*** Friday 3rd tri ***

Happy due date to me! Got midwife at 4.10 and I'm down for a sweep. Got a chilled day planned. Spent most if yesterday walking round john lewis and m &s with MIL. No signs of baby. Did my yoga class last night and seriously hoping I am not there next week.
Hi to all that follow x x x


  • LP - happy due date! Lots of baby out vibes for you. Hope the sweep does the trick.

    AFM - 39+3, going to have a relaxing day today, might take a trip to the garden centre with my dad if I can be bothered! I is suffering with a horrible cough and cold, will wake her in a minute, hopefully she's well enough for nursery.

    Extra baby out vibes for mrs 50s x

  • Hi ladies.

    Happy DD LP hope the sweep gets things moving for you later.

    Banzy hope little one is well enough for nursery, I had a child free day yesterday just to be lazy and it was heaven. Hopefully you'll get a quiet one too.

    AFM. Woke up at 3.30 for a wee this morning and struggled to get back to sleep. I did eventually but it felt like it took forever. No plans today just me and Isla and a fairly miserable wet day. Not sure what to do. Finally packed my hospital bag yesterday. I added some newborn nappies and I cannot believe how teeny tiny they are, I'm too used to Isla's size 5s!  My friend thought it was funny how late I'd left packing my bag.

    Hope everyone else has a good day. Let's have some BAs please xx

  • LP- Happy DD, hope the sweep works for you

    Banzy- Hope that I is well enough to go to nursery

    MrsB- Cant believe you've only just packed your bag. Ive not actually had a proper look at the newborn nappies yet, just shoved the pack in my bag

    AFM- H is still poorly so working from home today, he has a telephone interview later so hopefully that goes well. Hope everyone had a good Halloween yesterday

    Baby out vibes for Mrs50s!

  • Mrs B - I thought exactly the same about the nappies, soo small! Have a lovely day, whatever you decide to do.

    MS - enjoy your day at home. Even though your H is poorly, I bet it's nice having him at home.

    I says she's fine so have packed her off to nursery x

  • Happy Friday,

    LP, happy due date, hope the sweep gets things moving.

    Banzy, have a nice day, hope I is ok.

    Mrs B hope you and Isla enjoy your world is your lobster day!

    Mummysimpson , fingers crossed for your H, hope he feels better soon.

    Afm, project went through phase end so the pressure is now off, bet it will feel like I'm just sat twiddling my thumbs!

    All the builders have finished too so we have our house back , planning on a very lazy weekend to enjoy it!

  • Happy due date Lp :)

    Have a lovely relaxing day banzy!

    Mrs b - enjoy your lazy day. I think all baby clothes are teeny  tiny!

    Ms- hope your h's interview  goes well :)

    Afm - I'm waiting on a call from the travel agents as I'm booking our first family holiday for may to turkey.  Tried to do it yesterday but the unborn child was causing a problem! Damn! It's our only chance to take advantage of cheap term time holidays so we are! :)

    Scary thought of the day... I'm having a baby next month!

  • Missed you there mrs p... Enjoy twiddling your thumbs and your lazy weekend! :)

  • Morning!

    LP- happy due date!! Hope the sweep works!

    Banzy- I hope I is feeling better soon!

    MrsB- hope u find something fun to do today

    MummyS- *good interview vibes* for ur H!

    MrsP- congrats on finishing the project! Hope you have a chilled out time now until mat leave!

    Custard- I said the same to H this morning! A little scary isnt it!

    Had a great time at my friends birthday meal last night, she is about 12 weeks pregnant and her scan isn't for a couple of weeks though so she is trying to keep it a secret still. Was helpingnher secretly get non-alcholic cocktails!

    Just waiting for electrician to come and fix our security lights so I want have to waddle up the steps to our front door in pitch dark anymore!

    Meeting my other pregnant friend for tea and cake this afternoon!

  • Sam- u mentioned yesterday that u got the Primark pjs with the buttons down the front. Are they top and bottoms or a nightie? How many sizes did u go? Im worried the nighties might be a bit short but then everything below the waist is going to be pretty exposed anyway!

  • Morning ladies. There's a lot of watermelons on here! Baby out vibes to all watermelons! Feeling weird today, struggled to get up which isn't like me, feel really groggy and my bump is aching terribly :-( just got in the bath to try and relax a bit.

    Sorry for lack of personals, on my phone xx

  • BE- I hope the bath helps!

    Electrician was due some time between 9-10.30, called at 10.15 as he was lost! Turned up just before 10.30 and was here less than 3 mins as he was just doing a quote!! Grrr!

  • Mrs bass... I bought the Primark nighties the other day. I was ( :( ) a size 8. I bought size 14-16 in the nighties so they'll be baggy and long enough not to show my bum! I also bought a light weight cotton dressing gown to wear incase I was in a while!

  • Mrs P - enjoy your more relaxing workload!

    Custard - booking holidays, exciting!!

    Mrs Bass - very annoying about the electrician, have extra cake this afternoon!

    BE - fingers crossed all these feelings are the start of something x

    H took a bump shot last night and I wanted to get involved. We managed to get this shot which I love and had to share!

  • Gorgeous photo banzy x

  • Banzy that photo is beautiful!

  • What a beaut photo Banzy, I wish my bump looked that good and wasn't covered in stretch marks!

  • Banzy what a gorgeous photo!

    No baby, still. Felt quite niggly yesterday evening to the point at which I text my doula to warn her... and then slept all night with only 1 toilet trip and no niggles. Nothing this morning either! Going out for tea and cake with my sister later as they're visiting for a couple of days, supposedly to meet this baby who should now be 10 days old!

  • Thanks Custard! How many dis you get? I was going to get 2.

    Banzy that photo is amazing, so cute!

    Mrs50s- lots of baby out vibes for you!! Enjoy your tea and cake!

  • Late one from me today.

    Been to the midwife and nothing is happening. Attempted a sweep but cervix is completely closed. Advised to get raspberry tea tablets so have been and got them. Have a horrible feeling im going to end up being induced.

    MrsBass- I got the top and bottoms. I got a Nightie from their too for during labour but was just a normal nightie, not a button up one and is plenty long enough with bump. Im usually a 10 and think I got a size 12?? The bottoms are fine as they are elasticated and fit under bump. The top closes snuggly over bump now but will obviously have more room as soon as baby is here (if she ever comes!!).

  • Sam you don't have to be induced if you don't want to - google the NICE guidelines on expectant management. It's all your choice! Also worth researching induction success rates and Bishops Score - unfortunately there is a high chance of emergency c-sec if induction is tried and you have a low Bishops Score (because it's an indicator of how favourable your cervix etc is, so if they force induction and your body isn't ready, it just won't work!)

    Looking at the due date list on the main page (plus some of us in here - not everyone seems to be on the list!), there has GOT to be some doubling up on BAs in the very near future! Loads due within the next few days!

    Me - 22nd Oct

    Sam - 30th Oct

    TT - 31st Oct

    LP - 1st Nov

    MrsB - 3rd Nov

    MS - 4th Nov

    Banzy - 5th Nov

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