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Morning ladies

How are we all? Good weekends? Busy one here including a late night Saturday night when I didn't get to bed till 1am and I'm still suffering for it today!

Busy day again today. Singing group thing this morning followed by food shop, then lunch,haircut for M, meeting friends at park, then ballet late afternoon with housework where I can fit it in. Lots of caffeine and chocolate will be consumed today Laugh babywise, feeling kicks further up almost at my belly button now, they've all been really low before, and three days till scan!

Hope everyone is well, have a good day xx


  • Morning All

    Morning WE- wow you do have a busy day today! glad that you are feeling more kicks its such a lovely feeling!

    AFM - had a busy weekend running around! our new car broke down on friday!!!! GGGRRRRRR!!!! so had to have loads of fuss sorting that out! then went to see Hubby's aunt in hospital as she was injured in the storm last week! we ordered our buggy yesterday! woo hoo! so pleased! i found it online for £40 cheaper than Mothercare, so I went to see if they could price match, and even though this is not one of the stores that they price match against they agreed to honour it! they couldn't take money directly off the buggy so they said if i wanted to go pick out £40 worth of goods in the store they would basically give them to us for free! result!

    as for the Baby and my bump the consultant last week said I am suffering from SPD, and i get that its painful as i haven't slept now for a few months but my bump is constantly sore! when i press it it hurts! and when the baby moves it hurts me anyone had this?  I have a midwife appointment on thursday so i will discuss it then


  • Oh dear NLH, that's rubbish about your car. Hope they fixed it. Is your Hs aunt ok? Great about your pram abd free stuff.

    How did you get on with consultant about your headaches? It was you wasn't it, sorry if not.  I've not got spd and bump doesn't hurt except from when I'm in bed so can't help I'm afraid x

  • Morning!

    WE - you are always so busy and packing things in! It's very impressive I must say. Woo - hoo for scan week!!

    NLH - it's good you got a diagnosis. Are they sending you for physio? Brill news about the buggy!!!! Was it the exact one you wanted?

    AFM - had a busy weekend too. The nursery is just about finished painted (H needs to finish some wood work tonight) and then the carpet will be delivered later this week. We bought some furniture from IKEA so that just needs assembled. I packed away all my lovely work clothes that no longer fit and I could have cried. My wardrobe is rather small at the moment and i can't bear the idea of spending a fortune on too much new stuff to wear for such a short amount of time. I'll need to bite the bullet though. The saga with H's son continues although he was at his mum's over the weekend. Sadly she's a nutter who drinks so it's not a good place for him to be....he just needs to get a job and get his own place!!! ARGH!!

    Anyway, have a good day and hello to all who follow!

  • Morning all

    Weekender that Is a busy day! Yay to kicks! I'm so jealous of your scan being so soon. Are you finding out the flavour?

    Nlh how annoying about the new car! Is it easily fixable??

    Sp I felt like that about buying mat clothes last time. I just bought a few staples I couple mix and match and loads of leggings and tunics! Even for work, comfy won out over interesting  the situation with your h's son rounds so difficult. Hope he gets a job soon  

    Afm another busy weekend. I went shopping in London with my mum in Saturday who h was nice. Loads if walking though so was exhausted. Yesterday I went riding and then we did loads of jobs around the house so I'm pleased with that.  Is started having braxton hicks the last couple of days. Worried me at first but apparently it's quite common to get them from now in subsequent pregnancies although is probably linked to having done a lot. still getting loads of headaches but trying to drink more to help. P and I have already been to do the horses this morning. We've got swimming later and I'm tutoring tonight but that's it. Need to get organised for being back at work tomorrow. Only 6 3 day weeks until the Christmas holidays though so I'll manage!!

  • Hi Again!

    yes it was me with the headaches! basically its a complicated story! there is little they can do for me whilst being pregnanct! as long as mt blood pressure etc stays normal and the baby seems ok then they cannot do anything, they gave me some drugs for when the headaches get too bad but i won't take them as they have been known to affect the developement of the babies lungs! i am starting to get more anxious and afraid with the whole labour and birth thing as i just have no trust at all in medical professionals

    yes the car was fixed thank goodness, apparently something to do with the battery, you can imagine how pleased i was on friday when i get in and it said engine failiure!!!!

    yes got the buggy we wanted only thing we changed was the colour as hubby didnt like the one i picked out! so we have ordered it in red! x

  • Morning all

    Weekender  - yay to kicks! And yay to your scan being soon!

    NLH - I hope that your car us easily fixed!

    Sp  - I have only brought a few bits for mat clothes but not wearing them yet! I am struggling to find things that I like really! Your soon be back in your old clothes though!

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend finishing the nursery off :)

    AR  hope the Braxton hicks aren't too bad for you!  Sounds like you have had a very busy weekend!  

    Afm  had a nice quiet weekend with H  just spent some nice time together  he works every other weekend and weekends are the only time it's just me and him y sisters staying with us ATM and she goes off on the weekends to her bfs house)  had a lovely walk on the beach yesterday with the doggie! And then he cooked a massive roast.. He really doesn't get that I can't eat as much as I use too lol bless him!

    Baby wise H has noticed my fat pouchy bit has grown and starting to move up a little! Yay!

    Going to try and make my 16 week appointment this week they only work one day a week in the surgery for a very short amount of time so hopefully hubby is going to email me his shifts later! I can't wait to hear that heartbeat! When did you start noticing movements? I am dying to start feeling him or her

  • weekender- 1am no wonder your still tired lol. Busy day ahead for you. 3 days til scan, bet your excited. Are you finding out?

    NLH- What a pain about the car. Thats great they you got to have some free stuff, very good of them. Exciting getting the pram, will be getting ours after xmas i think. Atleast you now you know what the problem is causing the pain. Not sure about sore bump, hope midwife can help.

    Sweetpea- Lovely that you have got alot done in the nursery. I just want to move into our new house so we can get started! Asos have a sale on some maternity bits at the moment so may be worth a look?

    AR- God that makes xmas sound really close! Busy day ahead for you. Hope the braxton hicks arent too bad, as if they can happen so early!

    CC- Your weekend sounds lovely, especially the walk on the beach. Hope you manage to get an app easily. I started feeling little movements about 2 weeks ago but have felt them a bit stronger and more often now. They are so little a first its easy to miss them.

    AFM had a nice weekend out for a meal friday then shopping Saturday and then fireworks with H which were really good. Sunday we went to meet my tiny baby nephew, he is still in intensive care but is doing so well. felt strange to think i have one of those in my tummy! Although quite a bit smaller! H's mum mentioned being at the birth during conversation the other day! I dont want her to be and am a bit annoyed she has just presumed she will be so i will have to put her straight at some point! Feelin quite a few movements lately which is so lovely.

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