*** Monday 2nd tri ****

Groan... It's Monday already!

i hope everyone is well and that your days fly by! 

Nothing to report from me really. 


  • Morning imp, hope work goes quickly for you!

    I saw on the weekend thread you have the oyster - have you used it yet? Did you get the normal one or the new oyster2 from john Lewis? Did you read the reviews about it as some of them are putting me off a bit :/

    AFM - setting off up north after rush hour has died down. Going to start house-hunting this week I think but it feels a bit early yet, even though people are looking around ours already! Had some dull-achey pains in my right side yesterday low down. Think it might be to do with the cyst in my right ovary. It stopped after a while though. Went to ILs yesterday for dinner and we were talking about a friends wedding next sept and his mum and sister we're joking fighting over who would get to look after our child. It's way too early for things like that and it freeked me out a bit if I'm honest :/

  • Morning browny! How exciting to be looking at new houses, I hope you find one you love.

    The aches might be stretching too? I've had quite a bit of aches and pains from time to time.

    I think you have the wrong person with the oyster, I think coco has it.

    I've got an icandy on order.

  • Morning ladies

    Imp - Happy Monday to you, hope it flies in!

    Browny - Just let them fight amongst themselves - better to have to many offers than none at all! Hope the house hunting is successful and painless!

    AFM - sorry I didnt get back on over wkend but i read your replies and thanks very much for thinking of me. I went to the church thing for a couple of hours and managed lunch on sunday ( I could have ate a horse yesterday for some reason!) and I slept the remainder. Feeling hungover (oh the irony!) but a few people have said this all passed for them at 16 weeks - fingers crossed!

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Imp - boo to Monday indeed :-(

    Browny - hope the househunting goes well. I agree that it's likely stretching pains, we endure all manner of aches and weird side effects being pregnant don't we? It is me with the oyster, we've got the original oyster and love it. I know there are some unfavourable reviews but I just see it there is for everything. All the people I know who've had one loved it  and there are a fair few of them!

    SaSaSi - glad you got your appetite back yesterday, hope you feel better soon.

    AFM - feel like crap today, had a nightmare, followed by O repeatedly waking in the night....v out of character for him so he's obviousky really suffering with his last molar breaking tgrough :'( I can't face another day cooped up in the house so will try and get out and about today. Also making a stew for dinner....yummy!

  • Morning!

    I hope your day flies by too, Imp!

    Browny, definitely start house hunting now, it's not too early.  Things can happen so quickly, and your perfect house might be out there this week but gone the next.  We had the stress of having accepted an offer from a chain free man who was very antsy to get the ball rolling and places we were viewing kept disappointing us, or they got snatched up before we had a Chance to put in an offer, and then finally one we put an offer on fell through because of a marital dispute between the couple selling!  I think I'd have preferred it the other way around, but understand neither is ideal.  Will you keep us updated?  I'm finding house hunting very exciting!

    Sas, I'm glad the weekend wasn't a total write off.  If it doesn't ease off soon, see if you can get something from the midwife to help?  You shouldn't have to suffer in silence for so long!

    AFM, nothing much.  I'm going to aquafit this morning, and do a few change of address things, but other than that I've got a chill day.  Nothing baby-wise to report now.  Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

  • Missed you, Coco!  Sorry you had such a horrible night.  How long does it take for a tooth to break through?  

  • Morning all, nice and sunny so that's a good start to a Monday at least!

    imp - I'm with you on the 'groan - Monday day'. How did IOM go did your Mum have a good birthday?

    Browny - very exciting with the house hunting, I loved doing that, enjoy and I hope you find some suitable properties for second viewings. I wouldn't worry too much about the twinges, I have a cyst on my left ovary but don't think it makes any difference to me.

    SaSaSi - sorry to hear you've been feeling rough, is it sickness? I hope it eases up soon :)

    Coco - not a good start to the day with the nightmare and O with his teeth I hope it isn't too painful for him, poor little beggar :( The stew sounds lush, I'm sure you'll enjoy that, do you put pearl barley and dumplings in yumm?

    wispa - have fun at the aquafit, try not to work those abs too much, you don't want to overdo it :)

    AFM - had a productive weekend, bought the baby monitor, baby bath (if he doesn't like it it doesn't matter as it was only £7.99, we ordered the cotbed and mattress and I've seen really cute wall stickers for the nursery and now looking at bed sheets and blankets etc. I can't believe how much the cost is adding up already haha and we still have to buy the Isofix unit for our car and other stuff. I've got the appt with the mw this afternoon, finally be able to speak to her about the discomfort and ask about anti natal classes as they haven't told me yet, even though I left my email with them last time to do so and they didn't email.

