*** Thursday 1st Tri ***

Morning all. Didn't see a thread so thought I'd kick us off.

I'm pretty tired today. Glad it's nearly the weekend.

Sickness is coming and going which I'm pleased about because it reassures me.

LeeLee - did you get a response from the MW yesterday??

Hope everyone is ok xx


  • Morning Candy! Glad sickness is coming and going and its providing you with some reassurance. Hopefully you can get an early night tonight?

    I'm finally home, flight was delayed yesterday which was a bit of a pain! For those that asked I had been in Italy. Not doing anything exciting unfortunately! Still feeling sick, so I'm thinking it must be morning sickness rather than anything else (I honestly thought maybe I had come down with something after being ill at the weekend). Its lasting most of the day, yesterday it was at its worst in the morning and late evening just before bed. I've had 2 packets of Salt & Vinegar crisps for breakfast... Hmmm! I've got sickness bands which I do think are really helping, but how will I hide them when I'm back in the office? Most of my tops ride up my arm at my desk! 9 days till my early scan, the sickness is reassuring, really hope there is actually a healthy baby in there. I said to H that after the scan we need to start being optimistic - at the moment we are very much not talking about it, and not wanting to get our hopes up etc.

  • Morning ladies!

    CA I hear you on the tiredness, i can't stop tanning today. Roll on 5pm!

    Pep- 9 days will be here in no time. The sickness is very reassuring isn't it? I don't moan about it, I'm glad I've got it.

    AFM- I'm in a grumpy mood today. I'm so tired at the moment but for some reason I'm struggling to sleep, it's driving me bonkers. I can't get to sleep at night and then in the morning I'm waking at 5am! Grrrr!

    Still feeling sick, struggling to find things I want to eat at the moment. I'm suddenly very fussy!

  • Hello ladies, just a quickie from me to say goodbye, I'm off to 2nd tri! I'll see you all soon!

    p.s. Imp, I'm so so pleased everything was well with your scan, fabulous news. x

  • CA - I too am finding the sickness reassuring, if not annoying!

    Pep - Glad you got back ok, I was thinking of trying the sickness bands, even if they work through some kind of placebo!

    Imp - Hope you start sleeping better soon!

    SG - Hopefully see you over on 2nd tri soon!

    AFM, thought I was over the worst of the nausea, felt hungry for the first time in a long time last night and actually ate a proper meal. Was sick before bed and have been feeling awful ever since. Today my stomach feels dodgy from all angles! Though after seeing the little bean doing circus tricks and somersaults in my belly yesterday I am not really surprised!

  • Imp - It is reassuring. Although it is also quite draining, I'm not complaining - I'll put up with anything for a healthy baby of course. Hope you manage to sleep better tonight, have you tried hot milk before bed? Reading a book? Bath? Listening to music? Do you have a lot on your mind (aside from the obvious?).

    Spikey - Cheerio!! Hopefully see you in future tri threads.

    Vix - I thought they were just helping through a 'mental' thing but I took them off when I got home yesterday and within 30 minutes I felt the most sick I have all week, to the point I sent H upstairs to get them from me because I felt like any movement would tip me over the edge! I feel like they are going to be a permanent fixture on my wrists now! If you don't mind me asking, when you are sick, do you tend to bring everything back up? I am being sick after most things I eat, but I am yet to bring it all back up, its usually just a little bit and then I can pull myself away from the toilet again.

    Just got my letter to confirm my midwife appointment! Not going to lie, found it pretty exciting! I need to have blood tests and take a urine sample with me. It doesn't say why though?

  • Morning All,

    Pep - they use the urine towards your downs screening. I dont know how or why but I had to give urine and at my scan on Tuesday they said "do we need urine? oh no, in your notes it says you've already done that"... no idea why

  • Wishful - Oh really. Thats crazy, you would have thought you would have to supply that closer to your 12 week scan when you are having the scan test and blood tests for it done.

  • Just hijacking your have to provide lots of urine samples in your pregnancy they test for proteins and also send it for cultures for infections :) I didn't need one for downs test just every midwife appointment and my 20week consultant appointment :)

  • I best stock up on pots then! :)

  • Yeah I think it's to check for uti's.

  • Pep they give you a pot each time you go.

  • Afternoon :)

    CA, glad you're still getting wave of nausea, in the nicest possible way! It is very reassuring.

    Pep, glad you're home from yout trip but sorry you're feeling so sick. I'm glad the sickness bands seem to be helping.

    Imp, really hope you manage to sleep tonight.

    SG, byeeee! Hope to see you in 2nd tri soon!

    Vix, sorry you're feeling so rotten, really hope you feel better soon.

    WW, hi!

    AFM, feeling a bit sick today, which is always reassuring. 2 sleeps until my scan! Really hope everything is okay and that there really is a baby in there.

  • Afternoon everyone :)

    CA - it's weird isn't it to be wanting to feel sick, glad you are thinking positively. Thanks for the mention :) nope, I haven't heard from mw yet, I sent the text at 8.30am yesterday, I don't want to send another one as I know how busy they are.

    Pep - Italy? I love Italy :) Glad you are home now though. All I could pretty much stomach in the early weeks was salt n vinegar crisps :) An early scan is great at seeing something there however small with a little blob for a heartbeat. Brill news about the mw appt, I've had one mw appt and I didn't give a urine sample, I was 8wks then, I think I'm due to give one at the 16wk appt. Mmm I wonder if I should have already given one then :(

    Imp - not good with the not sleeping, that certainly makes me grumpy and getting up in the dark I absolutely hate, it doesn't motivate me to get ready for work! It's difficult when feeling sick all the time as it's hard at knowing what you want to eat, I can only have about 2 hot drinks a day when before I would drink loads of cuppas.

    SG - woohoo 2nd Tri - hope to see you over that way soon :)

    Vix - I hope the sickness eases a bit so it's more manageable :)

    Fig - exciting, only a couple of days to go to your scan :)

    AFM - 12+2 feeling really sicky/rough today with cramps, backache, I wondered if it may start easing as the weeks went on. Have our 13wk scan on Monday eek and bloods etc, hope everythings ok, my belly feels squidgy today and feels like its all gonna drop out urghh!




  • Having chip shop for tea. How come the only foods I can stomach the thought of eating are the naughtiest? Mmm.

  • Fig not long now. Everything crossed for you!

    Leelee- not long for you now either!

    Pep- I'm the same. I'm having pizza for tea, again. The chippy is like a weekly thing at the moment too! Enjoy your chips!

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