*** Thursday 1st tri ****

Morning ladies.

How is everyone today?

I thought I'd start us off as i won't be around this morning. I'm off to the hospital in a couple of hours and my scan is at 10am. I managed about 6 hours sleep so more than I thought I'd get. 

Nervous. Feel sick and just want the scan to be over with. 



  • Morning, oh imp wishing all the very best for today, have everything tightly crossed that all will be well (im sure it will) xxx

    Afm, nothing to really update, wishing away the next few weeks till my scan.

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning CO! This time seems to drag doesn't it? When is your next scan?

  • Morning guys

    Imp - will be thinking of you this morning. Sending you lots and lots of healthy, wriggly baby vibes.

    CO -All the waiting around is a killer isn't it?

    AFM - nothing to report baby wise. Otherwise had a better night's sleep but  my ibs is still causing havoc. Couldn't het an appointment til after xmas so judt gpong to have tp let it run its course. Going to attempt work today and come home if I'm still suffering.

    Have a good day all x

  • Sorry you're still suffering coco, I hope it eases soon. It's a nightmare trying to get a gp appt around here too.

  • Imp - masses of good scan vibes for you, I'm keeping everything crossed for you my lovey xx

  • Thanks MDD. That means a lot. I hope you and the little man are doing well.xxx

  • I'm sure I'm not the only one of the girls that still keeps an eye on you :) were doing well thanks.

    It will really make my year to see a positive scan for you and gillsy, chocolate orange, Leelee etc. It's all I have on my Xmas list xx

  • Ah, mdd you've just made me cry!

  • Oh sorry lovey, not what you need today! I'll keep checking back for your update xx

  • Morning lovelies, hope you don't mind me highjacking the thread, I check back regularly to see how you are all doing :) I've not ventured onto 2nd Tri yet, wimp I know haha!

    Imp - I am so keeping my fingers crossed that absolutely everything is as it should be, I can't wait to hear your news and a piccie of course, thinking of you totally xx

    MDD - so lovely to see you keeping an eye on us all, that bought tears to my eyes, soppy mare I know! Hope you are doing well matey? xx

  • Woooow busy busy!!

    Imp - Best of luck for today, update us as soon as you can afterwards :)

    Coco - Do you have a drop in centre or anything you could go to? Thats where I ended up last week for my virus, bit of a pain but at least I got a prescription to help.

    AFM - Not a lot to report. Super tired, anyone else have an increase at 10 week mark? I was in bed at 8pm last night! I'm just waiting for my scan date, hope it comes through soon.

  • Just crashing in to send you lots of vibes Mrs Imp, missdeedee is right, i think about you lots!!
  • All the luck in the world today Imp. Thinking of you lovely, can't wait to see a photo xxx

    CO, hope the next few weeks fly for you.

    Coco, glad you slept better, sorry you're still suffering with your IBS. I hope it eases soon.

    LeeLee, morning lovely, hope you're doing well x

    Pep, my tiredness got worse at around 10wks. It's a killer! Hope your scan date hurries up.

    Mrs Bass & Miss Deedee, hi ladies :)

    AFM, just tired. Last working day of the week today - I'm very much looking forward to it being the weekend. Only Monday to get through after today and then I'm off for Christmas - hurrah!


  • Good news! We have a little dancing baby! I'll come back on later to do personals as got to get to work but I thought you'd like a photo.

  • Crashing in to say brilliant news Imp, so so pleased for you x

  • Absolutely fantastic news Imp, you know how thrilled I am for you. Lovely photo of your future little super star :) xxx

  • Oh imp that's such good news!! I'm so pleased for you both :) brilliant news x

    How are you Leelee? Have I missed your scan!? Are you 2nd Tri now?x

  • Imp - so bloomin happy for you, bet you are so relieved :) great piccie too, hurry back on and update us all :) xx

    MDD - how're you getting on with your little man? Yep I'm 2nd Tri I had my scan on 2nd Dec and bought me forward by 4 days, tomorrow I will be 16wks. Feeling pretty rough if I'm totally honest, I was sick as soon as I got in from work yesterday and getting tummy cramps, the mw told me to take Rennies when I get the awful taste in my mouth which seems to come up from my tummy but I don't really think it's working, she said I'd have to see the GP for anti sickness tablets if I don't get better. I really want to enjoy being pregnant but it's not easy when I feel sick constantly and no matter what food and drink I consume it doesn't go away. Well that's enough of me moaning, I really hope you are doing well as a family of 3 awwww :) xx

  • Lovely, so pleased for you Imp xx

  • Imp that's a great scan pic. Very happy for you!! I'm too late for personals, since still on nights, but hope everyone is feeling OK today. I had weird pinching twinges last night while at work, a few inches down from my navel, sort of pubic bone area, and occasional cramping. I know this is all supposed to be normal, but part of me was worrying a bit. Realistically I'm fairly calm in that there's nothing I can do until my scan on Monday. It's been my choice not to book in with the midwife yet, so there's no way I could get an earlier scan, and tbh no point either since I'm only 6 weeks on Saturday.

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