*** Thursday 1st Tri ***

Hello ladies! Ooh, first first tri I've started!!

Today is my Friday because we have a long weekend off, lots planned, excited, hope I'm well enough. Feeling sick is getting me down and eating too much and getting fat is getting me down. Yesterday's meeting was hell. Over 2 hours without food! I was so dizzy I was pretty much swaying by the end of it, and very sicky!

Son gets his GCSE results today. Very nervous :(

Hope everyone is well and getting through the week okay!



  • Hi counter, hope your son gets the results he wants. Yay for Friday!

    I'm beyond tired today, Jude came through just after 5 for some reason and we've not managed to go back off :( got to tidy the house and then consultant this afternoon. I just want sleep!

  • Morning ladies,

    Counter hope your son gets the results he wants. Enjoy your long weekend

    Isis, I'm with you on the tiredness, I wish M would just sleep last 6:30, yawn. Good luck at consultant.

    I'm still pretty much symptom free here apart from tiredness and my tummy is starting to feel solid. Shouldn't complain but we all know how we'd rather have symptoms to put our minds at rest!

    Working today, busy one unfortunately including a few meetings, but hopefully will make the day pass quickly. Will have to get my finger out tonight and do housework as my mum is coming tomorrow for the weekend and the house is a tip because I've not felt like doing much and H talks a good game but is pretty useless in that regard.

    Hope everyone else is doing well x

  • Morning ladies.

    Counter yay to a long weekend and hope your son gets fab results

    Isis you have my sympathy on the tiredness. It's such a killer.

    Weekender boo to housework and busy days at work. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up tonight.

    Afm nothing exciting. Sickness is constant and I'm eating too much and the tiredness is really taking hold now. Mustn't complain though!! 7 weeks today. No plans for today although weight go for a walk with p in her trike later. Or even getthe paddling pool out if it warms  up. Much as I adore p 24/7 toddler is hardwork!!! When term starts again I'll be going back to work for a break I think!!

  • Morning girls,

    What a shame you're so ill counter :( hope your son gets the results he wants today and have a fabulous weekend!

    Isis - I don't know how you do it! Sleep deprivation is going to be such a shocker for me! Is this a standard consultant appointment?

    WE I haven't had any real symptoms for weeks now. I'm trying to view Myself as fortunate because I know the baby is fine but you are right - symptoms are a comfort! Hope you enjoy the time with your mum!

    AR paddling pool??????? I take it its still nice down south? I had a blanket on the bed the last two nights! Do you work in a school? When do you start back?

    AFM still on a high after the 12 wk scan! We told H's parents and his daughter last night which was lovely. He's seeing his son this evening and then we can start telling friends. It's so exciting and it feels so much more real now! I'm delivering training all week so best get a boogie on!

  • Sweetpea telling people is so much fun. So glad you're able to share now. Yes I'm a teacher, I teach secondary biology. 3 days a week since p arrive. I have one more week of holiday ad then back on te second. Boo.

    Just had some brown discharge and tryingnot to panic. I hope it doesn't turn red.

  • Sorry ladies in a bit of a rush today as work is busy so not got time for personals but hope you are all ok

    rolled on my belly again in the night and now today i am in pain and worried i've squashed it :(

  • Weekender, he's not normally too bad but today is a killer! Know how you feel about the housework!

    AR, can't believe you have paddling pool weather! I'm looking forward to term starting for a rest, J is great but I'm so tired. Hope the discharge is nothing x

    Sweetpea, you'll be fine, honest. He didn't sleep for his first year and I sleep trained him as I was knackered by then and we had a blip about 2.5y but now at 4 he sleeps from 7/7.30 til gone 6.30, some days it's even 8.30! Luckily H is an early riser so gets up with him must days but he's away at the mo :( telling people is the best, enjoy!

  • Nlh, the baby is seriously well protected and mostly behind your pelvic bone still, don't fret x

  • Oh and consultant, nope not standard it's because they think Jude was low birth weight but the mw calculated it wrong and another mw has plotted it wrong on the graph. I'm hoping the cons signs me off as I'd rather not see any docs at all.

  • Nlh you really can't hurt the baby by being on your front. It's very tiny and tucked behind your pelvic bone. Even when baby is bigger it's uncomfy on your front but you won't hurt baby. Try not to worry.  

  • AR hopefully the fact that I have had bleeding and brown discharge throughout gives you some comfort! The fact you've seen a heartbeat reduces your risk considerably. Big hug to you! 3 days sounds like a great work pattern - I'd love to do similar once bubs is here.

    Isis you will need to teach me everything about sleep training!!!! Hope all goes as you'd like at the consultant.

    NLH I'm sure everything is fine lovely! Hopefully you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy without worrying too much xx

  • Sweetpea P has slept 12 hours a night since she was ten weeks old so you might get lucky. I'm positive  this baby willbe a dreadful sleeper to make up for it. Mind you up until then we had been up in shifts all night every night because shed only sleep on us!! Haha...I probably shoulnt scare people!!

    I clearly jinxed the weather with paddling pool talk as it's been peeing  down all morning!!

  • My son had one night where he required feeding in the night, the first night home. From then on he slept 10, 11, 12 or 13 hours a night. I used to wake him up in the morning. Luckiest mum ever?!  

  • Sweetpea I'd just expect no sleep and then be pleasantly surprised. Babies aren't designed to sleep, some do but the norm is for them to wake. I co slept and breastfed so I was barely awake when he did feed and dozed through it laid down. The night time cuddles are really precious, just you and your baby alone against the world.

  • Counter you can join my in expecting way less sleep this time then!!!

    I have just polished of 3 rounds of marmalade sandwiches  I'm going to be the size of a house. On the plus side I feel much better now!!

  • AutumnRose

    Counter you can join my in expecting way less sleep this time then!!!

    I know. I am genuinely frightened. Petrified. I keep almost starting a thread on the subject and then bottle it!

  • Afternoon all

    Counter - Bet you are glad its nearly the weekend. Hope yuor son gets good results.

    Isis - Hope yuor appointment goes well and you manage to get some sleep.

    WE - Ha ha my H is the same. I have to nag him about cleaning, still waiting for the oven to be cleaned!

    AR - Hope the discharge stops soon. I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

    SP - Bet its lovely spreading the news.

    NLH - As others have said I'm sure baby is very protected and is still very small at the minute.

    AFM - 13 weeks today, one week until second tri - eek! Really starting to show now. Running out of baggy clothes options! I think I may have almost outgrown my second dress for my best friends wedding next weekend. I can feel a last minute panic happening!

  • Counter what a child you were blessed with!! Isis that sounds like such a lovely experience. Must hear more about that.

    Mrs V how exiting! Happy 13 weeks! Soooo jealous of all these bumps! Enjoy it!

  • Sweetpea, I'm what a lot would call an 'attachment parent' in reality I just parented in the way that suited me but Jude was never far from me day or night, we slung, co slept and were just generally one unit. He's a v secure, loving and adventurous little boy now and not afraid to explore!

    I've had my consultant appt, short version is she was happy everything's fine I'm back mw led and on for a home birth, hurrah! I really liked her actually.

    At my mums now for a couple of days, they're going to take the boy out tomorrow and I'm going to stay here and do nothing!

    Mrs V I had to change my top earlier as I realised it was too short!

  • Isis, that's really good news for you, fab!!!

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