

  • BE - I have previously thought baby chat distracts annoying IL ..... well it did until MIL started to do some calculations and decided the beginning of 9months was H's birthday and then started making all sorts of comments about "fun" once a year etc etc. (So wanted to a) punch her  - i was still bleeding from M/C on H birthday  b) point out her her calculations were wrong c) point out we had a much better se* life than that). HAHA i'm sure your IL are more tactful than mine. <rollseyes>

    MDD - Backpain is not good. Have you mentioned it to midwife / a doctor? You might be able to get a physio referral

    Rose - When do your antibiotics run out? If its before end of weekend i would book another doc appointment for today. UTI's are not funny

  • Just a quick one for me today! Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

  • HF your MIL sounds like alot of work!! You must have the patience of a saint!

    We don't get a 16 week midwife app here so I don't see the midwife until 22 weeks. I'll mention it to her then. I should have mentioned it to the midwife/consultant at my scan and appointment on Monday but I forgot. That's the first time I've seen anyone since my 12week scan/appointment and the pain started after that.

    I don't have it constantly, but I think it must be the baby lying on a nerve as its agony when I get it and I feel like I've trapped a nerve in my back. It also gives me wierd tingling in my leg!

  • Morning all.

    no time for personals as nursery/pre school starts back for Aaron and then we are off to toddlers. Will catch up this afternoon.

    Ck 17+0

  • mornign everyone!!

    HF- early start this morning!! hope you don't flagg too much later!

    Rose- how exciting about your bros wedding, hope u all have a great day! Hope you are feeling better too! Ive no idea how long it usually takes antibiotics to kick in im afrain so im no use!

    BumpEnvy- i imagine baby talk will be the main topic of conversation, and the size of your bump!! hope it doesnt get annoying!!

    missdeedee- enjoy your last day of holiday!!! Hope its not too awful returning to work! sounds like you need to be treated to a ncie massage!

    hi Rosy Lee!

    morning CK

    Not much to report this morning! baby is being a bit lazy!  my friend sent me a photo of all the baby things she had bought laid out on her bed, so i did the same, once id got the baby grows out of packs, it looks like a lot!!! I'll see if i can up load a photo later. Think i need to restrain myself!!!

    Im so tired today! just need to get through an event this afternoon and then its  relaxing weekend! H only has one gig and its local which is great! going to take him to look at prams tomorrow! i cant wait!

    We havea  friends birthday party tomorrow night. Of course this is when H's gig is! i wont know any one apart from the birthday girl and her partner. Think i'll go along to show may face and have a pint of orange juice nd lemonade then sneak off back to my PJs and sofa!! :-)

  • Morning everyone, happy Friday!

    Horseman - boo hiss for the early start but yeay for LO sleeping through.

    Rose - have a lovely day today and yes, try and get yourself back to the gp. Uti's are bloody nasty!

    BE - hope you manage to have a good time at the inlaws

    MDD - love your nosebleed o'clock expression! Enjoy your last day off, sounds like you've had a great 2 weeks though.

    Rosylee - hello and have a lovely weekend too.

    Morning CK!

    Mrs Bass - pram shopping, woo hoo! Have you anything in mind?

    Afm, working from home again today. H is off to a vw festival for his best mates 40th. I was going to go but the idea of sleeping in a field at 20 weeks didn't appeal, so I am going to enjoy having the house to myself. Seeing my mum tomorrow so think we'll end up having a bit of a baby shop, can't wait.

  • Hi ladies, just a quick update to let you know I popped along to the GP and they've taken a sample, don't think I'll get the results for a few days but I feel better having been proactive!

    HF your in-laws sound like a treat!! How could anyone think that's an appropriate thing to say?!

  • Mrs P- Mamas & Papa's Sola is top of my list at the moment. it was a Cosatto one but i did a review seach and there were a batch that had a faulty front wheel and lots of peopl had their front wheels falling off as they were pushing their babies! Im sure it was one bad batch but its put be off a bit!

    The mamas and papas only seem to get good reviews!

    I slept in a field at 21 weeks, right behind the backstage bar too! i was dreading it but i actually slept quite well! was plesantly surpirsed, we are off to nother fesitval next week, this time 3 nights! eeks! Baby shopping does shouls appealing though!!

    Rose- at least you have taken action! hope they can get to the bottom of it!

  • HF - My MiL is pretty thoughtless and annoying like that!

    Trip going well so far - not even there yet as we had someone go into the back of us! It was only slow moving traffic and I managed to stay fairly calm as I work in insurance but I did have a good scream!

    Hello all, on my phone so crap signal!


    so this is my stash so far!!! It seemed a lot less when the gros were in their packs! In my defence, these go from newborn to 9 months!!!

  • Wow Mrs Bass, they look ace! You have some beautiful bits there, love the striped baby gro and the gro bag is fab x

  • I know, me (and mum) have got a bit carried away! Gro bag is from TK Maxx! coloured stiped grao is from a back from Asda and the beige one is from Jo Jo's!

  • That's a gorgeous stash! It is a lot but not bad of it covers up to 9months! It's such a gorgeous collection too given its gender neutral, just shows you it doesn't all have to be white!

    I didn't think I had really bought much until I emptied it all out of the bags and put it away in a spare chest of drawers in our front room and two drawers are full and the third is half full with clothes in it. In my defence I have a microwave steriliser and bottles included in there!x

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