*** Monday 2nd tri ***

Good morning!  How is it Monday again?! Booooo.

It's a short week for me at least as I'm off on Friday and Monday, whoop! Got my 25wk midwife appt on Wednesday, not sure what'll happen but I'm guessing not very much. Happy feet had a good dancing day yesterday, it was lovely. In fact they're dancing away now too so hopefully they'll be keeping me entertained whilst im at work today.


  • Morning, Monday again bluergh! Yay to you only having a short working week though. Got any plans for your long weekend? Isn't it so lovely to feel all those movements, amazing feeling!

    I'm off today and wondering why I'm awake so early?! Think it's because it's so light outside now, looks like a nice sunny morning so should get up and make the most of it really! Not much to report baby wise, might go to kiddicare later and get spending today.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning :-)

    Imp, that's nice having a short week. I am only doing 3 day weeks at the moment (still 36hrs though) and it's nice and stress free!

    CO, enjoy spending in the sunshine, looks to be a nice crisp cold day.

    I haven't anything planned today so am lounging in bed. Have a work meeting tonight about possibly moving back to my old base, but I can't see how I can fit that rota round childcare so I'll probably have to say no. I also don't feel I can commit to a rota change at all when I don't know how I'll feel after baby arrives, or how much I will want to be working, and if I go for this change I will have to decide very soon. Bad timing really, but never mind.

  • Morning CO! I just wake up early every day now, no more lie ins! Enjoy kiddicare today, have you bought much yet?

    My mum is coming to stay for the weekend, we've no plans really, probably a spot of shopping!

  • Morning!

    Imp - enjoy your long weekend!

    CO - hope you have a nice day off. I wish we had a Kiddicare close by!

    Barefoot - hope the meeting goes well.

    I'm so grateful to see Monday as it's been a very busy week at work. I have 3 days off now :) having a massage this morning then doing the food shop.  

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Morning all, my first Monday in 2nd tri!

    Imp - sounds like a nice weekend, hope the short week goes quickly for you

    CO - enjoy your day off. Sun is shining but it looks pretty chilly out.

    BF - hope your meeting goes well

    Ixia - massage sounds lovely! Enjoy your days off!

    AFM - I feel like poop on a stick :( I've got this horrible snotty, sinus/sore throat thing. I was sick in the night and I ache all over. Well annoying as I was just starting to feel better from first tri nastiness. I'm staying home today to try and kick this thing as I've too much on at work to be ill! Woe.

  • Morning folks

    Imp - enjoy your short week! Good luck with midwife!

    CO - have to say the brighter morning are great!

    BF - hope the meeting goes well - only you can decide what is right for your family

    lxia - very jealous of your massage ! Enjoy!

    Gavi - I was the same finally stopped being sick then took a rotten cold. I feel a lot better today though, a week seemed to clear it. Hope its the same for you!

    AFM - knackered is not a good way to start monday, neither is a 9am meeting! had 3 viewings of our house on sat, all went well but one was definately just a tyre kicker and a snobby cow! 2 more viewings tonight and i am leaving work early for my flu jab - joys!

  • Morning all,

    Imp - great to feel so much movement :) enjoy your short week!

    CO - enjoy your day off. I love the early mornings, makes me be more productive lol! I haven't been to a kiddicare but have looked online. Hope you get some bargains!

    BF - shame its happening now, but I guess having options is better than none? Hope it goes well anyway, even if you don't take it.

    Ixia - enjoy your massage! I'm very jealous - might have to book myself in for one!

    Gavi - hello! Welcome to second tri! Sorry to hear you have a cold but I hope it doesnt last long. Rest up today x

    SaSaSi - fingers crossed you get a buyer soon.

    AFM: Well I'm back from Icelend! It was really nice to get away and to do something different, although we didn't get to see the Northern Lights :( bit gutted about that but nothing we can do about it! Currently sat at Kings Cross waiting for my train up north - spending the week at my mums again. Going to sort through my dads artwork for the exhibition we're putting on at the beginning of May. I'm looking after my 2.5-year-old nephew this afternoon - lets hope he behaves as he has some terrible tantrums!!

    And I have had some definite movements!!! Such an amazing feeling :) So it was movements I felt last week when I wasn't sure, but this weekend whilst I've been in Iceland I've had loads of movement. Its so lovely and is reassuring. It just little nudges at the moment but everytime it makes me smile :)

  • Morning all

    Imp it makes work all the more bearable when u can feel happy feet wriggling around I bet. Hope your short week goes quick!

    CO - have a lovely day off and enjoy shopping! I think I'd have forced myself back to sleep if I were you though!

    BF- hope the meeting went well. Hopefully they will be able to compromise on th rota later down the line for you if need be.

    Ixia - massage sounds goooood. Enjoy your days off

    Gavi - hope you feel better soon! Bad timing but I'm sure you will get to the feeling well stage soon. Duvet day!

    Sasasi- hope these viewings go well. Least u have a lot of interest. Good luck with the jab too

    Browny - yay for movements! And I'm pleased you had a good time in Iceland despite not seeing the northern lights. Hope your nephew behaves for you too...

