*** Mon 2nd Tri ***

Hi all,

19+5 here. 20week scan today (at lunchtime) so will be back later to report in on it!

Weekend was good - well bar H's Aunt managing to revel he has bought me a laptop for my birthday. H is seething cos we always do our upmost to get each other a surprise - plus he must have gone way over budget if he has got me a laptop (I'm upset at loss of surprise but excited about laptop!!)

Went out for a very yummy curry on saturday with couple of friends. Love a good girly gossip and a good curry!

Hope everyone is well



  • Morning HF! Great minds and timing this morning! Hope scan goes well xx

    I'm just back from holiday & have rescan this afternoon (23+3) so have everything crossed for a well behaved baby! :-) hope everyone is well x

  • Morning ladies, HF and weeme hope your scans go well. HF have you decided if your going to find out? Do you have a gut feeling on pink or blue?

    AFM first day of holiday, so just had breakfast where I would normally have left over half an hour ago for work. Love it!!

    We went to a baby show yesterday and looked at prams, there were a couple I would like to see that they didn't have but I wasn't really blown away by tbh. We're going to look at cars this morning (my TT is going, sobs) and then will stop at a pram shop that was closed yesterday to see the other couple I'd like to have a look at. So busy day for us x

  • Hi ladies I've moved over to the dark side today but wanted to say good luck to HF and weeme for your scans today, I will be checking back later for updates! x

  • Ooh was just about to post on here, then mrsb reminded me that in supposed to be in 3rd tri today. Noooo! See you all over in the scary thread soon.

  • Hi all

    Horsefan - I also had curry Saturday night must be the weekend for it!

    Weeme - Good luck for the scan!

    Missdeedee - I'm jealous holiday!!!

    MrsB and mummysimpson - good luck on 3rd tri!

    AFM - 22+4 and looking bigger by the day I think will do a bump shot later in the week. Had a lovely weekend went to Sisters inColchester on Sat did a bit of shopping then had a big fat curry with her and two mates yum! Sunday me and OH spent all day sorting junk in spare room threw out a load and got a load ready for putting up the loft! I also packed a load of work clothes and odd bits in a suitcase for the loft as they don't fit and won't be needed for a year at least! And I need the wardrobe space! All in all feel much better for being organised however it has knackered me!! Must rest this week lol :)

  • Hello everyone, hope you all had lovely weekends?!

    HF- how exciting! Will keep my eye peeled for an update!

    Weemee- and you too! Hope you had a great holiday!

    Missdeedee- happy holiday! Enjoy your pram shopping. I think after seeing so many babies and prams this weekend, my H has realised just how much choice there is out there and so hopefully I can get him to a shop soon!

    MrsB & mummysimpson- Good luck on the other side!! The final Tri! Eeks!

    Rosy Lee- that sounds very productive, well done!! All this curry talk is making me want one…it’s not even 10am!

    AFM- Had a great weekend at the festival. As I was a plus one of a band I got an Artists pass so I could go where they all could, forget the celebs and comfy seats in the VIP bar, I got to use posh loo! They flushed and had running water and soap!! Defo one of the highlights of my weekend!! Weather was glorious too but I now have sunburnt knees and hands, how random!

    I was worried about the sleeping in a tent without a few drinks to knock me out but it was actually fine and great to wake up in a hot tent hangover free!!

    Im pretty sure I felt some kicks last night!! I was lying in bed and suddenly felt what felt like a bubble, I was trying to work out it if was baby or wind and it happened again. I then got lots of movements that actually felt as though I was being kicked from the inside. I had my hand on my bump and even felt one with my hand!!!  It was very exciting!

    The reason I still say “I think” is because I don’t think I have really felt many ‘flutters’ and I thought I would experience these for a few weeks before feeling kicks. Also is it too early to feel them from the outside? Also, as my placenta is at the front I thought it would be later for me feeling kicks!

    Anyway, Im still quite excited, made me feel more pregnant!

  • Mrs Bass I never felt any 'flutters' think this is a rubbish description I think they feel like bubbly wind until you notice a defo increase in pressure lol

  • Morning All,

    Another one that has jumped ship to the scary tri thread this morning but wanted to wish you all the best of luck and will see you over there soon :)

    Good luck for your scans today and I'll be popping back later for an update! xx

  • Rosy Lee- I have defo felt "bubbly wind" feelings, I thought it might be baby but always ended up putting it down to wind!!! :-)

    Ive just seen some photos fromt he weekend and im int he background and i look HUGE!!!

    Those of you that have a ticker from The Bump, do you ever look on their 'How big is baby' page? it totally contradicts the ticker. on the ticker last week I was a cantelope, this week a banana, however the website says i was a banana last week and a canteplope week 24! Confusing! Think i'll stick with what the ticker says!

  • All of these fruit sound painful already!! ha ha

  • Hello :-)

    HF & Weeme - Good luck for your scans :-)

    MDD - Enjoy car hunting!

    MrsB & Sam - See you there in a couple of weeks!

    Rosy Lee - What a productive weekend :-)

    Mrs Bass - FX for more movements for you - they just keep getting stronger!

    AFM - The weather is so miserable today! Things are really dull and flat in my work - can't wait to finish! After this week I've got 2 weeks off and then 8 weeks before I'm done :-) all good with bump - been getting a lot of strong movements.

  • Hi all!

    We are now back - and have a fully functional heart aaaaand are on team PINK! :o)

  • Hello all! Congratulations on your pink one Weemee, and HF I hope your scan went well too.

    I'm back from our little holiday in Devon, we had a lovely time and I'm very sad to be back home when I could be eating scones and doing as I please! Being away from here means I am overdue in moving to 3rd tri so I'm heading off there now, see you all very soon and enjoy the rest of 2nd tri xx

  • Weeme- Congratulations on joining team pink! Glad all was well and baby was well behaved :)

  • thank you! both - such a relief (the heart bit not the pink bit!)

    Fingers crossed its a great scan day HF xx

  • All organs present & correct. We found out which sex but are pretending to everyone we didn't. The scan lady was brilliant, explaining everything, giggling along with us when baby was wriggling around :-)

  • Great news on the scans ladies!!!

    HF- are you going to keep it a secret from us too?!!

    Tina- glad you had such a great holiday!!

  • HF- What a lovely scan picture! Glad everything went well. It is so lovely seeing them isn't it!

  • Aww lovely pic HF! Congratulations on being Pretend Team Yellow ;)

  • Weeme- congrats on everything going well with scan and being team pink.

    HF- congrats for a good scan, aren't you going to tell us the sex?

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