*** Friday 3rd Tri ***

Super early again! ! Can't sleep. Was very very fed up and weepy yesterday afternoon and evening. Went to yoga for the last time and felt better after.
Midwife at 3.30 today for another attempt at a sweep. Please can I have vibes that they can do it and that it works?
Hi to you all when you are finally up at a more appropriate time x x


  • All the baby out vibes LP, I hope it's some positive baby action this weekend!!

    Also another one who can't sleep! I had my antenatal class y'day afternoon and spoke to the midwife at the end of the class (4:30) about the change in movements and cue her taking me up to the midwife unit for checking. I then spent over an hour on the trace machine as bubs heart rate was very high but it settled down and after more prodding and squeezing at me I got home at the back of 7!
  • So after being head down at every scan and midwife/consultant app since my early scan at 9 weeks, at 31+ were now head up! Still time to turn again but this isn't great news with my bicornate uterus. Bit sore this morning where they were feeling around bump but nothing major. Off to make a cuppa as I've given up on anymore sleep today!

    Did anyone hear from MS??
  • Sending baby turning vibes to you. Still plenty of time ;-) think I'm going to get up too. Watch some tv maybe. Tried for an hour now to sleep :-(
  • Morning ladies :-)

    LP - I am sending so many baby out vibes to Sparkles!

    Mdd - Baby turning vibes coming your way, still plenty of time :-)

    AFM - Last night wasn't quite so bad but this cough is still nasty. H has just told me that I was 'snoring' when he got up, tried to explain to him that this 'snoring' is actually me struggling to breathe! Hoping to feel better tomorrow as want to have a nice weekend with H (assuming it's our last before baby comes!)

    Really hope everything is ok with MS xx

  • Morning all,

    Baby out vibes LP - I recommend DTD after the sweep!

    MDD - Get yourself over to spinningbabies website and lookup exercises for turning. If he turned from head-down to head-up, there must be enough to turn back down again!!

    BE - cough go away vibes.  Baby wont arrive whilst your feeling rubbish, i promise :-)

    AFM - no decision on car. No decision on carpet. Just burying my head in the sand! Off to playstop gym this morning with LO and out for a walk in the woods this affy with a friend + offspring.  Baby has been doing some serious wriggling & kicking recently - can be really uncomfy when he gets going - its always when i'm trying to eat as well. Gah!

  • Morning HF - Thank you and I hope you're right! It feels like I'm going to cough baby out and a few people have said it might get things going, not sure I fancy labour whilst feeling like this. Put off the decisions and have a nice day with your friend and the little ones :-) I sympathise with the movements, sometimes it verges on painful! X

  • Gosh you lot are up early this morn.

    Thinking about MS a lot I hope she's ok.

    LP fingers crossed this sweep works. I'm 40+5 today and beginning to get impatient too.

    MDD try not to worry still plenty of time for baby to turn

    Morning BE have a Great day x

    HF sounds like you have a lovely day planned.

    AFM I'm officially the most pregnant I've ever been at 40+5 still no twinges. I don't think I'm due till Saturday anyway so not really surprised. Off to toddler group this morning then will pop in for a coffee with my sis this afternoon. Baby out vibes to anyone that wants them. Including myself!!

  • Baby out vibes MrsB! X

  • Thanks BE hope you're feeling better soon x

  • LP, all the vibes to you, fingers crossed for action today x

    MDD, baby turning vibes to you !

    BE, hope you feel better and you and H have a lovely weekend .

    Horsefan, agree with BE, decisions can wait, hope you have a lovely day.

    Mrs B, baby outs to you too x

    Afm, work today then a lovely evening catching up with my best friend, was too tired last night ! X
  • Morning all!

    Oh LP- Lots and lots and lots of baby out vibes for you!!!!

    MissDeeDee- that sounds stressful and exhausting but im glad everything is ok! Plenty of time for baby to wiggle around!

    BE- i hope you cough clears up a bit for the weekend!!

    HF- Baby obviously is excited about the food!!

    Mrs B- baby out vibes!!

    MrsP- have fun with your bestie tonight!

    AFM- had a very wigglie baby y.day evening and at bed time. I was at work until 9pm so was obviously happy that I was sat down! Will probably be at work until about 8 tonight settin up for an event tomorrow which i will have to be at by 8am :-( booo!!! I go straight from that to london for a friends birthday party! Im so looking forward until sunday evening when i get home! :-)

    Im really anbnoyed with my nails, they have been so strong during pregnancy and have been looking great but this last week they have all been breaking!

  • Mrs bass - keep them dry so hands out of the washing up bowl and keep varnish on at all times. Even if it's just clear x
  • LP- all the baby out vibes in the world. Don't forget I went to the mw 10.30am on friday, cervix completely closed so couldn't do sweep. Woke up at 4am Saturday with stomach achr and S was here 5.54am Sunday. Things can change so quickly!

  • Little Pixie, am sending you lots of baby out vibes! Hope the sweep works xx

    MissDD, glad she took you to be monitored and all was ok! Hope baby turns for you soon.

    BE, I am sorry you are suffering. My cold has just come out. I am wary of taking paracetamol as still getting backache so don't want to not be able to take them for that if it starts! Hope you feel better soon x

    HF, the movements can be really uncomfortable sometimes, enjoy your walk!

    MrsB, enjoy your day, esp the coffee with your sister, relax! x

    MrsPenguin, enjoy your evening :o)

    MrsBass, busy busy! Enjoy your Sunday evening relaxing and take care of yourself!

    Me, 37+1 and so impatient now. All set for the home birth still and had a presentation scan yesterday which showed baby is head down and ready for take off! Got a cold so feeling rough and have walked for an hour today so I am thinking of doing nothing until the school run now!

  • LP- i avoid washing up at the best of times! :-)

    Chimp- glad to hear Baby is "ready for take off"!! :-) enjoy your relaxing day. Luckily the people i work with are really good at making sure I sit down and eat and drink whenever possible during events! Just long days!

  • No joy on the sweep. She moved cervix a bit not couldn't sweep fully. Induction booked for wed. I have to call them at 9pm
  • Sorry to hear that LP let's hope baby gets moving of its own accord. Still plenty of time for it to do so. Keep positive.

    I'm still here too. My first sweep isn't booked til I'm 40+11!! As I'm convinced my due date is actually tomorrow x

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