*** Thursday 1st Tri ***

Morning! Sorry I haven't been around much this week, its been crazy long hours at work.

How have you all been?

Today is the long awaited booking in appt! I've been waiting 4 weeks for this! I hope I get a scan letter soon after, as trying to arrange cover at work will be a challenge.

My tummy is starting to get a bit bigger now, I have 2 weeks until I'm a bridesmaid... I'm dreading wearing the dress! :( I'm going to take it to a seamstress today and see if they can do something with it. *fingets crossed*

Hope you are all well :) xx


  • *peeks in*

    Morning all, quickly dipping my toe in to first tri following a shock BFP the other day. I have posted here before under a different name but thought I'd have a change whilst we are still early days. Ridiculously early at 4+0 I think, so we shall see what happens.

    Will try to get on as much as possible.

    Boo - I'm sure the seamstress can help I was a bm at 14 weeks once and my dress was very comfortable, they had added in panels.

    Hello to all that follow

  • Morning all

    Boo - I hope the booking in appointment goes smoothly. There seems to be a lot of waiting around in 1st tri whether it be appoinments, that all important first scan and the wait to tell people! Fingers crossed the seamstress can help with your dress.

    TRF - congratulations on your BFP! Lovely to have you join us.

    AFM, not feeling so great this morning. I wanted to pop into town for a few bits but I just don't have the energy. I think poor F will be stuck indoors today unless I can muster the energy for a walk after lunch.

    Hello to anyone who follows.

  • I've also been rubbish about posting on here, I've been reading from my phone but it's painful to post from there!!

    Boo - good luck at your booking and fx the scan comes through quick for you! Exciting about being a BM though, hopefully your scan will be before the wedding so that you don't have to try and hide any bumpage or non drinking! Does the bride know?

    Red Fraggle - congratulations on your bfp! Have you been feeling ok?

    AFM my sickness eased off slightly about a week ago but came back this morning. Bah. But in better news my scan letter arrived last night finally, I'm pleased to finally have a date to work towards and less than 2 weeks to wait as it's on 2nd April when I'll be 12+1

    Hi to everyone else Wave

  • Afternoon all, blimey Thursday already!!

    Boo - hope the appt goes well. What style is the dress? Sure it will be fine. My friend is a BM in four weeks when she'll be 25 weeks with baby number 2, she'll be waddling down the aisle.

    TRF - welcome and congratulations? Although would love to know 'who' you were before!

    WG - sorry to hear you're tired today. Hopefully you perk up later.

    M - sorry the sickness is back but I am sure it means all is well with Splodge. So excited for your scan xx

    AFM - I feel FABULOUS today! The sun is shining, I did my nails yesterday, I don't feel sick or shattered. Could this be the start of 2nd tri (nearly) wonderfulness! I also keep getting weird flutters in my tummy - although it's either breakfast or my new mat jeans!! It's surely too early to be baby!!

    Hope everyone is well! x

  • Thanks for the welcome

    Wg - hope you get a rest and manage a walk later

    M- I hate when you think the sickness has gone then bam it sneaks up on you again! Hopefully just a one off. Iv been fine, just tested due to back ache really :-/

    G- hopefully this will be the start of the blooming phase (which tends to pass me by lol!), if all goes well il probably reveal but to be honest I'm not that exciting really lol

  • Gavi - YAY to feeling fabulous! And to flutters! Whether it's baby or not, if it puts a smile on your face it's good in my book ;)

    WG sorry I missed you before I didn't realise we'd x posted! Sorry you're not feeling good, a nice lazy day sounds good though. And yes there is defo too much waiting in 1st tri. Can't even really distract ourselves too much with baby related purchases.

  • TRF - Congratulations on your BFP!! Welcome to 1st Tri!

    WG - Sometimes you just need a day of rest, your body is telling you to take it easy today. I hope you feel better soon xx

    M - Again Yay for getting your scan letter through! Not too long to wait until you see your baby again :)

    Gavi - Pleased to hear you're feeling great! :) 2nd Tri soon!! That's come around quickly!

    AFM - I fell asleep for 2 hours so didn't make into town for my dress alterations, i'll pop in on Saturday instead. The dress is a grecian style dress, but not in a floaty fabric. Its a fabric which shows every lump and bump hence my panic! The bride and other BMs know im pregnant, but they are so slim and I'm not. I'm going to feel so uncomfortable if nothing can be done to the dress. **fingers crossed**  

    I have an hour until my booking in appt. . ladies who have had theirs, what can I expect?

  • Boo - lots of questions! I was at mine for an age!!

  • Thanks Gavi - I've been pre-warned that its about 2 hours!

  • It's nothing scary though, just mainly about family history

  • Afternoon all

    Boo hope you weren't stuck in your booking in appointment for too long and that the dress can be sorted.

    Red fraggle welcome and congratulations!

    WG hope you feel a bit better now.

    Malteasers that's great that you have a date through. 2 weeks isn't that long!

    Gavi the fluttering could be baby. I felt k from 14 weeks and it felt like fluttering and like bubbles were popping in my tummy.

    Not much to report. Told my head about the possible CVS Wednesday and she's fine with me having the day off and said if I felt vulnerable in anyway afterwards just to text her and I can have the Thursday off too. Chicken pox and foot and mouth going round school at the most, but I've had chicken pox and there's not a big worry about the foot and mouth so just keeping those children at arms length and lots of hand washing!

  • Boo don't worry about your dress! My bridesmaid was 18 weeks pregnant and looked beautiful!

  • Oh and she wasn't pregnant when I brought the dress so had it let out the week before the wedding!

  • Evening all sorry Im late on today.

    Boo how did your appt go? I've got mine next week and don't known to expect. How can it go on for so long?

  • Sorry for not making it back on earlier. I'm just about to head up to bed so I won't do further personals if that's ok. Feeling a bit better, not ill as such just tired and achey. Hope everyone has a good evening, catch up tomorrow x

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm another 1 who hasn't posted in ages. Felt rough end of last week, then my mum was down for the weekend, then stupidly I agreed to work a full week instead of my normal Mon & Tues so more than a bit knackered (what with practising all week for our class assembly, staff talent show dance for tomorrow & had a dance practice last night at my Grease rehearsal).

    I'm not gonna do personals as it's unlikely that anyone will read them this late at night but hi to all. Will be back at the weekend - roll on the weekend  x x

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