*** Thursday 2nd tri ***

Morning ladies!

I'm back to work today, I was slowly driving myself mad stressing about how much work I was falling behind on so I've decided I need to go back and get into it. I'm hoping my tummy holds up today, it seems ok so far today. 

Happy feet is still a bit quiet but I'm putting that down to just a change in their position or that my tummy is disguising them somehow. 



  • Morning Imp, sorry you're still not 100% :-( Hope going in ti work today helps take your mind off of it, and that it holds out while you're there too.

    AFM - sorry didn't get on yesterday. Had a busy day and it's becoming v hard to type on phone with O about...he usually grabs it and either deletes what I've written or switches to youtube and peppa pig (how he learnt to do that I've no idea!!) Not much to report baby wise, but it's only 2 weeks until the big scan now! Eek! In other news we're trying Oli in his big boy bed for the first time tomorrow night :O ...and just 3 weeks until his birthday :O

    Hi to all who follow...will try and pop back after work x

  • Morning,

    Imp, hope you get on ok at work and feel better

    Coco, hope oli likes his big bed! Not long till you scan now, exciting

    Afm, nothing really to report. We've actually started to buy things for baby now (we wanted to wait too after the anomaly scan) which is lovely. Could easily get carried away though with all the cute clothes etc!

    Have a nice day everyone x

  • CO - it is very easy to get carried away. I've only bought 1 thing for baby to wear just now but I think if we weren't having a surprise we would go crazy on boy or girl outfits!! ;-) convinced it's another boy though ;-) What is your EDD? x

  • Morning everyone!

    Imp - FX today goes well - dont push yourself too much

    Coco - Sounds like O isnt a bit slow! Haha! only 2 weeks to the big scan, that will fly in!

    CO - I am desperate to start buying stuff but OH wont let yet! So many things to get & so many cute clothes!

    AFM - midwife went well yesterday, she says baby has a good strong heartbeat :) Guess all the sickness has been doing some good! She says my headaches are probably worse than mose because im quite sinusy and she said to use olbas oil so Im adding that to the food shop delivery tomorrow.

    Hi to all who follw, be back at lunch time :)

  • There's just so many beautiful clothes out there isn't there, but you're right I would buy even more if we weren't having a surprise too! Ive just got to try and stick to the essentials! I dont have any idea whether this babys a boy or girl tbh, do you think another boy as your pregnancy is similar to with O? I'm due 22nd July x

  • Morning!

    Imp - hope work is ok today.

    Coco - hope O likes his big bed.  

    CO - agree it's easy to get carried away on buying outfits; we've so far managed to resist buying loads and have just got a few bits.

    Nothing much to report from me. Hoping to be able to have a productive week at work as I've been given loads to do and I have deadlines I'm not sure I'll be able to meet.

  • Hi sasasi, glad the midwife appt went well, so lovely to hear the heartbeat isn't it! Hope your headaches start to ease soon as well as the sickness. I found around 18 weeks mine eased loads x

  • SaSaSi - glad midwife went well yesterday.

  • Argh I keep cross posting! Hi lxia, hope you do meet the deadlines but aren't getting too stressed with it all x

  • Morning :)

    imp - firstly, sorry I didn't get back on last night and I did see your post about how to upload from an iPhone, thank you! Although I need to get on the Mac to be able to do this, I will either tonight or tomorrow :) I just thought you'd be able to upload a pic from the phone as easy as uploading to Facebook haha! Anyway, thanks again. I hope your day back at work is an easy one and hope if you feel rubbish you come home straight away and rest up. I'm sure HF is happy as larry in there just a change of position maybe?

