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Morning ladies,

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. 

I had a fairly quiet one, my sister in law came over on Saturday with her partner and then we went to my parents yesterday for dinner. Managed to spent a small fortune on food this weekend at Heston's pub, but it was amazing. Just wish i hant offered to pay :) 

My mum gave me some more bits for the baby so I just need to sort bedding and I think I'm nearly there. Having our cot sent back this week as there was a massive dint in it. Annoying but I'd rather make sure everything is right.


  • Hi LD - Sounds like a lovely weekend, if a little expensive!

    Well TMI alert - i've been up/down all night with diarrhea. There is no way this is a pre-labour sign is it - bearing in mind this baby hasn't 'dropped' yet - his head is definitely not in my pelvis yet plus baby#1 was not born 40+15 and I'm 6ft1 (Tall people have longer pregnancies!) oh and i've been ill for past 2weeks now - started with UTI, antibiotics made me feel queasy. This progressed to headache on Friday / generally feeling awful / exhausted. Feeling queasy again all weekend plus exhausted - i have literally done nothing. Feeling shattered again today. Toddler bounced out of bed at 6:45am (Arrghh)

    According to the NHS I'm actually 37+2 (but i dont believe this - i'm confident i'm only 36+5). Help i dont know what to think / do.

    Also need a toddler entertaining activity that involves me doing nothing!

  • Morning Ladies

    LD - Sounds like a nice chilled weekend!

    HF - always worth being checked out if your a bit concerned, maybe give midwife a call and ask their opinion?

    AFM - had a very busy weekend, went out to some biking thing that hubby wanted to go to friday evening (biggest pile of poop ever) put christmas tree up saturday, had some hairdressing to do and went to this womans house who has three kids! OMG they were little rascles to say the least, but the worse part was that the house was really dirty, and i know you entitled to have a messy house with three kids, but this was extreme mess, when she opened the door her words were "tunnel your way through" OMG!!!!! after that went to lakeside to do some shopping but it was just a nightmare

    yesterday woke up with a sticking cold! and i feel rough! just sitting at my desk with a bowl of porridge and a hot honey and lemon!

    hope everyone has a good day today x

  • Morning all! :-)

    LD- sounds a lovely weekend, albeit a pricey one!

    HF- oh no about the runs, I know it is a sign of labour but like you say prob doubtful. If it continues ring the midwife, especially if your having other signs. Maybe its the antibiotics doing it? I didn't know that about tall people regarding labour?! I'm 6ft :-(

    I definitely have had increased bowel movements lately, around 3-4 times a day!

    Hpe you start to pick up soon, if you have any concerns though, def ring GP or MW.

    NLH - sounds a busy weekend for you! Hope the porridge makes you feel better.

    AFM- Had a lovely christmassy weekend, put our tree up yesterday, watching christmas films and wrapped all our christmas presents so that they are done and out of the way. Had family meal at e in laws for hubbys grandmas birthday.

    My friend is coming for a cuppa and a catch up at 9.30 then meeting a friend from my antenatal class  who lives in the village for cake and a catch up at 11, busy morning for me.

    Hi to all that follow! :-)

  • Morning!

    LittleDude, hestons pub, yum! I want to know more!

    Horsefan, could this be the clear out before the storm? Sorry you're still feeling pants, I'd phone for reassurance too. Could TV be your saviour for today with your LO?

    NLH, sorry you're feeling rubbish too, hope you feel better soon.

    Afm, last week at work. I have to present to the whole department today and I'm shitting myself, I hate public speaking ! Please wish me luck. Got our cot bed up yesterday, yeay and found out our favourite local Sunday lunch place has closed down, boo !

  • Hi Gemini, wow that is a Christmassy weekend! Have a lovely day today xxx

  • Mrs P- hello!

    Hope today goes ok, am sure you'll be fab!

  • I don't like looking at my ticker.. 8 days until DD?!?

  • Morning everyone

    Little Dude- u havecto make the most of expensive meals out b4 the baby arrives!!

  • Sorry, hit send reply by mistake!

    HF- I hope ur feeling better soon? I had no idea taller women had longer pregnancies!!

    NLH- hope ur feeling better soon too! Sounds like a busy weekend!

    Gemini- lots of tea and cake today, lucky! Little jealous of ur christmasy day, im not in the Christmas spirit all all yet!

    MrsP- wishing u loads of luck for ur presentation. Just keep remembering that it's ur last week! Wooohooo!

    I haven't been up long, woke up when H did then drifted off to sleep again until 10! Actually still in bed but im starting to get hungry!

    I have no plans today and it is a lovely feeling! Might wrap xmas pressies!

  • Mrs P - good luck for today you will be fine! just remember your a woman, your cooking a person in your belly! your amazing! you can do anything now!!!!

    Gemini - how the heck did that happen! i still remember you announcing your pregnancy!

    Mrs B - Good morning to you!

  • Crashing to say hello! HF - I had a 'clear out' in the early hours on the day I went into labour, it was just once though. Personally if it's still going I'd think it was something else? Might be worth giving the midwife a ring.

    P.S I'm 5'11" and didn't go overdue :-)

  • Morning!

    LD - mmm I'm jealous, I bet the food was amazing?

    HF - sorry you're not feeling so good. From what I've read I think the diarrhea can start a few weeks early - I hope so cos I've been having it on and off too and we're only a day apart so that might make sense?

    NLH hope you feel better soon, lovely.

    Gemini you are super-organised, I've only bought one present so far! Hope you have a lovely morning. 8 days, eeek!

    MrsP I hope your presentation goes well today. Once it's over you've only got 4 more days and then you're on ML, woohoo!

    On ML now (yay!), but H is off today so it sort of just feels like holiday iykwim. I think today we're going to do some last minute stuff that I need him for, like fitting the isofix base in my car, and working out how to put the car seat into his car using the seatbelts (he hasn't got isofix). Then I'm going to start on my list of things that I need to get done before baby comes. I thought ML was supposed to be relaxing? ;-) Had lots of backache and some period type pains all of  yesterday but am currently in denial that baby is not far away now...!

  • Hello Mrs Bass and BumpEnvy!

  • Oh hi BE I'm crashing in too. Just to say HF that my MW told me second babies don't always drop and engage. Sometimes they do that when you're in labour. I was only 2/5 engaged when I went into labour with Maya. Keep us updated. x
  • Penny- I wrote a list of 'still to do' last week and couldn't believe how much was left to do!

    H put the electric blanket on last night as it was cold, when I asked if we were keeping it on last night he said "no chance, imagine if your waters break" Yikes!

  • ConfusedConfused eeeeeek, you lot are scarying me / getting my hopes up! If i am still here in 5weeks time, moaning away ........

    MrsB - I knew 2nd babies didnt always engage but i thought bump would 'drop' in preperation. Actually, I've been read my notes from previous birth - the day before labour, LO was only 3/5engaged

  • Morning ladies,

    I'm glad I'm not tall!! ;)

    Ld- hope the bed comes back soon.

    Hf- hope you feel better soon.

    NLH- hope your cold isn't too horrid. Mine has paused at 'sniffles' level!

    Gemini- enjoy your catch ups!

    Mrs bass- I laid in bed until 10 too! I vote we make the most of it!

    BE- wave!!!

    Penny- enjoy ML :)

    Mrsb- wave! :)

    Afm- I'm feeling very heavy down there! Period type pains, back ache! It's so lovely! Ha! A MDer is coming later for a chat and cake so that will be nice
  • Sorry it's so brief... I was trying to see if it was possible on the mobile site before they say noooooo stop writing!!!!
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