*** New Year's Day 1st Tri***

Happy new year ladies!

I couldn't get on for ages all morning. Silly Mumdrum!

I feel a bit hungover despite not drinking a drop. It must be all the games and laughing and late night. Hope you all had a good one!


  • Morning ladies!

    Ducky I couldn't get on either, I think MD was hungover.

    I feel the same, a bit grotty today after a late night.

    I've been trying to add a ticker but i keep getting an error message, it's annoying me.

  • Oh that happened to me too.

    I just gave up for a while, came back later and it saved ok! Not sure what I did different?!

  • Happy new year ladies!

    Ducky & Imp - hopefully a decent nights sleep tonight will rid the grogginess.

    I feel asleep on the sofa in my onsie @ 11, OH woke me to watch fireworks then I could not get back to sleep till after 1am :( still in bed watching a bond movie.

    Got my early scan arranged yesterday, 22nd Jan so I will be 9weeks then.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • It's annoying.  I've been trying since xmas eve.  Grrr!

  • Hi Ducky, Imp & SaSaSi - How crazy is it to think that we should all be (fingers crossed) mummies this year?

    I had a bit of a rough night, stayed up to watch fireworks then some idiots two doors down started a party just after midnight so found some earplug and slept through til 2am when I woke up because H was fidgeting. Had a go at him whilst half asleep and slept in the spare bedroom til 8am this morning when I had to get up for work (boo!).

    I am 4+3 today and pleased to say I've started the New Year still pregnant (did a test this morning just to be sure haha) x

  • hey ladies

    What a big year 2014 is going to be for all of us!

    Ducky - I think it's a sympathy/late night hangover

    Imp - hope you have a nice relaxing day

    Sasasi - glad you got your early scan arranged and still in bed sounds good

    PS - boo to bad night's sleep and idiot neighbours.  Sucks working today  - what do you do?  

    AFM - ended up really enjoying myself yesterday and it's quite reassuring to know I can enjoy myself at a party without  a drink.  Ended up giggling and laughing so much felt a bit tipsy.  All my friend's friends worked out I was pregnant as noticed me on the diet coke and have a little bump already so were asking my friend and she's a bad liar. I ended up confirming it to them and they were all really pleased - I just can't lie!  Also had news that one of my besties (on a mini break to scotland) got engaged so very happy.

    H off to the Arsenal game today so I am going to have nice chilled today with no intention of venturing out in the rain or wind.  Am a little bit in shock at the thought of going back to work tomorrow after being off since 23rd and think I will struggle.

    2014 is going to be an amazing year ladies!! Everytime I think to myself there's a little baby inside me growing it blows my mind and kept thinking this time next year I will have a 4/5 month old!


  • Ducky - One of the descriptions I used to explain early pregnancy to H was a constant hangover.... !

    Imp - Are you using the right code? I'm sure you are but just checking - I always got an error code when using the HTML code, it needs to be the other code the website gives you.

    Sas - How exciting for your early scan!

    Star - Sorry to hear you've had a rough night. Hope today goes quickly for you.

    Ceejay - Glad you had a good night!

    AFM - Well, you're all so much more hardcore than I am! I was in bed by 9pm. We did some family visits, about 2.5 hours worth, It was too much for me, I managed the 2 hours but the last half an hour was hell. Tiredness really does not help my sickness one bit. I came home, lay on the sofa for half an hour, managed to drag myself to bed after throwing up, eventually fell asleep, woke up at 1am to throw up again. Lovely. Then I got a second wind - so felt fabulous but had to try and get back to sleep!

    Had a bit of a rant to H last night. We have only told parents and siblings but they keep asking when our next scan is (we said we weren't telling anyone else until we have had that) because they can't wait to tell people. I feel really pressurised to tell everyone who I want to know really quickly now before all of our family starts shouting it from the rooftops. I know they are just excited, but I just wish they would just chill out and let us just say to them 'OK, you can tell who you want now' when we are ready for them to do so.

    I have University friends that I'd love to tell to their faces but won't see them until February and I know I'm going to have to tell them by phone / text etc because they might find out from someone else (i.e. a family friend who has been told by family writing on my Facebook or similar). That makes me angry because its my news and I should be able to tell all the important people in my life how I want to.