    AFM- had a lovely weekend at my grans. Discovered that my hill walking days are long gone when I was trailing hope

    Essay behind everyone massively out of breath. Nice to get out in the fresh air thoug. We ordered our pram (mothercare xpedior in green) and H felt his first kicks! I was thinking it was going to be a while yet cos of the anterior placenta but he asked bean to kick on Saturday and they obliged and then when they were kicking hard last night he felt another 2. He was very very chuffed. Biggest smile I've ever seen. Obviously going to be daddy's boy/girl though, humph.

    Hi to those that follow!

  • Oooo Sasasi, hope you get a quick sale. I have never sold a house before, but can;t say I'm looking forward to it. Got a few years yet!

    Browny - Iceland sounds awesome, I would love to go but H has already been. Might try and persuade him to take me in a few years perhaps! So lovely that you're feeling movements.

    Jonesy - ahhhh that's so lovely, I can't wait to get that stage where H can feel a bit more involved. I'm off to have a nosey at your pram now...benefit of a duvet day!

  • Well I was rubbish and didn't get back on yesterday!

    Imp - oo enjoy a short week. Makes all the difference. I hope happy feet becomes a real life tap dancer when they grow up!

    CO - Enjoy Kiddicare - we are going in two weeks. I hope you have a great day off.

    BF - Enjoy your lounging!

    Lxia - More days off! I am missing out. Enjoy them lovely.

    Gavi - boo for the poop stick feeling. I hope it is short lived.

    SaSaSi - good luck for all the viewings. You're house sounds like it is roping them all in!

    Browny - Yay for movements! Best feeling ever. One of mine is currently fidgeting away.

    Jonesy - prams and kicks! What a lovely week for your and your H :)

    AFM - at work Booo! Midwife this afternoon though. I had a lovely weekend, saw some Hitchers/mDers on Saturday evening. We also found out we are having one of each. The lady seemed pretty sure as both babies were very eager to spread there legs! Although I think I'll still wait to buy much until the 20 week anomaly scan.

    Babies are also super wriggly. I could feel them moving whilst she was scanning and it was lovely to see and feel all at once. We are both over the moon they are doing so well and to have a son and a daughter on the way *fluff*

  • Imp, boo to not being able to lie-in. I've bought a few bits, mainly clothes, need to buy the bigger things like furniture and pram really.

    BF, hope the meeting goes ok

    Lxia, hope you've had a nice day off

    Gavi, sorry you're feeling ill, hope you get well soon

    Sasasi, hope you get an offer on your house soon

    Browny, glad you enjoyed Iceland and yay to feelin movements, so amazing isn't it

    Jonesy, ah that's so nice your h got to feel some kicks!

    Ducky, am so glad everything went well at your scan and one of each?! Wonderful :)

    Well, instead of kiddicare I had a bit of a lazy day indoors so think will go tomorrow instead! Hope you've all had a nice day x

  • Hi ladies!

    Sorry I'm late to the table today, but better late than never I suppose!

    Imp - Yay for a short week again, and for a MW appointment too! I think until later on they all tend to follow the same format of blood pressure, wee, prod, doppler....some places start fundal measurements too. I can't remember and my next appointment with the mw isn't until I'm 28 weeks as they consider 2nd pregnancies more routine (?!)

    CO - Hope you had a lovely day off and got to make the most of the sunshine !

    BF - Hope the meeting went well, but I think I'd rather have a lovely little baby than a move of location IYSWIM....just trying to be positive! :-)

    Ixia - Enjoy your days off!

    Gavi - Sorry you feel rotten lovely - hope you feel better soon x

    Sas - Sorry you're so tired but hope the viewings result in a sale for you!

    Browny - Very envious of your trip to Iceland, sorry you didn't get to see the Northern Lights though. And yay for movements, it's the best feeling. I can totally relate to your nephew's tantrums....O is 2 next week (:O ) and we have some spectacular ones at times! (On the whole he is v good though!)

    Jonesy - Yay to ordering prams and H feeling kicks! That's fab with an anterior placenta....I had one with O and H barely felt him :'(

    Ducky - I am so so excited for you having one of each! Great that you're feeling so much already too!

    AFM - Mum has been discharged over the weekend so we're travelling over to see her tomorrow which will be fab. She was a bit shaken after her bleed but she is doing well thankfully. Thanks to all those who asked after her. In other news baby is super wriggly now which is lovely, O put his hand on my bump earlier and baby kicked it; not sure it was hard enough for him to feel but it was lovely for me; my babies bonding :D Otherwise we've just been finishing off the present shopping for my big boy's birthday.....he is 2 next Thursday!! How did that happen?!

    Scan to come this Thursday though! Eek! x

  • Ducky - how was the midwife? Still so excited about the flavour of the sprouts!

    CO - oh well, there is always tomorrow, nice to have a lazy day.

    Coco - so relieved to hear your mum is better, I was thinking about you earlier. Wow, can't believe O is nearly two...hope his two's aren't too terrible for you x

    Feeling a bit better this evening, as I've slept loads. I feel really sick though, I think it's all the snot (sorry, TMI!). Hoping I feel better tomorrow, as this is not a week at work I can afford to be ill!

  • Glad you're feeling a bit better now Gavi - I often find nasal colds the worst, as you just can't breathe properly :-( Hope you're ok for tomorrow, as busy working weeks and colds do not go well together! I hope you're right about O's 2's not being too terrible...not sure I could handle it with newborn sleepless nights to deal with too! x

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