*** Monday 2nd tri ***


I'm off work today! Whoop! We went to excel yesterday and orderer our pram, it's very exciting. It won't be delivered until June, but I'm excited about it. We also bought some other bits and pieces as the discounts were pretty good. Today I'm lazing about and resting after a crazy busy weekend!


  • Morning :) shame it's Monday, ay, I need another day off haha

    Imp - how very exciting about buying your pram I taking it the new iCandy was all it's cracked up to be? Sounds as if the show was a success, lovely.

    AFM still struggling with sleep with the discomfort, my folks bought our travel system for us at the weekend and we've put it together, I'm so excited and keep going in the nursery and having a look/feel haha! My mate had her baby on Friday night can't wait to see him, although it didn't go as well as she would have liked.

    I had a freaky moment on Friday night, my right breast has started leaking and now the left one from last night eeeek!!! This boy better not be coming early!! Anyone else had this yet?

    Hi to those that follow :)

  • Morning!

    Imp, so exciting that you ordered your pram and had such a good day yesterday. I'm glad it was well worth the trip :) Enjoy your day off today!

    LeeLee, sorry you're still struggling with sleep, but how lovely that you now have your travel system. I think I would keep looking at it too :)  I think the leaking starts at different times for different people, I'm pretty sure a few ladies have had it as early as you, if not earlier. It's a good sign!

    AFM, yesterday we had a nice lunch out and then came home and I did some work on my laptop in front of the TV. I got quite a lot done so I'm quite pleased today.

    I had some pain in my pelvis yesterday, both front and back. It started niggling while we were eating lunch and then got really quite bad on the walk home. Touch wood it seems a lot better today, so hopefully it was just temporary growing pains.

    Work again today, boo, hope everyone has a good Monday! xx

  • Just crashing in LeeLee Ive had quite a bit of leaking on and off. Cant remember when it started but Im still going 3 days from due date! Hope that is reassuring?

  • Leelee how exciting about your travel system, what did you go for? Boo to the pain still.

    Fig I'm glad your pains have eased a bit, they dont sound fun. Try and rest a bit today if you can, I find my pains are much worse the nose standing up I do!

    Hello Mrs V!

  • Morning everyone!

    Imp - sounds like a really successful day yesterday! Jealous you are off work as well! Did you go for iCandy? I have pre-ordered Peach 3, wont be in until July but we dont need it till August. My OH wont let me buy anything for baby and have it in the house until they are home which is annoying but also kerbing my desire to over spend.

    LeeLee - boo to the lack of sleep, it just makes everything seem so much worse. I have no advice re leaky nipple, sorry!

    Figaro - sounds like a productive day yesterday - I miss those! FX the pains do not come back, they dont sound pleasant!

    AFM - I slept all wkend, only went to my parents on Sunday for lunch. I am thinking about going to doc to get my iron levels tested. We had friends round Friday night but I left work early & had 3 hours sleep first. Was in bed for 11pm, up at 11am and back in bed for 5.30pm and that was me. All I did on sat was a leisurely 3mile walk with the dog and some dishes.  Thats really not normal at this stage is it?

  • Enjoy your day off Imp! Glad you had a good day at the show!

    LeeLee - how exciting you have your travel system. I need to convince H to take me to Kiddicare in Bristol to have another look at some.

    Fig - Glad your pains aren't so bad today.

    AFM - after a really busy weekend at work I'm glad to have a day off. Meeting a friend for coffee this morning then will try and get out in the sunshine this afternoon and maybe do a bit of housework. I won't see H until he gets back from work at about 10pm.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • morning all

    Imp - Yay for days off!!!!  Thats brilliant you got your pram ordered yesterday and that you got some other bits and pieces.

    LeeLee - how exciting to have the pram!!!!  Sorry can't help with the leaking boobs but I think I've heard of people getting that really early on but I'm not sure that it necessarily means the baby will come early but don't quote me.  I'm no expert!!!!!

    Fig - so glad the pain in your pelvis is better today.  Try and take it a bit easier today.

    Sasasi - Its normal to be tired but I think it would be good to go and get your iron levels checked.  Do you take any pregnancy multi vitamins or anything like that?  I suffer low iron a lot and its a horrible tiredness.

