*** Friday 2nd tri ****

My first time starting a thread, morning ladies!

congrats again to SG!

Mon- is it your scan today? Good luck if it is. 

Went to ikea last night to try and get some storage furniture so that I can sort out the spare room, it's not specifically baby related so I guessed it wasn't tempting fate. Hope not anyway. 

Stull listening to happy feet daily. Only way to get through at the moment. 



  • Morning Imp! We've got to finish sorting out our spare rooms soon. I wish I had an Ikea nearby!

    Nothing much to report here, but work is exhausting at the moment. Thankfully I have 3 days off from Sunday.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Morning ladies,

    I've been pretty rubbish so far at posting on the 2nd tri thread, I promise to get better!

    Imp, Ikea storage furniture is practical rather baby related, so not tempting fate in any way my lovely. Glad your doppler is still bringing you lots of reassurance. Mine is the best thing I've ever bought!

    Ixia, sorry work is so exhausting at the moment, not much longer to go before you get your 3 days off. Do you have any nice plans?

    AFM, 16+2 today - can't believe it! It feels like two minutes ago since I was willing time to hurry up so that I could be 12 weeks! We have our gender scan tomorrow and then I fully intend to go shopping afterwards for something either pink or blue! :)

    Hi to all who follow xx

  • Hi ixia, 3 days off sounds good. I hope the next few days aren't too bad.

    Fig- nice to see you over here. I'm so excited about your gender scan tomorrow! Eeeek!

  • Imp- yes scan day today I can't wait! You know how much I love ikea!

    Lxia- I'm jealous for your days off haha

    Fig- eeekkk do you think prince or princess, I'm saying prince!

    Afm! Did you notice I didn't start the thread at silly o clock? I slept through woop woop! Scan day today so if she isn't being a diva and let's us have a pic I'll come back and flash you all!!!

  • Yay for sleeping through and the night before scan day too, bravo Monnie!

    We are ikea buddies!

    Oh, my guess for fig is princess- for sure!'

  • Monnie, enjoy seeing your little princess today! So glad you managed to sleep better last night.

    Imp, thanks! :) Nice to see you too, and I promise to update pink or blue asap tomorrow lol

    Quite a few people have said girl to me, but there's been a coupe of boy guesses too. I guess I'll have to wait to see what tomorrow brings...not much longer to wait! Eeeek!!

  • Morning all :)

    SG - brill scan pic and glad all is ok :)

    imp - mmm shopping, love it! I've seen a really cute (well I think so anyway haha) top and bottoms for our little dude with a penguin on the front and I love penguins, we have a voucher from M&S and I may have to go and order it hehe

    Ixia - I hope today whizzes by for you so you can rest up and have a lovely long weekend, have you got much planned?

    Fig - aw gender scan, tomorrow, lovely, look forward to hearing from you on the flavour :) Are you telling your family or keeping schtum?

    monnie - I was worried thinking something was wrong or on the other hand thinking whoop whoop she's had more sleep yessss! Can't wait to see your scan pic of your little girl, exciting :)

    AFM - feeling a tad sick today, still got the awful taste in my mouth that I can't shift with anything :( makes me feel constantly sicky. Had a bad run of heartburn last night when trying to sleep, yuck! Its Friday, at last!

    Oh, anyone else having problems trying to save your signatures? I've got the ticker but wanted to write something underneath it but it always says an error occured updating forum settings. I've had this now for a few days? Ta.

    Hi to all who follow xx



  • Leelee sorry to hear you're feelung rough.  You can only have spo many characters in your signature, is it too long?

  • Hi imp and thanks and no, the siggy is only this Baby boy due 06.06.14 Love

    I've tried so many times now, oh well!

  • Maybe post in the feedback forum and Sarah will try and help.

    It's frustrating, I couldn't get my ticker to work for ages.

  • Morning all!

    Imp - I'm loving seeing you start the thread :)

    Ixia - enjoy your time off!  I have short week next week and can't wait!

    Figaro - good luck at your scan!  

