*** Thursday 2nd tri ***

Morning! :)

How is everyone today?

The mw went well yesterday, she listened to happy feets heartbeat and measured my tummy, she said both were spot on. She also tried to feel which way round they were but she couldn't tell. She have me some advice about dealing with my hip and back pain, such as how to get out of bed/the car/ a chair etc. Not to cross my legs when sitting and to buy a birthing ball to sit on- so I ordered one yesterday. She also said if it got worse she would refer my to physio as my next appt, which is only 3 weeks away. 

It's my Friday today as in off tomorrow and Monday, whoop! 


  • Morning all,

    Imp - glad you got on ok at the mw yesterday and you heard HF's hb.  Thats great you've got some tips on how to help with your hips and back.  Hope it makes a difference.  I got a ball too after my physio class.  WooHoo for early Friday!!!!

    AFM - sorry I've not been around much lately.  I've been so busy with work and the clearing out in my spare time and when I get home at night everyone is away for the day.  Everything is going great over here.  Two weeks today until my holidays plus I'm off tomorrow as well so today is my Friday too!!!!

    Hope everyone is well xxxx

  • Morning ladies!

    Imp - Glad you had a positive appointment at the mw and all is good with Happy Feet.Hope the tips help ease your hip pain. Enjoy your Friday :-)

    CA - Life takes over sometimes so no need to apologise. Glad you're well. Bet you can't wait for your holidays now either - hope you get a lovely rest and plenty of sunshine! Enjoy your Friday too!

    AFM - Today is the day...the anomaly scan is upon us :-S Our appointment isn't until 3.30pm so I think I'll be bricking it most if the day! Thankfully lots to keep me occupied, need to advise all utilities of our move date and shop around for new providers (yawn!) and also finalise a couple of bits for O's birthday - this time next weel we'll be surrounded by shredded erapping paper and balloons :-)

    Will update later, have a good one all x

  • Morning ladies, Snotty McSnoterson reporting.

    Imp - glad the MW went well and hope the ball helps with the pain. I'm tres jealous it's your Friday!

    CA - work is busy for me too, it sucks! Hope you have a nice long weekend too

    Coco -  good luck for your scan! Can't believe that's come round so  fast. Will pop on later for updates :)

    AFM -  still snotty but feeling  a bit better. Got a bit upset yesterday. We've got a really important meeting today  to keep the account I work on and my colleague was asked over me to be in the presentation. I hate presenting, so I don't really mind, but it just made me feel a bit rubbish - I've been there five years to her one so it just made me feel a bit [email protected] I know it's because all being well I'll be out of the business for a while (probably forever if I'm totally honest) but it still felt a bit like a slap in the chops. H had a job interview so I'm really hoping he gets it as it'll make life much more pleasant than with his current job. It will also be better paid which will help with mat leave. Just keeping everything crossed for him.

    Will pop on later for updates, especially coco x

  • CA yay for short weeks and long weekends. I hope today flies by for you.

    Coco all my luck for today! I'll look forward to your update later on.

    Gavi hello snotty! Glad you're feeling a little better. Sorry that work upset you yesterday, it's pants that they didn't ask you to present. Fingers crossed for mr Gavi!

  • Morning all,

    Imp - glad the MW went well. I have a physio appointment on the 17th, wonder if they will tell me to get a birthing ball too? Enjoy your Friday!

    CA - glad to hear everything is ok. Enjoy your Friday!

    Coco - loads of luck for your scan. Update us when you can! I have the joys of that to come with changing addresses and contacting providers. I hate that part of moving!

    Gavi - sorry to hear work have missed you out the presentation. Have they spoken to you about the reasons? Hope you are back to feeling normal soon x

    AFM - baby was moving loads yesterday it was lovely :) such a change from the day before! Went to M&S yesterday afternoon and got myself a nightie in the sale as my pj's are starting to get too tight around my lower tummy. Its so comfy! Having my hair cut this aft which is long overdue! X

  • Good news about the midwife apt imp. And yay for it being Friday today for you!

