*** Monday 3rd tri ***

Morning all, 

hope we are all well. Hoping to hear a couple of BAs this week!

AFM I was planning to go to a new toddler group this morning that I heard is still running in the holidays but not sure i fancy braving the torrential rain we have. Think I will have to as poor W is getting bored with just me everyday. 



  • Morning jt.

    I hate trying to get a toddler out the door in the rain. Hope the group goes well.

    Afm - a very bad night from D. She ended up sleeping on the floor next to me holding my hand. I couldn't have her in bed with me as my spd is killing me. So glad the end is in sight now. Going to be a long day I think. Got some errands to do. Hopefully get them done and D might snuggle down for a nap this afternoon with me .

  • Morning JT my first day over here. Can't believe I'm 27 weeks already. Where does the time go? It's raining here too. Isla's off to nursery in a min. She only goes on Monday mornings so we're sticking with it in the holidays. My friend's coming over for a catch up later which will be nice. Bump nice and active already this morning. Hi to all the other 3rd tri ladies. Hoping to get to know a few more of you now I'm here xx

    ETA morning daisy. sorry to hear you had a bad night. Hope you can take it easy today x

  • Cross posted with you MrsB. Welcome to 3rd tri x

    Enjoy your catch up with your friend. Not raining here yet but it's meant to later on.

  • Morning all,

    JT - good luck getting out in the rain!

    Daisy - sorry you had such a rubbish night. Really hope the end is close for you.

    MrsB - welcome to the big girls' club!

    AFM - off to either a local farm or soft play this morning, depending on the weather. This is the week I start to get organised. Please make sure I do so!

    Baby out vibes to those who need/want them!

    BG 34+3

  • Morning all!

    Firstly, welcome to a newbie. Although we should be 'one-in-one-out' so let's get some BA's soon!

    JT- I haven't taken my son to any groups for aaaaages, although he does go to nursery 2 mornings a week. Good luck braving the rain for it!

    Daisy - sorry your LO had a bad sleep, being unable o cuddle her all night must have been tough. Hopefully you will get a nap.

    Afm - well, my sleep was pretty rubbish. I felt like I was having almost constant BH, although painless, I did get odd feeling like period aches. This morning I feel a bit aches /sore behind my CS scar, so I don't know whether that means baby is dropping or just general stretching of scar tissue? I do feel a bit like I am running out of room now. Got MW at 11 so will see what she says.

    Off to see the house we are buying later today. Need to measure some stuff so we can work out what furniture we can take and what we need to sell. They wanted to complete 1st October, but we are pushing for 2 weeks later if possible. Can't imagine packing up and moving post CS with a newborn and a toddler and a dog! That said, we have started packing some bits now in preparation!

    Be back later with MW update.

    Baby out vibes to those who want them!

    IDC -37+2

  • Ooh BG you snuck in! Can I have some of your organised vibes please, I'm seriously lacking!

  • Hello! I have decided to move from 2nd along with a few other this morning. Hi to everyone x

  • Thanks BG and IDC. Good to see you here too LP. x

  • Morning all,

    Jellytot, hope the playgroup is worth the trip in the rain.

    Daisy, hope you get your nap later.

    MrsB, welcome to 3rd tri, enjoy your catch up with your friend.

    BG, enjoy your morning.

    IDC, hope all is well at the MW.

    Little Pixie, welcome to 3rd tri too!

    AFM, all good here. MW this afternoon for the last time, taking the boys with me, they are excited about hearing baby's heartbeat. Other than that, we'll be pottering round at home doing jobs as the weather is wet here too.

    Lots of baby out vibes for those who need them x



  • Morning All,

    Another one making the leap to 3rd tri today! Hi to all :)

    JT- I wish we could have some weather a little in the middle at the min. Neither baking hot nor torrential rain would be good!

    Daisy- Sorry to hear you had a bad nights sleep. Hope you manage to get a good nap in this afternoon.

    MrsB- Have a good time catching up with your friend and nice to hear you have an active bump.

    BG- Have fun at the farm or soft play. I would give you a kick up the bum about being organised but I am the worst! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be stuffing bits and bobs in carrier bags when I'm in full blown labour :) haha

    IDC- Let us know what MW says, hope all goes well. Hope you get a few more weeks for completing on the house.

    LP- 'ello! :)

    Margot- Have a good day pottering and how cute that the boys are so excited about hearing baby!

    AFM- Had an awful nights sleep so just hoping the day goes quickly so I can go home!

  • So, can't believe its time for me to move over to the scary 3rd tri!

    JT - Hope the toddler group is good, if you decide to go out in the rain

    Daisy - sorry to hear you had a bad night, the end is near for you! Enjoy your day

    MrsB - Hi. Enjoy catching up with your friend

    BG- Get some organising done, you'll feel much better for it.

    IDC - Good luck for your midwife appointment and the house viewing, hopefully you don't have to get rid of too much stuff.

    LP - Hi!

    Margot - Hope the boys enjoy hearing the heartbeat, so sweet that they are excited

    Sam - Fingers crossed you get to go home early, and FC for a better nights sleep.

