*** Monday 2nd Tri ****

Hi all (not sure I should really be here - but gonna hang out here till 28 I think-  3rd Tri is scary - they have babies over there! Stick out tongue)

I've had a lovely weekend, chilling, cinema and general laziness! Lots of baby movements too - which is nice (if a bit embarrassing when your dress does a "kick out" in front of strangers Embarrassed )

Finally, got round to moving furniture in the soon to be nursery to find (as I expected) we need to lose a piece of furniture for the cot to fit Hmm

Hope everyone has a good week xxx


  • Morning. Today is the last day of summer holidays! :( I'm not ready to go back to school.  My belly does the dress moving thing too! Very freaky! I'm never leaving 2nd tri. I'm happy here. I agree third tri is scary ***... Babies!! Waaahhhhh!!! Not ready for that yet!

  • Morning weeme,

    3rd tri is scary! But goodluck if you do decide to move over. We expect a flash of the nursery over on 2nd though.

    I had a lovely weekend with my best mate over and we went to a festival, was fab! Tired now though so working from home.

    Hello to all that follow x

  • Morning Custard!

  • morning ladies!

    weeme - sounds like a good weekend. 3rd tri is a pretty scary one!

    custard - Oh boo :-( do you work in a school?

    mrsp - sounds fab, what festival did you go too?

    We got out new car on fri :-) just did our usual weekend stuff of ballet, swimming shopping and visiting people. Always passes very quick! Dentist this afternoon :-)

    ck 19+3 x

  • Morning :) yes CK I work in a school. I'm a reception teacher. So I'll be getting all the little ones on their first day at school this week and their emotional parents!

  • Morning ladies!

    I had a really good day yesterday, actually felt some of my energy returning so here's hoping its a sign of things to come! Still not feeling v pregnant but I did notice some colostrum last night which is good :) last week with my boy before he starts school.

    Hannah 14+6

  • Weeme - yeah I'm very happy on 2nd tri, 3rd tri seems a lifetime away and very much the last stretch so I understand you sticking on here and of course we are happy you are staying an extra week!

    Custard - that will be a tear jerker then! The schools wen't back a few weeks ago up here so the 1st days are all past!

    Hi Mrs P - How are you lovey? Sounds like a good weeked! That's a bonus your working from home at least!

    CK - We picked up our car last week too. I've never felt so much that I'm going to be a mum than buying a 'family' car. Boo to the dentist! When is your scan now, must be soon?

    Isis - glad your feeling better. Enjoy your last day with your LO. And OMG colostrum? I've not noticed a thing! That would have spooked me!

    AFM the weekend flew by as ever and another week at work. I have my 22 week midwife app tomorrow afternoon so away from work early and then I'm working from home on Wednesday, so be nice to break up and shorten the week! Went shopping yesterday and picked up another few bits of baby clothes, it's sooo cute, it really is hard to resist. Also got some more mat clothes so I think I'm pretty much sorted now through to Jan. I will need to get a winter coat though and maybe a couple of jumpers!

    I so can't be bothered today, but so much to do! x

  • CK, was Bingley festival, very local to me and quite small but had Fratellis, tinchy Stryker, primal scream and chic playing. Was good fun.

    MissDeeDee, I am good thanks, hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. I had a coat dilemma, I thought I could get away with my normal mac through autumn and then get a maternity winter coat, but went to put the mac on and couldn't do it up! I bought a warm parka from h&m which is lovely and should see me right until I need a proper wool coat.

  • morning everyone! i hope you all had great weekends!! We get the internet intalled at home today so i'll be able to post over the weekends again! yay!

    Gemini- I saw your post about ordering the Poddle Pod, it looks fab, are you getting one instead of a bouncer! Can you let us know what its like when i arrives!

    Weeme- its dawned on me that im due over in 3rd tri in only a couple of weeks and that scares me!!

    Morning Custard! hope your first day back goes ok!

    MrsP- lucky you working from home! H has a day off today and I was gutted having to get up!

    CK- hope the dentist is ok, at least it will be free!

    Isis- I hope the energy lasts!

    missdeedee- ive been trying to stop buying baby clothes but it is hard!

    AFM- had a very chilled out long weekend! H was playing at the Great Dorset Steam fair so he was away Thurs till late Saturday. then they had a gig at a village fete sunday so i went along. there was a 9 week old baby who was so cute & so well behaved!

    I had my midwife appt on Thursday. I was so focussed on rememebring my pot of pee after forgetting that last time that i forgot my notes! Doh! I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time which was amazing!! and I finally got my first Bounty pack so i went straight out to pick up my 2nd! She measured my bump which is supposed to be 1 cm for each week. at 24 +5, i measure 26 cm! eeks! she said a couple of cms either way is fine but i think its a sign that im having a whopper!

    I spent a small fortune in H&M this weekend on their Basic range. I just went a size bigger so it fits over the bump and i'll be able to wear post bump to so quite pleased with myself. Was getting a little bored with the mat clothes I had!