    I guess I'll just have to get over it :-( Its just weird, like others - I'm not ready to start shouting it from the rooftops for every single person to know, but its like everyone else wants to do exactly that.

  • Hi All, I'm late to this today. I had problems getting on this morning too, so gave up and got on with other things.

    Ducky - sounds like you had a fun new years eve. I like your chrustmas themed ticker. I'm a bit nervous to get one yet. But I like the fruit ones, it makes it easy for me to visualise the babies size that way.

    Hope you feel better soon Imp, and the groggyness wears off.

    Glad you were able to book your scan Sasasi. What bond movie were you watching? We have most on dvd as my H likes them. I'm not that fussed really.

    PS - I love that you did another test to check on the pregnancy status! Hope work wasn't too bad.

    Ceejay - that's lovely that you were able to share your news with people.

    Pep - it's lovely that people are excited for you but I understand your frustrations at wanting to tell people yourself in your own time. Hopefully it will work out and I am sure people will be so pleased for you both however they find out.

    AFM I have completed my assigment but have 1000 too many words so a bit of trimming is needed! I'm doing an MA, Ceejay, I complete it in October, which will be interesting as the baby is due in Sept, but I'm determined to do it and not pospone it, so I'll have to work something out. Also got some stuff to prep for work so I will start that tonight. Last night we had a lovely meal and then came home, watched Lincoln, and had hot chocolate. We watched a bit of Gary Barlow on tv and the fireworks in London and then watched a few out of our window that were going off in our village. Then bed. We're so rock and roll!!

  • Pep - I appreciate your frustration - not quite the same but haven't told my gpaents yet, as my nana cannot keep a secret and will tell all extended family who I am not ready to know before I have my first 12 week scan.  Even now my mum says "so when can I/we tell Nana and Grandpa" and I say you mean "when can I tell them..."  I appreciate it drives my mum mad that she can't discuss it with her mother yet but it's my decision.  

    When it comes to telling extended family I am going to change my fb settings so I have to approve somebody's post on my wall before it gets published, as like you I anticipate lots of stuff going on my fb wall but don't plan on the world world knowing at 12 weeks, just friends and family.  Could you do something similar?

    RC - sounds like a perfect NYE in.  I had a really good time last night but really paying for it today with just how tired I am as didn't get in until 2.30!  Wow to completing your MA in October - you sound like a very disciplined lady - what's it in?

  • SaSaSi- onesie and sofa is pretty much what I've done today. 22nd jan isn't long to wait, I hope it goes fast for you.

    PS- it is mad, I don't believe it really. I won't until I hold my baby in my arms. I hope work was ok today.

    CJ- glad you had a good night and it was nice to tell your friends. My sister got engaged last night too, very exciting.

    Pep- sorry you've paid the price and haven't been well. Sorry everyone is getting on your nerves about telling people, it's really annoying that people feel it's their news rather than yours to share. As CJ said, change your FB settings and tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not sharing the need with anyone ejse yet. People are just such gossips.

    RC- well don't in the assignment, I hope you got it trimmed down and got your work done today. Your evening last night sounds nice.

    I have felt rotten all day and spent most of it in bed. I think I've got a cold so I had a spicy curry for tea to try and clear me out. I'm now hauled up in bed with a bowl of chocolates and sweets, a hot water bottle and the karate kid on tv!

  • Hope you are feeling better soon Imp. I am loving yours and Candy Apple's new tickers!!

    Work wasn't too bad, I was exhausted by the time I got home though and went to bed for 90 mins. We've only been doing 10 - 3 this week because of Christmas/New Year so I have no idea how I'm going to cope next week when we're back to doing 9 - 5 :/

  • I know that feeling, I'm dreading Monday and a full day at work. When will I get my 3 hour nap in?!

  • *CRASH* (Don't get excited, I'm not a 1st tri-er again!)

    I just wanted to say how blinking excited I am to see a 1st tri thread populated by you lovely ladies, it is the best thing ever to see you all in here with your tickers and little wee beans growing away! Lots of love to you all xx

  • Thank you Tina , it really is wonderful & proves good things happen to those who wait / persist x

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