    Monnie - whoohoooo for sleeping through!  Good luck at your scan

    Leelee - boo to feeling sick!  Tesco's Ranitidine have been my saviour for heartburn.  No help on the signature front I'm afraid, I can't even get a ticker to work!

    AFM - scan at 9am on Monday so probably won't get chance to join the thread until after.  TFI Friday and chip shop Friday for lunch at work whooohooo!!  Going to be glossing this evening as we downgrade H's "media suite" (the larger spare room where he has his xbox and where the computer lives) ready for changing to a nursery, he's not a happy chap about it having to say bye bye to it ha

    Hi to all who follow :)

  • VT, not long until your scan.  How exciting.  Your poor h!  I am losing my dressing room to the nursery, this is a travesty!

  • Morning,

    Imp- Enjoy listening to baby, it's great isn't it.

    Ixia- 3 days off sounds bliss. Hope Sunday comes round quick!

    Figaro- Oh how lovely, what time is your scan? I haven't stopped buying since we found out lol.

    Monnie- yay to some sleep! Good luck at scan, looking forward to a pic.

    Leelee- The dreaded heartburn! I was suffering too last night. Have you tried mints for the taste? Not too sure about signaures sorry.

    Vontrapp- Not long until scan, good luck for it :) mm chip shop Friday, yum! Haha, men and thier computers!

    AFM- Thanks for all the birthday wishes, didn't get chance to come back on.  Had a lovely day out with h and treated myself and our little girl to some bits. I was truely spoilt :) Had my bloods done too and didnt relaise I was meant to drink lucozaide an hour before so we ended up waiting at the hospital for an hour, oh well its all done now. Very big movements in my tummy, she is always wriggling!

  • Just relaised it's my last day in 2nd tri!!!!!!! Scary stuff!

  • Eeeek Bertie!!

    Imp never mind poor H!  He's had 7 years of a "playroom" to himself!  Where was my dressing room lol??  He keeps saying "I don't know why I have to move into the small room.  I mean, it could potentially live in a drawer for the first six months".  Nice!

  • SG- Just saw your scan pic from yesterday, lovely! Congratulations :)

  • Imp, I'm jealous of your ikea buys, I still have all mine sitting in the shopping basket online.  You're definitely not tempting fate!

    Morning Ixia, echoing Fig, any nice plans for your imminent 3-day weekend?

    Fig, good luck for tomorrow, and just to let you know the Polarn o Pyret sale is on until Sunday.  Pricey stuff normally, but I picked up a half dozen ridiculously adorable things for baby's first 6 months.  Sorry in advance.  Another June 2014 mom pointed that shop out to me and basically my wallet started crying.

    Mon, double congrats! Yay for sleeping and yay for scan today!  Please come back to report.

    LL, sorry to hear you're poorly, and I got the same thing as you on the signature thing.  Not sure why, but it was when I was trying to change my ticker.  Finally worked, though.

    VT, your poor H!  The house we're moving into is going to have a similar room for my H, and we're using the tiny bedroom as nursery.  Of course, he knows there's a time limit on having it - only for a couple years tops.

    AFM, I'm in pain.  my knee is absolutely killing me, and other than potentially have wispa trying to sleep on top of my legs half the night there's nothing that could have caused it.  Started yesterday morning when I woke up, got a bit better throughout the day, though walking up or down stairs and sitting down and standing up were all painful, and then this morning it's 10x worse *cry*.  I've got a baggie of diced frozen veg on it, but other than that there's nothing I can do!  Nothing to report pregnancy-wise, though I suspect this knee pain has something to do with loosened joints during pregnancy.  Still no movement from baby, either.  S/he/it's so chill!

  • Missed you again, Bertie!  Good luck in 3rd tri!!

  • Good luck in 3rd tri Bertie!  Glad  you had a good birthday.

    Wispa, is it worth a call to nhs direct or anything?

  • I wouldn't think so, imp.. It wasn't caused by an injury, and I doubt they would tell me to do anything other than elevate and rest it for a while.

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