    Hi to everyone and hope your Monday's are ok :)



  • Sas it sounds as though the weekend was a bit better, I hope it passes soon.

    Coco I hope getting out helps you feel brighter. It's a sunny day here today, is it with you?

    Wispa enjoy aqua fit, I'm very jealous!

    LL how exciting with all the purchases. Which cot did you go for? The boots one?

    Which wall stickers do you like?

  • Morning!

    Imp - hope the week goes quickly for you!

    Browny - have fun house hunting.

    SaSaSi - hope you feel better soon.

    Coco - hope you manage to get out and about today. I really fancy making a stew for dinner now. Maybe I'll do one in the slow cooker on Wednesday when H is off and I'm on an early.

    Wispa - enjoy your chill day and aquafit. I've just had a look at your nursery thread; it looks lovely!

    LeeLee - wow that is a productive weekend! Hope the appointment with the midwife goes well.

    AFM - I was sent home from work again on Saturday. I'm still coughing a lot but I've got no pain in my chest and bump is wriggling away a lot so I'm just going to ride it out. I'm gradually getting more sleep so that's helping a lot. I'm going to venture out today to go to Argos and Homebase but only because I haven't seen daylight properly since last Wednesday and I'm getting cabin-fever!

    Hi to those who follow and I'm sorry if I missed anyone :)

  • Morning all!

    Imp - hope your day goes quickly, I take it you're at work!

    Browny - oooh exciting on the house-hunting! Don't worry too much about the in-laws, I found loads of people said similar things and then were nowhere to be found when A was actually born.

    SaSaSi - I hope you feel better soon. I remember for me it was just very sudden, one day I woke up and didn't feel sick any more. If it continues please do mention it to the midwife as you shouldn't have to suffer for so long. Hugs!

    Coco - sending tons of sympathy, I'm a MINOS today too. Also teeth I think. A's teeth never seem to bother him in the day, only the night?! Could just be the moon but he did have smelly teething wee - yuck! Hope O's tooth/teeth pop through quickly for him.

    Wispa - ooh enjoy aquafit, and your chill day! I've updated my computer system and now it keeps autocorrecting random words... it wants me to say 'aquavit' rather than fit!!

    LeeLee - oooh exciting purchases! The cost doesn't stop once they're born I'm afraid, so get used to it haha. Hope the MW appt goes well, don't be afraid to push things if necessary as sometimes things like email addresses do get lost or forgotten.

    Ixia - oh you poor thing, hope you feel better soon. Sending get-well-soon vibes. It's sunny here, hope you enjoy your Argos and Homebase trips. I love Homebase, they do amazing huge scented candles for £4 if that's your kind of thing!

    AFM got a fairly busy day, someone near me is giving away some maternity jeans so I'm popping out in a second to try them on. Got to do loads of washing and tidying as we've been away all weekend, the flat is a mess and I've got a friend coming for dinner. Plus got to fit a food shop in somewhere! (Which sounds minor, but is actually a bit of a mission with a baby and no car...!) Never knew staying at home could feel so busy. Baby-wise, bump definitely seems to be growing which is nice, although I've still not put any weight on... not complaining!

  • Morning all,

    Imp - I know what you mean, weekend went far too quickly for me! hope work isn't too bad

    Browny - don't be freaked out by the inlaws fighting over baby, the novelty soon wears off for people!

    SaSaSi - glad you had a nice day yesterday and a rest!  I seem to be getting better on the tiredness front now and have more energy, I am about a week ahead of you

    Coco - Oh no!!  Do you think its a pregnancy nightmare or was something on your mind?  I had some real blood thirsty ones for a few weeks!! poor you though and O

    Wispa - enjoy aqua fit

    LeeLee- glad you are getting more sorted, we were looking in kiddicare yesterday and IKEA on saturday at storage ideas and other bits we need, the list writing has commenced!! still need to see what i have in the lost though

    Ixia - glad you are feeling a bit better, hopefully some fresh air will help

    Saisi - Wow I am tired reading what you are up to!! make sure you have a bit of a rest too

    AFM - busy weekend but got lots of ideas for the girls rooms, eldest is moving into the box room so we making it as "grown up" as we can, then Molly is moving into the bigger room adn sharing with the baby, not doing this until  July when they are on holiday with my parents but looking around for bargains and have found the beds we are going to order them amd worked out what will fit in where.  Useful that Rob is pretty good at DIY and will try anything, he has fitted wardrobes in both rooms but will convert the one in the what will be the little ones room to make sure we have enough hanging space for all their clothes etc.  My boss is off to NY this week so I get to work shorter days too so good all round!

    Hi to all that follow Wave

  • Afternoon all!