    AFM - day off for me, yay!!!!  Going pram shopping with my mum but first I need to go to the post office with some ebay parcels then nip down to the car garage because I'm still split between the black or grey Qashqai.  I've seen the black and it looks stunning but I'm worried about keeping it looking good (everyone always says black cars are a nightmare!?) but I've not seen the grey which is probably more 'me'.  Hopefully I'll see the grey one today and I'll make my mind up.

  • lxia - enjoy your day off - sounds like you have plenty of things planned!

    Candy Apple - yep I am taking multi vitamins so I know theoretically I should be getting everything we need, this extreme exhaustion and sickness doesnt sit right with me, But I dont want to waste doctors time ie 'typical first time pregnant women' blah blah

    I have a black juke (we were originally going for Qashqai but the size scared me! Haha!) and I find it fine to keep clean, They are great cars. I love the dark metallic grey colour but I felt the black was more swish as the door handles etc all blended in.

  • Hi lovely ladies, Just popping in to say to leelee that I started leaking at a similar stage and I'm nearly 39 weeks! It's just your body working as it should and nothing to sorry about! Just not overly glam. My H noticed it on my vest top the first time it happened and I was a bit mortified so pretended I must have spilt my tea while drinking it in bed! Ha ha! Don't think I fooled anyone!

  • Hey ladies

    It's been ages since got on here! Hope you are all ok

    Imp - day off sounds fab - what pram did you order and may I ask how you made your decision?  I find pram choice very overwhelming!

    Leelee- sorry you are struggling with the sleep - excitign about the travel system - which one did you go for?

    Fig - hope pain goes away and doesn't come back.  Sounds like you had a productive weekend

    Sasasi -I think it sounds like my first tri - I felt like a walking zombie almost every weekend and was just so tired. Are you tkaing the pregnacare vitamins or anyhting like that?  They have the right iron levels in.  I know vitamins aren't a replacement for proper diet, but feel it doesn't harm and the first time in my life I've taken vitamins!

    Ixia - day off sounds lovely and relaxing

    CA -do you know which pram you are getting? how fun car shopping - never heard that about black cars?  

    AFM - I'm loving the first sign of spring in the air and felt really good driving to work in the sunshine! My dead balcony pot plant (which just had green shrubbery in it) has also sprouted daffadils over night even though there weren't any planted, or at least not by me!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Sas we went for the raspberry, the peach was too big for us do the raspberry is ideal. I agree with CA about asking for a blood test. Best to be checked out.

    Ixia enjoy your day off too! :)

    CA enjoy the pram shopping. I hope you narroe down your choices. I'd go for grey, as you know. Do it!!!!!!!

    CJ- we decided what was important to is first. So suitable from birth, forward and parent facing, compact and light for urban use- we'll use a sling when we go on walks in the country side.

    It narrowed it down quite a bit for us. Oh, and budget!

  • Hiya!

    Lovely news about the pram, imp, sounds like the new icandy is quite popular, too.

    LL, I know others have already reassured, but I've heard the leaking can happen really early.  

    Fig, hopefully it was just baby lying low and giving you discomfort and now moved, hope the pain doesn't come back.

    Sasasi, I had a few days of extreme fatigue in first tri, but iron levels were fine.  Do you have your 16 wk appt booked?  They should have all the results from your booking in, and if there's a problem with iron or anything else they should tell you then.  In the meantime if you're really worried about it, can you call your community midwives?

    Ixia, coffee and sunshine sound fabulous!  Enjoy your day off :)

    CA, we have the black, and it's not a nightmare.  We don't have to wash it any more often than you would any other colour.  It doesn't look horribly dirty, though when I was working in the country and driving down country lanes every day it did get a bit mucky, but all cars do, and they should all be washed just as much as the others to keep the paint in good shape.  We went with black because we were getting a used car, so the decision was already made for us!  Other things mattered more to us than colour, like sat nav and Bluetooth!

    CJ, daffs!  Already!  I love spring flowers.  I'm enjoying the sounds of birds singing at the minute, first signs of spring, indeed.  

    AFM, we are ready to move!  Everything is done, and the removals people should be coming in 45 minutes.  I'm a bit worried we will be ready to go before we actually get the keys, though.  This is all so confusing!  Apparently everything kicks off at noon, and our completion deadline was 1pm, but no one ever told us what was actually happening.  For example, who we get the keys from, etc.  we had to call the estate agent in a panic on the weekend to ask her and apparently she had sent us an email on Friday that we never received.  Haha, lovely.  So I still don't really know if she will be bringing us the keys to the house, or if I have to go to their office to get them.  Im not bothered, though, because everything else is sorted!