    Coco - haha naughty O but how cute too, I love hearing stories like that about bubba's as they are so their own person :) I hope O settles nicely in his big boy bed awww :)

    CO - I understand about getting excited about buying things, our little dudes wardrobe is jam packed with clothes already hanging up etc and some were bought for us and obviously some I just had to get haha. Have a good one matey

    SaSaSi - brill news about the mw and isn't it adorable hearing the hb, I love that :) I hope the Olbas Oil works for your sinuses, sinus trouble isn't nice and puts pressure on making headaches even worse

    Ixia - we put a lot of pressure on ourselves don't we to make sure we are upto date with work and doing a grand job, but I doubt our employers even care about us. I hope you manage to get enough done without stressing to much over it

    AFM - not much to report from me, at last the brown stuff from the weekend seems to be easing up and I'm still feeling and watching him lead a merry dance in my tum, which is great :) We are talking so much to him now me and H trying to out do each other haha. I've been checking out the electric breast pumps, think I've narrowed it down to the Medela Swing and the Lanosyln (not sure of spelling) and will maybe opt for the double one, if its efficient, I just want H to bond with his son and I think if he can feed him aswell that would be great :)

    Hi to all those coming along xx


  • Sas - Great news about your mw appointment, hope the olbas oil helps :-)

    Ixia - Hope work goes quickly and try not to stress about your deadline...you're only human :-) (my job with O was v stressful and deadline based so I know how it feels!)

    CO - My inkling is more from the sonographer at 13 weeks, as he knew the sex! (not that we want to know!) I wish he'd kept schtum! I know it could still be a girl but my brain says more likely a boy! I'd be thrilled either way though, for completely different reasons!

  • Coco good luck for tonight! How does O seem about it?

    Sas glad you heard the hb. It's the best sound in the world.

    CO-  I feel the same about the clothes. I'm glad that I don't know or I'd be bankrupt I think!

    Ixia I hope your week isn't too hectic!

  • Leelee you can uploads from your phone, using those instructions but when it says computer it actually means phone. It's pretty easy once you've done it once.

    Glad the brown is easing up, glad baby is moving so much too.

  • imp - oh right, thanks, I'll try that a bit later on then, I'm such an idiot with all this techie stuff haha :)

    I just tried it to see if it will work but when I click on the movie reel, (on my phone), is that the right one it comes up with a box stating Insert/Edit Media and no options to choose from? Do I have to log in through the mobile site to be able to upload?

  • Is there a drop down box? You can change it to uploads from computer?

    I don't use the mobile site... I'll have another go just now.

  • Yeah, just tried again and it brings up that big box with insert media. Then inside the box I can change the drop down from "you tube" to "computer" then you can select your image. 

  • Oh poop! I've tried again and I still only get the box with the Insert/Edit Media at the top through the blue header. I have clicked inside the white box but nothing happens, oh well :(

    Thanks so much for perservering with me, I'll try again a bit later on xx

  • Leelee, glad the brown is easing and yay for lots of movements! Cant wait to have our nursery done so we can hang up the clothes too, I'd be forever going in there and looking at them all hehe

    Coco, ah I see, I guess is easier to see boys bits earlier on, but you never know :)

    It's foggy here this morning, am hoping it clears so I can get out in the garden in the sun!

  • MD just ate my reply!

    Imp - hope work isn't too hectic

    Coco - not long until your scan! Good luck for moving O into his big bed!

    CO - it's so hard not to go overboard. I've got a couple of outfits and a teddy so far!

    SaSaSi - glad mw appointment went well

    Ixia - hope work goes ok

    LeeLee - glad the brown stuff has stopped

    AFM - well I was going to get my hair cut today but my sister has just txt to say that her mobile hairdresser friend is coming to do hers in two weeks when I'm next up so going to have mind done too. Cheaper and what's another 2 weeks when I haven't had it cut in months!

    Got my mw appointment this afternoon - must remember to take a urine sample! Not sure what to expect really :/

    I was sick yesterday afternoon quite badly and then felt rubbish all evening. I thought I was over all this!! Slept with a pillow between my legs last night and my hips didnt hurt so thanks for the tip yesterday! X

  • LeeLee, I always use the box next to the movie reel to upload pics from my phone, the box that just looks like a pic of a tree. Maybe that will work?

    Just quickly doing some work then will be back with a proper post and personals! 

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