    Hi CA, nice to see you. Glad things are going wll even though you are busy. Where is your holiday planned for?

    Will be thinking of you today coco, hope the scan goes well.

    Glad you're feeling better gavi. Work sounds a bit rubbish but fingers crossed for your H.

    AFM busy busy. Exam season upon us. As us usual I care more than the kids! Going to see my mum this weekend which will be lovely. Roll on tomorrow.

  • Must have cross posted browny. That's great that you can feel the baby. I can't feel anything yet but hoping I do soon. Hope you enjoy a but if pampering at the hairdressers.

  • Morning everyone!

    Imp - sounds like all is well and your MW is very helpful! Enjoy your long wkend

    CA - glad all is well - enjoy your long wkend too!

    Coco - massive luck for your scan - soo exciting!

    Gavi - sorry about your work, maybe they thought they were doing you a favour, giving you less pressure? lots of vibes for your husband today

    Browny - yea to movements & comfy pjs! Nothing as nice. Enjoy getting your hair done, are you getting anything different done?

    RC - hope the exams go well for your students - at least you will get some mummy pampering this wkend :)

    AFM - is anyone else still stupid tired? I collapsed into bed at 8pm last night and do this most nights. I dozed all Saturday afternoon. But sickness still so much better so 1 out of 2 isnt bad! Have reflexology app tonight, going to go once a month up until birth. Its so important to do sthing for ourselves, I spent so long feeling rubbish that I am going to make more of an effort. Have walked 9 miles this week so far, maybe thats contributing to tiredness but its nothing compared to my normal running & weights!

    Hi to all who follow!

  • RC - hope you have a lovely weekend with your mum. Good luck to the kids for their exams!

    SaSaSi - I have moments still where I feel completely exhausted, but its better than it was! Very true about doing something for yourself. I need to treat myself more! maybe once I've moved! Well done on getting out and exercising it is hard but makes such a difference! X

  • Yea, it's definitely the right thing to have done - I really don't like presenting whereas she does, and it does make sense. Just made me feel a bit undervalued I guess.

    Browny - glad baby is moving about a lot today. How lovely. I've just remembered I am having my hair cut and highlighted next week and I can't wait.

    Raincloud - it'll be over soon, try not to work too hard. Weekend sounds lovely,

    Sasasi - I'm tired but not sure if it's due to this cold. I agree with doing something for ourselves. My skin is a bit rubbish on my back so I am thinking of going for a nice body scrub somewhere, before I can't lay on my front anymore!! Well done on the exercise - I really want to up mine when the evenings are lighter. A couple of my friends who kept up exercise whilst PG had really nice labours, so I'll try anything to increase my chances!

  • Good morning,

    Imp, glad your mw appointment went so well and that she gave you some pointers for your aches and pains. I hope the birthing ball helps you lots. Hope you have a fab long weekend, do you have any nice plans?

    CA, another one with a long weekend :) Hope you have a nice relaxing day tomorrow, you definitely deserve it! Two weeks until your holiday too, how exciting!!

    Coco, good luck for your scan! Are you finding out which team you're on?

    Gavi, everything crossed for Mr Gavi and his new job!

    Browny, lovely to hear that baby is moving around so much :) Enjoy getting pampered at the hairdressers!

    SaSaSi, me, I'm also super tired all of the time. I'm getting used to it now. Glad your sickness is so much better though :)

    AFM, it's my GTT tomorrow. I can only have water after 10pm tonight, no food until after the test. My H is away at the moment so my mum has offered to come along with me tomorrow. It should make the 2hr wait go a little quicker having her there to talk to. And then we're going to see a house on Saturday. I've absolutely fallen in love with the pictures of it, I going to be devastated if we walk in and it stinks of damp or cat pee lol! As long as people don't start going over the asking price then we can afford it...fingers crossed!

    Hi to anyone who follows, hope everyone is having a nice Thursday xx

  • Browny I'm glad baby was moving so much, you must feel much happier again. They might suggest a birthing ball, why are you seeing the physio- sorry I can't remember.

    RC Sounds like a nice weekend ahead.

