*** Friday 2nd Tri ***

I hope no one has any objections to me starting the thread! 

I woke up before 6 today with an upset tummy :( is a little better now so will probably get my butt ready for work. As I was up early I made myself lunch and put a beef and red wine casserole in the slow cooker. I'm sure wine is fine if cooked as all the alcohol evaporates! Was only a glug, but feel free to correct me. Notmuch dinner stays down anyway at the moment. 

Yay for Friday. My little sister is coming home for the weekend and I can't wait to see her! 


  • Morning! :)

    Wine in cooking will be fine Ducky, it's the alcohol you don't want and as you say that'll evaporate anyway. I bet you're looking forward to seeing your sis, have you any nice plans?

    Well I really don't want to go into work today, I can't be bothered! The weather is hideous which is not helping with my lack of motivation either.

    Happy feet has been more active again which is reassuring,I'm relieved. The dentist went well yeserday, root canal and filling all done in one appt, with no follow up required. Happy days.

  • How could anyone object?  I'm sure the wine in the casserole is fine, I've cooked with wine while pregnant and never gave it a second thought!  Glad your tummy is feeling a bit better, and it hope you have an excellent weekend with your sister.

    AFM, aquafit again today.  I'm really loving it, and during today's class I get to see all the moms and babies walking by to the teaching pool for the mum and baby swimming.  Can't wait for that to be us!  Baby was kicking up a storm yesterday, and she usually does during aquafit (I like to think she's doing the class in there, too), so it's been a wriggly week all told.  I might pop in to bromley this afternoon to see if I can find some mat clothes in store, I'm getting a bit bored of wearing the same things day in and day out.

    Morning to everyone else!

  • Missed you, imp.  Glad to hear that it all got done in one appt, you must be thrilled!

  • Morning all Happy Friday!!!!

    Ducky - I don't mind at all that you started the thread.You've been very organised this morning.  I'm sure the wine will be fine in your dinner because, as you say, it will mostly evaporate when cooking.  Lovely that you'll see you sister this weekend.

    Imp - so glad the dentist trip is over and you survived ok.  Thats great that Happy Feet has been dancing away in there a bit more to give you that reassurance.  Hope work isn't as bad as you think today.

    Wispa - enjoy your aquafit today.  I can't wait to have a little baby to take swimming too.  Best of luck on your mat clothes shopping trip.  Hope you get some nice things. What shops will you go to???

    AFM - my flexi time at work is going through the roof and the end of the period is today so I'm having a long lie and some time round the house before heading to work because otherwise I'd lose about 2 hours today and I don't want to do that!!!!  I had planned to leave early but I've now got an afternoon meeting which will make that highly unlikely.  Its so lovely sleeping to 7.30am and just taking things at a more relaxed pace in the morning instead of this 6.15am start and literally rushing around and multitasking eating breakfast whilst getting change, doing hair, doing makeup etc.  I think I could get used to this!!!!!

    Baby wise I seen my bump move last night with the kicks I was getting. It was so lovely.  I think they're getting stronger now but H hasn't felt anything yet because they are still so irregular.  Everytime I put my hand on my bump they stop and it will be the same for H.  

    So glad its Friday.  Hope everyone has a good day xxx

  • Morning! Sorry for not being around the last couple of days. Hope everyone is well and I've not missed anything major!

    Oh get you Ducky! I cannot stand mornings so I'm well impressed with what you've managed so far. Glad you're feeling a bit better now and hope you have a lovely time with your sister.

    Imp - glad the root canal went ok and no more visits to the dentist woohoo! Really please happy feet is wriggling around again. I felt the exact same way this morning. The weather is foul but luckily H had a floating day so is off. Made him drive me into work as I would have got soaked.

    Wispa - is your aquafit specifically for preggo's? I assume so? I know one of the community midwives I saw does classes but she never answers her phone so I can't find out about it! It sounds really good though. Hope shopping goes well and you find some lovely new things.

    CA - yay for a lie in! My alarm goes off at 6 and I often feel like crying when I hear it haha. Hope your H starts to feel some kicking soon I know mine can't wait for that.

    AFM - not much to report really. No more movements that I've detected for a week so I guess I'm just on the countdown to my scan. 12 more sleeps! Busy weekend ahead. Working both tonight and Saturday night and then it's Wales v England on Sunday. My H is having all his welsh mates down Saturday night so I hope we cane them! He had such a smug little face last year....

    Happy Friday everyone!

  • CA, planning to go to debenhams, h&m, and top shop, as I hear they're all potentially places with some mat stuff in stock.  If not, I will just have to go to mothercare.  I hope your H gets to feel baby soon, and enjoy your relaxed morning.

    Jonesy, it's not a preggo one, it's a normal aquafit class, but I asked if it would be fine and it is, apparently.  Everything is cushioned by the water, so it's easy on joints, and I can take things as fast or slow as I want to.  I hope England beat wales just for your sake Wink

  • Wispa happy shopping! Have you got a new look? They often stock mat stuff too.

    CA- yay for a lie in. I hope today goes quick for you too. You've got a long weekend too haven't you?

    Jonesy 12 more sleeps, not long now. I hope England win too, my hubby is irish and whilst I'm not English I'm more English that irish so I always back them!

  • Morning! Thank feck it's Friday, woohoo!!

    Ducky, hope your stomach is feeling better. Cooked wine will be absolutely fine, as the others have said. Have a fab weekend with your sister!

    Imp, hurrah for an active Happy Feet :) So glad to hear that you're all done and dusted at the dentist, woohoo!! What a fab start to the weekend for you :)

    Wispa, enjoy aquafit! Have fun maternity shopping, H&M have some nice bits in at the moment.

    CA, a lovely lie-in is the perfect start to a Friday! Hope your day goes well. So exciting that you saw your bump move last night!

    Jonesy, 12 sleeps will fly! I hope England win too! The movements will start coming thick and fast very soon :)

    AFM, my bump is aching today. It was sore yesterday too so maybe it's growing pains? I finished the first half of my additional consultancy work yesterday which means that I can have a full two days off this weekend instead of working. Hurrah!

    Hi to all who follow, Happy Friday! X

  • Imp - great news the dentist was a one trip fix!

    Wispa - Aquafit and shopping sounds like a brill day

    CA - A leisurely morning sounds brilliant and for seeing bump move!

    Jonesy - not long until scan day. Are you finding out the gender?

    Fig - my bump is aching too :( I can't work out if it is just bump ache or upset tummy ache and bump ache? I'm also having lots of fringes when I move/twist and sneeze. Hope it doesn't last long for you x

    It is Friday afternoon! The weekend is almost upon us!

  • Thanks Ducky, hope yours is easing now? I'm afraid I know the cough/sneeze twinges well...still getting them most days. They are very ouchy! Is your upset tummy at least better now?

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