*** Monday 2nd tri ***

Good morning :) Happy Monday everyone.

I've got a busy day at work today, at least it'll go fast! 

Yesterday was non stop in the end, swimming, shopping and catching up with friends- sorry I didn't get back on. 


  • Morning Imp! Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. Hope work isn't too hectic for you :)

    I've had a very busy weekend at work and was shattered by the time I got home last night. Got a couple of days off now with no plans. Hoping the sun will come back out but if not I've got a few bits of housework to do.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Enjoy your days off ixia! I hope it's sunny too, although we didn't get any sunshine yeserday so I won't hold my breath today. Don't do too much housework!

  • I won't do too much, just a general tidy and a load of washing and ironing. Maybe a trip to ASDA if I'm feeling energetic! We didn't get any sunshine yesterday either and we're not due to get any until tomorrow afternoon :(

  • Morning!

    Imp hope work is ok today despite being busy. Weekend sounds lovely!

    Ixia we've had a distinct lack of sun too and had my mum ring up yesterday to say how it was 20 degrees and gorgeous back home. Humph. Have a chill day to make up for the weekend. Ironing can wait!

    AFM - busy weekend as I worked both Fri and Sat so spent most of the rest of it sleeping hence why I didn't manage to get on at all! H made a looovely peanut butter and chocolate cake yesterday to celebrate us getting to 20 weeks. Lush.

    Hi to those that follow!

  • Morning all,

    Imp - hope work isn't too hectic!

    Ixia - sorry you missed the sun! Hopefully it will come out tomorrow so you enjoy it.

    Jonesy - bless your H that's so sweet. Congrats on 20 weeks! Half way!

    AFM: went for a walk yesterday which was lovely. I want this sun to stay forever! Today I don't have much on the agenda just more sorting stuff out in the house. Starting to panic there isn't much time before we move out (end of April). My mums looking round that house today I really hope its what we're looking for or I think I really will go into panic mode!

  • Afternoon all :)

    imp - nice to hear you have a busy day at work, makes it much better when it goes quickly. Sounds like you had a busy weekend but all good

    Ixia - enjoy your couple of days off, I hope the sun keeps shining for you

    Jonesy - that cake sounds amazing and scrummy :)

    Browny - I hope your Mum likes the house, you don't want the added worry of that to contend with too

    AFM - I'm moving into 3rd Tri now, scary stuff! I sincerely hope you ladies all have uneventful last weeks in 2nd Tri and any scans you have will all be bang on, see you all over there soon :) Thank you all for the support and advice you've been generous to give, especially with me being a numpty and not being able to upload pics ;-) Take care all xx

  • Jonesy that cake sounds amazing, i don't really like peanut butter but mixed with chocolate it sounds delicious. Yay for 20 weeks too!

    Browny any news from your mum about the house?  I hope she liked it as it sounds like you're keen to get somethinbg sorted soon.  I'm jealous of your sunshine, up north it's been grey and a bit chilly.

    Leelee eeeeek to 3rd tri!  Good luck up there lovely lady, you know that's where people have babies?!  

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