    Ive given H instructions today to go to ikea and get a set of draws for the nursery. I got some paint tester pots at the weekend in colours that match the rug and changing mat so im going to get some knobs to paint & attach to the draws!

  • Hi all,

    Weeme - 3rd tri does sound scary.

    Custard - enjoy your last day of school hols.

    Mrs P - lucky you working from home. I'd love to be anywhere but the office at the moment.

    CK - hope the dentist trip goes well and no fillings. That reminds me, I really need to find a new dentist. Mine is a bit skanky.

    Isis - Enjoy your week with your little boy. Are you nervous about him starting school or is he ready?

    MDD - Good work on the shopping. I'm trying to resist buying baby clothes for a bit but its so hard. I didn't realise there was a 22 week appt.

    Mrs B - You sound busy. Glad your mw appt went well. I'm hoping to hear the heart beat at my next one.

    AFM - Not a huge deal to report. I've got a midwife appointment on Wednesday then its only a couple of weeks until my next scan :) still not feeling v pregnant and I'm convinced there is still no bump so i am going to ask to hear the heartbeat on Weds to give me something to cling onto.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

  • Afternoon everyone

    Weeme - Must be exciting doing the nursery. We have a really small spare room, not sure how we we fill all the furniture in at the moment.

    Custard - How rubbish about it being your last day of the holidays. I hope you have had a good rest.

    Mrs P - Well done you going to a festival!

    Ck - Glad you are pleased with your car. I don't know how the weekend goes so quick!

    Isis - This point in the pregnancy is a bit unnerving isn't it? I'm sure all is fine.

    MDD - I can't wait to start buying baby clothes. I've seen some really nice fleecy suits.

    Mrs Bass - Lovely to hear the heartbeat isn't it. I heard mine at 15 weeks last time and I expect to hear it again tomorrow. Strange how MW's do it so differently.

    AFM - Lovely wedding at the weekend, just so tired now! MW tomorrow and nothing else to report baby wise really. My scan is 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm starting to get nervous about it already :(

  • Hi ladies,

    Nothing terribly interesting to report - just off to out to buy some bits towards an "welcome to adulthood" basket for my friends daughters 18th birthday. LO slept really badly, thus, so did I. Baby wriggles all night I swear .... Another nocturnal one, oh goody!

  • Oh and the colostrum thing made me giggle ... For those that haven't yet ... Have a little squeeze of your nipples ;-)

    I stopped breastfeeding toddler in March but there has been 'something' there. I think colostrum starts being made from 17/18weeks onwards.

    Oh and don't tell your H if it will freak him out re bedroom activities. LOL

  • Little Dude- As everyone else seemed to have heard the heart beat, i was all ready to ask if i could but luckily she said she would try to hear it before I had a chance to ask but apparently they arent supposed to try and hear it until 32 weeks!! (this may have been an old rule though!)

    Mrs V- I asked if i could hear it at the 20 week scan but she said no!

    HorseFan- Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep tonight! Ive been lucky with movement and its either first thing or last thing. There has been a lot more movement recently but luckily not during the night! Your 2nd post made me giggle! might have a squeeze tonight!!

    I forgot to mention the most exciting bit of news! I handed in my mat leave request and Mat B form this morning! Unfortunatly we have a big event 3 weeks before my due date so im taking the week of Dec 2 as leave and starting my mat leave 9 Dec, 5 days before my due date! eeks! Luckily I only work 3 days a week so im notping im not going to be too exhausted!

  • I thought they listened to the hb from 16w? I was expecting it at my appt but I'll have had a scan just a few days prior so I'm not too bothered if she doesn't listen. Am I the only impatient person having a gender scan?!

    LD he says he's excited but he only turned 4 a couple of weeks ago so I'm rather apprehensive. It's full time straight away still at least it means I can have afternoon naps ;)

  • LD missed you earlier. Hope you get some reassurance from the MW.

    HF - I haven't had a squeeze yet! Your comment made me laugh. Definitely not one to share :)

    Mrs Bass - That's really strange! I can understand why they don't because they might not find it but it varies so much around the country.

    Isis - I think you might be, although I'll be happy if they tell me at my next scan!

  • Hi all, seriously late as per usual!!

    My MW told me she wouldnt listen for the HB at 16 weeks just in case they couldnt find it, it's a long time between 16 and 20 weeks if you're worrying.  We don't have a 22 week appointment here either, have one at 24 weeks which can either be with gp or mw and one at 28 weeks which is where they do a home visit. I don't have a baby suitable environment at all so I'm really scared about that one!

    I've been leaking colostrum for weeks now, only really noticeable at night though which I guess is lucky! First time it scared me to death though, woke up and my arm was all wet and I had no idea why!!! I'm used to it now though

    After worrying all weekend that I hadnt felt as much movement as usual I've got one wriggly baby this evening! Glad to be sat with my feet up now.  I woke up with really bad cramp in my calf on Saturday, spreading into my foot and up into my thigh, was OK most of saturday aferwards then started getting more and more painful through the afternoon. Yesterday I could barely stand on it and it's still painful today.  Really odd but fingers crossed it stops hurting soon.

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