    AFM - Going to the docs today as I have developed a haemorrhoid, LOVELY, took the day off work as I was finding it too painful/uncomfortable. Hoping she can prescribe me something to make it better. Hoping to just rest for the remainder of the day.

  • hi everyone.

    i've beena bit awol recently.

    hope you are all ok. hope some more BAs this week.

    i'm back at the midwife of Thursday as twinklet was breech when i went on wednesday. feeling a bit weird about it but havebeen trying to do as much as posisble to get her to move. hopefully she will have moved otherwise i'll be referred to hospital

  • Good morning,

    Jellytot – hope the rain calms down for while you’re actually outside.

    Daisy – oh no, hope you both get to have a relaxing nap this afternoon.

    Mrs B – welcome to 3rd tri! Enjoy the catch up with your friend.

    Bridget – enjoy your day, whichever you end up doing. Have you made a list of things to do? I love to be able to cross things off a list, makes me feel so proud of myself!

    IDC – hope the mw goes well. Exciting about going to see the new house again, hopefully they’ll push it back that little bit for you. Though I’m impressed with preparing already – though it does make a lot of sense!

    Little Pixie – another newbie! Welcome to the last tri!

    Margot – eeek, last mw appointment! Hope it all goes well, I love hearing the hb each time – that will be so cool for them to hear it too!

    Samjh – wow, look at you all heading over here! Yay and welcome! Hope you have a relaxing day and better night sleep tonight.

    MummySimpson – welcome, welcome! It is scary, people actually have babies over here! Hope the doctor can give you something.

    Twink – fingers crossed twinklet is turning herself into the right position as we speak.

    AFM – had a lovely weekend, just relaxing with H – making sure we have some quality ‘us’ time before baby arrives. Some of the tightenings seem to be getting stronger, but still just the odd ones here and there throughout the day. Got mw this afternoon, don’t know if they are going to try and do a sweep or not. Stupidly forgot to ask last time, another example where my lists are handy! So my baby brain doesn’t let me forget things like that. Also, be interesting to see how bump is measuring after last appointment being on the verge of 90th centile.

    Baby out vibes to all those who need/want them - we need some BAs this week!

  • Morning all

    JT-have fun at the new group, hooe the weather stays ok for you to go

    Daisy-hope the spd settles today,  make sure you get that nap

    MrsB-welcome to the 3rd tri! Have a lovely day

    BG-do you have a list of things you want done by the end of the week?

    IDC- hope the MW goes well, seeing the new house will be lovely

    LP-welcome to the 3rd tri!

    Margot- hope the MW goes well, the boys will love hearing the HB

    Samjh87-welcome to the 3rd tri, hope you feel better as the day goes on

    MummyS-welcome to the 3rd tri, hope the doctor can help later

    Twink- hope baby is behaving and has turned

    Sapphire-baby out vibes, sounds like a lovely weekend

    AFM 36+5 today need to get packing with my hospital bag. Started our antenatal classes on sat really interesting, still feel like I have a lot to do befor baby arrives.

  • You're all up, organised and posted way too quickly for me haha.

    No time for personals this morning but welcome to the newbies and baby out vibes for anyone who is looking for them.

    Nothing new to report with me except a very wriggly baby who seems to think it's funny to lodge her feet in my stomach.....I think haha

    Next thing for us is whooping cough jag on Friday, oh joy!

  • Busy on here this morning!

    Welcome to everyone who has joined from 2nd tri!

    AFM- daughter has finally decided that she will go to the hairdressers, so thought I'd get her hair looking respectable before the babies arrive!!  Nothing else to report.  All still quiet here.

    Hope the babies arrive for those that want them too!

    R   36+4

  • Yeesh, it's busy now with all the new graduates! Welcome to everyone who's moved up from 2nd tri :)

    Baby out vibes to anyone who needs them, we need a new BA!!

    My materntiy cover starts today and I think I've scared the life out of her with my timetable for "what you will need to learn" hehe. She's really lovely but a bit dithery so I decided to chuck her in at the deep end and see if she sinks or swims *evil laugh*. Was at a family party yesterday and had my bump groped A LOT which I did not enjoy at all. One person even asked me in front of everyone how much weight I'd put on! The cheek! I'm still fuming...

    Have a good day everyone x

  • Morning all and welcome to the newbies. No movement here, all very frustrating. Was particularly grumpy yesterday. Today I'm going to go for a swim (well, a bob up and down in a pool). Seeing the mw tomorrow - will get another sweep but losing hope that I'm anywhere close. Suppose I'll get an induction date but that scares me sh*tless! x

  • Ooh, PW, stay positive. Get your OH to give you a bit of a good seeing to and that may help?

    I just got back from MW and head is down so all systems go I guess. Or not, as I have ELCS booked so anything earlier than that date would send me not panic mode!

  • Hello everyone. Just very quickly poking my head around the door as my 3rd tri started while we were on holiday! Erk I can't believe I have nearly run out of tri groups to be part of!

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