    Imp - I hope your Monday doesn't drag too much

    Browny - happy house hunting!  I agree that the aches may well be stretching but even so I hope they aren't causign you too much discomfort

    Sasasi - hope you aren't suffering too much longer but the good appetite might be a positive sign

    Coco - mmmm stew!!  Sorry you had a crap night, hope some fresh air will sort you out

    Wispa - have a good time at aquafit!, I'm sure you'll come out feeling all energised!

    Leelee - wow you have been busy but all sounds lovely :)

    Ixia - I hope you feel better soon, having a cough and being unable to take anything must be the pits!  Enjoy your shopping trip

    Saisi - wow you have a busy day planned - hope it's not too stressful! Great news on the non weight gain!

    Ninabenaie - wow sounds like you have some fab ideas for the bedroom moves!  Yay for the shorter days too :)

    AFM - I think this is my last day in the safety of the bosom of the 2nd tri (26+2 today) :( this suddenly got a bit real!  The unbcomfortable nights started this weeked too which I had done SO well to avoid!  I'm starting to think that my plan to happily sleep my way to 40 weeks and then sneeze and out pops baby isn't going to quite the way I expected!!

    Hope I haven't missed anyone and hi to all who follow!

  • LL, definitely didn't overdo it and I've been reassured that working out the abs isn't really a bad thing! At my midwife appt last Friday they mentioned antenatal classes for the first time, so hopefully you'll get all the info today.

    Ixia, thanks! Flag you're feeling a bit better, and it's definitely better to be sent home from work than to have stayed and potentially feel worse.

    Saisi, that does sound really busy! And how have you gained nothing?? Jealous, I feel like a lardy.
  • NB, woohoo for shortened days at work! Sounds like a lot of work to get the rooms ready, though.

    VT, I always thought 3rd tri started at 28 weeks?
  • Mmmm, I'm confused now.  I've been told 26 weeks and then told 26+3 (apparently 13+3 in each tri), the app on my phone wanted to shove me into 3rd tri at 26 but I wasn't having it

  • its a lot of work for my OH, not really for me, I will be too far gone then to do anything but direct and supply tea Laugh

  • Sorry only just had chance to get back on!

    Imp - sorry I did know that don't know why I got mixed up! :/

    SaSaSi - glad you managed to get out and eat yesterday. Hope it settles down soon for you.

    Coco - thanks, good to know you and others really like it! Hope you managed to get out today.

    Wispa - got a viewing booked it and left my details about another. We have a cat so with renting it can prove a problem! One I really liked has gone so you are right! Hope you enjoyed aqua fit.

    LeeLee - sounds like a productive weekend!

    Ixia - hope you feel better soon

    Saisi - sounds like a busy day!

    NB - yay for shorter days!

    VT - yay for third tri!!

  • I never understood the 13+3 in each tri, as there's not 9 days in a week! If you were to split it directly on three it would be 13+2.3333, so third tri would start 2/3 of the way through the 5th day of week 26.. which wait a sec, that puts me in third tri for a whole day now! I don't feel ready to move yet, though. Third tri is where babies come from!

  • Good evening all.

    Imp - Monday is in the bag.  Yay!!!!

    Browny - hope you had a good day and have fun house hunting when it comes round.  Hope the pains aren't too bad now.  I loved the Oyster, it was my second choice and I really did swither over that and the City Versa that I ended up ordering.  Good choice!!!!

    SaSaSi - glad you managed to stick to your plans over the weekend.  Eating like a horse is allowed!!!!

    Coco - sorry you're feeling so crappy today.  Hope you managed to get out and about and clear your head.  Hopefully you'll get more sleep tonight.

    Wispa - hope aquafit was good this morning and you are now lovely and chilled out.

    LeeLee - wow that was really productive.  I'm impressed.  Well done you!!!!!  Hope you got on ok at the mw this afternoon and they could give you some help/advice about your pains.

    Ixia - hope you are feeling a bit better this evening. Take it easy lovely.

    Saisi - Sounds like a really busy day you've had planned.  Hope it went ok and you got everything done!!!

    Nina - you've been very productive too.  Well done with all the moving and purchases!!!

    VT - can't believe you are moving on already (I think!?!?).  All the very best of luck to you.  Hope the uncomfortable nights don't continue.

    AFM - I think I've strained something in my back and I was getting spasms last night which really worried me as they were spaced out at regular intervals and I was concerned they were the start of contractions or something like that.  Silly I know but today the spasms have stopped, my back is just constantly achy on one side.  Hopefully it will ease off soon.  Baby CA has been kicking fairly consistently today which is nice.  

    My changing table arrived today and my pram should be delivered on Thursday so a good day for purchases for me too!!!!

    Hi to all that follow xxx

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