*** TFI Friday 2nd Tri ***

Morning all,

Hope we're all feeling food today.

I was exhausted again last night, could have easily gone to bed at 7 but forced myself to stay up til gone 10. The 5.45 alarm felt like a cruel joke when it went off, I'll definitely be listening to my body in future! 

Bump is starting to feel really tight now, and a bit achy at some points, I may dig out the bumpsoup port I wore last time. It's reminded me to be a lot more regular and liberal with the stretch mark oil. I didn't get any on my belly last time (my boobs are and entirely different matter,unfortunately) so hopefully won't this time.

Little Bob was so wriggly yesterday, made me realise how she is actually more of a baby than a blob on the scan photo!

BG 25+0


  • Morning BG, sounds like you need to take it easy this weekend. Any chance of a lie in tomorrow? I have been rubbish with creaming the bump and b00bs, I didn't get any stretch marks with the girls but for a few on my hips and that was probably my own fault for eating too much!!

    We have a few things planned today, my nieces are popping over this morning for a play then we have to go the building society to pay in K's birthday money. I also want to take a ton of pink shoes and clothes to the local baby shop who I am hoping will sell it for me. I can't be bothered to eBay it all. The girls also want to go the library and I need to ring  the bank about remortgaging, fun! Anyway, weather here is meant to be a bit better today so hopefully we can squeeze a park visit in somewhere.

    Hi to all that follow!



  • I probably do! h is out tonight so think I'm going to have a bath and early night. Nothing too taxing over the weekend, meeting Bluewater tomorrow then going to my friend's Pampered Chef afternoon tea party.

    Hope you get to make the most of the slightly better weather.

    I've not even thought about sorting through all my boy clothes yet, I'm not sure what to do with them!

    Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend?

  • BG pampered chef sounds like excellent fun, I hope you have a restful weekend.

    Noggin wow you are a very busy bunny today.

    Afm I couldn't sleep last night, and have woken up to the sound of a bird in the kitchen. The cat bought it in, it's happily chirping away. I can't see enough to catch it so its just sat tormenting me.

  • Oh no, hope he/she finds a way outside again soon!

  • I have had the back door open all morning, she hasn't gone yet agghhhh!!

  • Morning all,

    It's Friday and the sun is out! whoohoo!

    BG- Definitely listen to your body in future. I have done this a few times and have just felt awful the next day. Luckily I'm feeling like I have a bit more of a spring in my step at the minute but I'm sure as soon as the end of 2nd tri nears I will be back to wanting my bed 24/7! I have been just concentrating oiling my belly and being a bit more slack with boobs, hips etc so definitely need to make sure I cover everywhere! Lovely to have a wriggly baby :)

    Noggin- Sounds like you have a busy day planned! The weather is looking lots better here so I definitely think a trip to the park is in order. Have a lovely day.

    Viv- This is one reason I love having such a lazy cat, I'd go mental if he ever brought anything in! I hope you manage to get it out soon.

    AFM- Should be finishing at about 2.30 today and hope to enjoy some of the nice weather and then off to the pub tonight. Think we are going to go and look at baby things this afternoon :)

  • Morning everyone,

    BG - I did the bath/early night last night and feel so much better for it this morning, definitely try that tonight if you can.

    Noggin - sounds like you have a busy day planned, hope you get everything done.

    V - oh dear, poor birdie. Hopefully it will find the door soon!

    Sam - nice for you to have a short day today, enjoy the weather. What sort of baby things are you going to look at?

    AFM early night last night and feel much better for it. My bump felt really achy yesterday, like I was doing a permanent sit up or something. Baby was really wiggly as well so I'm wondering if there is a growth spurt going on and s/he is looking for a bit more room. Looking after our IL's dog tonight, so I think that I will be spending most of my evening upstairs with two very disgruntled kittens!

  • Popcorn- We also have the IL's dog! He was a pain on last nights walk and just went whichever way he fancied! He also spent the majority of last night staring at the cat but because he is an old boy I don't think he has the energy to chase him.

  • Morning all!

    BG - I need to crack on with the stretch mark cream as i already have alot on my bum and legs, dont want anymore

    Noggin - Hope you manage to get out to the park

    Vivixion - your house is obviously too nice, little bird doesn't want to leave

    Sam - Enjoy your sunny afternoon

    Popcorn - Hope the cats and dog don't fight too much

    AFM - Was very upset yesterday, picked my brother up in my brand new car (only got it on Weds) he wanted to go to asda so we did, when we went back to the car there was a trolley against my drivers side door, when i moved it there were three dents! I was fuming. This car is 2 days old! I don't even want to drive it anymore. :-(. Everything fine with baby. Still waiting inpatiently to feel some movements.

  • Morning all,

    BG hope you manage to catch up on your sleep tonight

    Nog sounds like a very busy day!

    Vi I would freak if I had a bird in the house, I hate things that flap ( butterflies and birds) . I hope it leaves soon

    Sam- enjoy baby shopping

    PC good luck with the dog/cat combination!

    MS you must be gutted about your car. Have you asked if they have CCTV?

    AFM- my big bro is visiting from Florida. He's not been home since W was 2 weeks old so she's changed quite a bit! Going out for some lunch then hopefully go to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Got a big family meal tomorrow and a 1st birthday party/BBQ on Sunday so fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!

    Hope we all have a lovely weekend

    JT 20+1

  • MS- I can't believe that about your car! I would be fuming. Would definitely see if they have CCTV like JT said.  :(

    JT- Enjoy seeing your brother and sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned!

    Popcorn- Think we might venture to Kiddicare. Still have no idea what pushchair we want so thinking we need to go and have a look and try some out.

  • Yeah i rang them as soon as i got home to see if they have cctv but they said theres no camera thats close enough to where i parked that would pick anything up. Just got to live with it :-(

  • Sam - oh Kiddicare is great, went there recently for the first time. Have fun :)

    MS - sorry to hear about your car, that's really bad. I remember you getting excited about it in our 1st tri thread days, what a shame. It's so thoughtless when people do that and a real shame about the CCTV situation. Will you be able to get it repaired?

    JT - Lovely for your brother to be visiting, sounds like you have a great weekend planned.

  • Popcorn - i'm hoping to get it repaired. Although its money better spent on baby things. H said we will look st getting it repaired when we get back off holiday at the end of the month.

  • Oh MS, that sucks about the car!

    Fwiw I put a dent in our new (well 2 year old) car not log after we bought it and for the dent to be repaired and whole door resprayed it cost <£200, and they came to the house to do it too. H still doesn't know about it to this day, I felt such a numpty I couldn't face telling him!

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