*** Monday 3rd Tri ***

Morning ladies

How are we all? Back to normality after the holidays? H has gone back to work and Ms groups start up again this week. Today we've got friends coming over this morning, got am afternoon of crafty things planned then M has ballet at 3:30. Pregnancy wise, nothing to report at the mo.

Hope all is well, baby out vibes to Penny and MrsPenguin x


  • Ha , I'm too slow typing on my phone!

    Thanks weekender x

    hope those returning to work today don't have too traumatic a time.

    no plans for me today so the world is my lobster, might go for a walk and Then do a playlist for hospital. Has anyone done this? If so, I need recommendations x

  • Morning Girls!

    hope your all ok! I am working from home today so thats lovely! got babys feet right under my ribs as we speak so  i'm a bit uncomfortable!

    also moved the crib into our room last night! starting to feel very real that LO will be here soon! x

  • Morning all

    Weekender - sounds fairly busy!

    Mrsp - baby out vibes a plenty x not done a playlist, music was last thing on my mind in labour lol

    NLH - i cant sit straight for long or its too uncomfy, hope you can work while slouched on the couch.

    Afm - all good, aaton back at nursery. Phoebe and i chilling watchimg dvds as have done all the housework and painted her nails lol

    ck 37+3 x

  • Morning all!

    Weekender glad to hear you are feeling good. Are you starting to feel more organised in case of an early arrival?

    Mrs P - mucho vibes to you!! You are sounding in good fettle today! Is it wrong that the first song that came to mind was Salt N Pepa Push it?! Lol!!!

    NLH that's great you've got a WFH day! Exciting about the crib!! We wouldn't have room sadly if we did that at the mo!

    CK - sounds like a v chilled day! Good for you. Must be nice to paint someone's nails when you can't reach your own toes!

    AFM I've been ill all weekend with a stinking cold. It's just miserable not having any drugs yon take!! I'm also working from home in an attempt to rest and recover as much as possible. The baby is traverse so constantly got wee feet pushing out the side of my bump! Its crazy to watch!

  • Hi ladies, wrote a reply  on my phone and MD ate it... grr! Got to pop out now and then on to midwifes so hopefully catch up later :)

  • Ha, love it Sweetpea, that would make me laugh!

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