    In a couple hours we will be into the new house, albeit with very little furniture until ikea stuff turns up Wednesday.  In the meantime I'm lazing on the couch and baby is kicking up a storm, while H has taken Wispa for a walk.

    Yay moving day!!

  • Wisps when we moved we had to wait for the call to say the vendor had our money, after waiting for is to get our money first, it moves up the chain I suppose. We did t get our keys until 4pm!!! I was quite stressed by that stage! We had to go and collect them from the EA.

  • Hi Mrs V & SP thanks so much for the reassurance, I must admit I was mortified and embarrassed, my H was sitting next to me and had his head on me at one point and I said to him 'have you dribbled on me' then to my horror I realised what it was haha!

    Fig - sounds like you had a lovely day with your lunch, sorry to hear you've been having pelvic pain too, its not nice :( I'm gonna speak to my mw on Monday about it at my next appt.

    SaSaSi - I'm tired a lot of the time, I fall asleep on the sofa most week nights before 9pm! Good that you are getting your iron levels checked :)

    Ixia - a nice day off and meeting up with your friend sounds lovely :)

    CA - what an exciting day you have planned, and a new car, lovely :) I like black and grey! I hope you narrow down your choices of prams, there are so many out there!

    CJ - I love the weather when its bright and blue skies, it really motivates me :)

    wispa - finally it's happening wow! What a lovely way to start a family as 3 in your new home together. I hope the move goes as smoothly as can be :)

    AFM - for those that asked we went for the Silver Cross Wayfarer it comes with the carry cot and buggy we had to buy the Simplicity car seat separately and have to buy the Isofix unit too. It wasn't our first choice but after seeing some others they didn't seem as sturdy or as well made as this one. The colour is in damson (hood and apron) - (I love purples haha) and the car seat is black and lime, so it's ok in case we go for number 2 and its a girl haha! Also my friends friend has got a baby sling we can have for £15 and when new they are just over £50 and we are also having her changing table with wicker baskets for £15, so chuffed! It seems more real now with buying the bits and bobs, think we will choose the cot bed soon and buy that too :)





  • Good choice leelee, it sounds fab. Nice that you've picked up some bargains too.

  • What a day!

    Imp - sounds like a good day at Excel yestreday, what did you go for?

    LeeLee - sorry you are suffering with sleep, I am the same and its not good. In what way are you having discomfort?  I am getting my pregnancy pillow out the loft tonight to give it a wash ready to start using again as sleeping on my side is a PITA for me.  I have also had leaky breasts already and have brought breast pads, didn't know if this was because I fed first time round

    Figaro - hope your pelvis does not start to become a problem

    SaSaSi - Honestly? I am exactly the same as you and a week further along, I think it's normal and will pass

    Ixia - very envious of your day off work!

    Candy Apple - another one with a day off work, very envious of you to!  Hope the pram shopping goes well

    CeeJay - Its so much nicer when the sun is out isn't it!  I felt so much better coming to work this mornign and it being a bit lighter

    Wispa - Hope the move has gone well and you are not too worn out!

    AFM - I am still feeling very tired, just trying to keep my energy levels up throughout the day by eating little and often as I think this helped over the weekend.  Boss is back in the UK today after her week in Sydney and pee'd me off first thing with her comments about my huge bump and how "you won't be able to hide that for long" - I don't want to hide it, I want to shout it from the rooftops! the only reason no one knows is becuase SHE is makig me wait until Wednesday to tell our team first (around the globe so we have a monthly call on wednesday) grrrrrr why do people get so opinionated.  Wait until I get to 30+ weeks then she will see a bump!





  • NB, I'm not surprised your boss annoyed you.  I would be proud of your lovely bump :)

    We went for the candy raspberry in beetle.  Its got a black frame and the flavour pack( the newborn cocoon, set cover, parasol and sunshade) is grey.  It will be delivered in June!

  • I don't know why people feel the need to comment about it, really started the day off on a bad note!

    I like the raspberry one, our pram is a very similar colour and OH was moaning that it is too girly but I don't think that it is at all.

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