*** Thursday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies,

Hope no one minds me starting this. Off to work via nursery in a minute once I can wrestle M into some clothes, then got pregnancy yoga tonight which I'm looking forward to. It's only my second week but last week was good and it was a nice group of ladies

Nothing to report pregnancy wise, not heard about flu jabs yet, anyone else?

Hope everyone is well....is there someone with a scan today or am I imagining it? X



  • Hi WE - hope work isn't too traumatic after your AL! I was told by my MW on tues that the flu jab would be available from 1st oct and I was to go sooner rather than later.

    I am "working from home" this morning! Still in my dressing gown drinking tea!! Its a long weekend in Glasgow so I'm off Friday and Monday! Woo-hoo!!

  • Morning,

    Weekender I asked about flu jabs at my mw appointment and they just said to book in to the flu jab sessions, just make sure to tell them you're pregnant, so I have mine next Saturday.

    Sweetpea, have a lovely day working from home and a nice long weekend!

    I'm working from home this afternoon, but accidentally booked a cut and colour at the hairdressers. Oops x

  • What a terrible accident MrsP! Ha Ha! Enjoy!

  • Morning,

    Weekender - enjoy yoga tonight.

    Sweetpea/Mrs P - enjoy working from home. I'm very jealous.

    I was wondering about flu jabs. I asked my midwife in August and she said we could discuss it at my next appointment but that's not until mid November so I am just going to get one done at the surgery anyway. My H needs one because he has asthma so we can go together.

    I'm sooo tired today. Went swimming last night which was night and going to try and go back to my class at the gym tonight but not lookin forward to it.

  • I was told I'd see my GP for the flu jab anyway LD so it shouldn't make a difference if you go before your next MW appointment. Well done on the classes and swimming - wish I could find your motivation!!

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm sorry I'm not on much, been really busy. I'm sure I felt the baby move last night though :D

    H x

  • Hello ladies! late one for me today

    been at my hospital appointment today, doppler was fine but consultant is not happy with my headaches so i got to go back next week to see him and the neurologist, i saw a step in consultant before seeing my usual one and she was absolutely terrible! Useless!

    also i have been reffered to the physio so thats good

    hoep your all ok x

  • Hi All

    I'm late on today too!

    Probably no point doing personals now but hope everyone is well.

    Nothing much to report except 18 weeks today :)

  • Hi All

    Another one who's late on (as usual! Between the new house and work I have been a terrible MD'er- promise to get on properly this weekend!) Hope you're all doing well :) Baby G is kicking away as I type!

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