*** Monday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies, how are we all? Anyone caught up in the storm? Hope everyone is safe and well x

Nice day here yesterday, got Ms winter boots at last (red patent lelly kellis, not what I had in mind but literally the only ones that fitted her!) She then went to MILs for a wee while and H and I got some stuff cleared in the garage so I was happy with that. 

Today we need to go to local recycling centre and dump the stuff from the garage that is currently filling my car boot, then going for an "autumn nature walk" with my friend and her little ones. She's a nursery teacher and just did an early years outdoor education course so she's full of ideas! So I'll follow her lead since I'm not a nature walk kinda person in the slightest Laugh plan is then to make autumn pictures with the kiddies with things they collect, then I need to go to Tesco and M has ballet late afternoon. Oh and I still haven't picked up the order from Asda so should probably do that too. 

Pregnancy wise all seems fine, getting kicks, had been getting muscular pain at night in bed but started using dream genii again last night and it helped loads. Got flu jab later this week then 20 wk scan is next week so slightly nervous about that.

Hope everyone else is doing ok, have a good day all xx


  • Morning!

    Glad you got the boots weekender! I have a problem buying some every year as I always have an idea in my head of ones I want but they never exist so can only imagine the problems of buying them for someone else! They sound cute!  Nature walk sounds fun, hope the weather where you are isn't too bad.

    AFM, I get a sneaky lie-in this morning. They cancelled all our trains last night until 9am and now they've just updated to say nothing until at least 10. Not sure if 'the storm' has passed here yet but doesn't seem to be any damage so just enjoying the extra hour and a cup of tea in bed!  I really need to sort out my flu jab, I was meant to go a couple of weeks ago but didn't get out of work in time for the drop in session.

  • Thanks Flossy, I'm in Scotland so the bad weather is missing us. Was a bit rainy last night but that's it. Enjoy your lie in! X

  • Morning all!

    It's half term here so managed to get into work a bit earlier as the traffic was so much better than usual so can sneak on here.

    Weekender the boots sound fab - I often see little ones shoes and wonder why they don't do full grown options! 20 weeks scan eeek it's all going a bit faster now defintiely. Enjoy the nature walk - lovely for some one else to take the lead I wouldn't have a clue!

    Flossy glad you're safe and snuggled in bed with the storn. We had a bit of rain and wind in the North east last night but it has pretty much missed us so no time off for me boo. I had my flu jab a couple of weeks ago, I was really worried about feeling rubbish but just had a sore arm for a couple of days and was sleepy the day after but nothing like what I imagined (I thought I'd be bedridden ha!)

    Mrs V if you see this - Pram twin! Just caught up with your post from last night. I really love it, I'm edging toards the ella green but do really like the blue too - they are the colours H is allowed to pick from ha.

    AFM had a couple fo days off but the sick first thing has hit again yesterday and today - today isn't so bad but yesterday i nearly passed out in morrisons joy! Definitely feel more movement when I'm at home and less busy  but it is nice to get a few kicks and prods (I'm sure the novelty will wear off once they get some force behind them) apart from that I'm on countdown too - less than 2 weeks till H is home and just under 3 weeks till next scan eeek xx

  • Morning All!

    hope your having a nice windy morning!!!!!

    WE - Yay for 20 week scan, i know its nerve wracking but it will be fine!

    Flossy - wey to go with the Lay in! i'm not jealous honest!!!!

    Grif - sorry to hear about the sickness! i know how horrible it is!

    AFM - another busy weekend! been having quite a few pains over weeknd in my tummy! hoping it is just Braxtons or muscular, i have a consultant appointment on friday so will speak to him then! other than that my hip pain is just seeming to get worse day by day at the moment, not sleeping well at all so i am tired and grumpy most of the time!!! :)

  • Morning,

    Weekender- The nature walk sounds nice :) glad you found some boots for M. Not long til scan, exciting. Storm was quite bad here this morning, someones car bonnet flew open and roof tiles were smashed on the floor. Was late to work as went the main road way as didnt fancy driving next to lots of trees!

    Flossy- Lucky you getting a lay in! Enjoy it :)

    Griff- Hope the sickness stops for you. lovely to feel movements :)

    NLH- Sorry you hips still playing you up. Is there anything that can help it at all?

    AFM- Had a chilled weekend, went out with MIL for lunch Sat then yesterday went to Cambridge. meant to get some xmas presents but didnt buy any, wooops. Pregnancy wise all is good, few pains over weekend but think its stretching as baby will be having a growth spurt apparently. Have my midwife app Wednesday, its at 9.40 so i get a little lie in too.

  • Morning all!

    WE - it was SO wet last night wasn't it? Glad we are missing the storm though. We get enough bad weather in Scotland as it is! Your nature walk sounds absolutely lovely! Don't be nervous about your scan lovely - it'll be another opportunity to see your wee one!

    Flossy - lucky you getting a long lie of a monday morning! The only good thing about bad weather!

    Grif - That's rotten about the sickness :( You must so soooo excited about having your H home! How long will he be with you? Perfect timing for the next scan!

    NLH - How was the american football? Hope the consultant has some answers for you.

    Bertie - I had quite a lot of stretching pains around 16 weeks. Great that baby is growing!! Exciting! Will you hear the heartbeat at your next MW appointment?

    AFM - busy, busy weekend painting and decorating. Our room is painted and papered and the new carpet goes down tomorrow. The nursery got a first coat and it'll get finished this week ready for the carpet going down next week. After that we can take our time choosing furniture and curtains etc. It's good to get the bigger job of decorating out of the way! My "bump" (swollen tummy!!) was sore all weekend but I've had lots of reassuring kicks so all is well! I can't wait for H to start feeling it too. My friend said at 23-24 weeks her H could hear the baby's heartbeat through her tummy! amazing!

  • SP - American football was really good! very long game and its a hassle trying to get passed everyone when you need a wee, but it was really good!

  • Hello everyone. Sorry I'm so late again. We've had awful weather down here(east Sussex) and our power has only just come back on, having been off since 2am  was starting to get a bit worried about entertaining a toddler by torch/candle light!! Not much going on bump wise. Got my scan date through so can count down to that now although it's not for a month so ages to wait!! Will try and get on earlier tomorrow  

  • Hi AR- glad you have power back! must have been a nightmare without it. God knows what people did in the old days lol. When is your scan date?

    SP- I'm not too sure if I hear the heartbeat tbh, but will let you know Weds!

  • Hey everyone Im late to this so sorry for lack of personals today....we seem to have avoided storms up in Scotland which is  great.... work was hectic today and non stop.

    pregnancy wise feeling kicks which is nice. Hips and back are aching though:( x

  • Very late to the party today!

    Grif - I like the ella green too, that was my second choice!

    Won't do personals as I expect no one else will be back today.

    Will try and join in tomorrow.

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