    Sas I have some days where I'm exhausted.  I can't even run the hoover around now without feeling shattered so it wouldn;t surprise me if the walking has contributed to your tiredness.  Enjoy your appt.  

    Fig I will have my fingers formly crossed for you, for both the GTT and the house.  I know how much you love this house so I really hope this is "the one" for you.

  • Morning! Sorry I didn't get on Tuesday afternoon or yesterday.

    Imp - glad all went well with the midwife. Hope the advice helps to ease your hip and back pain.

    CA - enjoy your long weekend!

    Coco - good luck with the scan.

    Gavi - glad your feeling a bit better. Hope all goes well with your H's job.

    Browny - yay to getting a comfy nightie - got to love a sale bargain!

    Raincloud - good luck with exam period!

    SaSaSi - your right, it is important to do things for ourselves. Enjoy your reflexology.

    Fig - good luck with the house!

    AFM - midwife went well on Tuesday.  I asked her what I can be doing about the muscle strain in my ribs and back after coughing for over a month, but it seems I'm doing all I can. I  also managed to persuade H to mooch around the shops but he didn't mind as he got coffee and cake and a new T-shirt! I got myself a new top from Fat Face that is non-maternity but fits over bump and will last me into the summer.  My MATB1 and annual leave forms are going to be given in to work today :)

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Fig - good luck for the house viewing! Hope it's as nice in person as it is on the photos! Hope the GTT goes ok x

    Imp - I have a trapped nerve in my bum/hip area which has been a lot worse and as I overcompensate I get a bad lower back too. It's been loads better since I started doing yoga though, so not sure how helpful it will be!

    Ixia - it must be nice to be able to hand your mat1b form in! Makes it official that you'll be off soon! X

  • Hello Ixia- glad you managed some shopping.  What is your top like?

    Browny well I hope it helps, even just a bit- back and hip pain is no fun!

  • Brownie - it's lovely to be making it official, and also slightly scary!  I'm taking annual leave before mat leave so I don't have long left really!

    Imp - hopefully this picture will work:

  • Fig - hope the house lives up to your expectations. Good luck for the GTT test tomorrow.

    Ixia - so exciting, another step closer to leaving work.

  • Wow! I thought I was going to be early enough to this thread today to keep track of everyone but there is lots of you already! I will come back and edit this post to do everyones personal in between doing my actual work I'm supposed to be doing ;)

    AFM: Not much to report here - been having a few hip issues but I was already a bit broken in that area so I was expecting it. No movements but getting a fairly decent bump now that looks more like baby and less like I've eaten too much food!! We're going on holiday on Monday (just to a caravan in Devon for 4 nights) so it'll be nice to have a few days away just the three of us (me, H & dog) before baby arrives as we won't get away again between now and due date.

  • Imp - Hope the ball helps and glad to hear mw went well.

    CA - Long weekend, plus an upcoming holiday? I'm very jealous!

    Coco - Good luck for your scan this afternoon x

    Gavi - Hope you are feeling better soon, sorry yesterday was rubbish, hope today is better and good luck to your hubby

    Browny - So pleased baby is wiggling around again, enjoy your haircut later :)

    Raincloud - Enjoy your weekend and I hope the exam period isn't too stressful

    SaSaSi - I don't make it beyond 10pm most nights - and even before that I'm just laying on the sofa trying not to fall asleep yet!

    Fig - Good luck for the glucose test. I hope the house is as good as it looks!

    Ixia - Does it feel more real once everything is official and you've go the forms in? Glad to hear MW went well x

  • Sorry for the lateness in coming back to this!

    Gavi - I would be feeling a bit miffed about the presentation going to your colleague too. Sounds like the countdown to maternity leave can't come soon enough Wink Everything crossed for your H's interview coming through for him.

    Browny - glad baby made up for their quiet spell yesterday. Hope you had a lovely pampering at the hairdressers today.

    RC - Kids eh?! Wink Hope the rest of your working week goes quickly and you have a lovely weekend with your Mum.

    Sas - Completely understand on the tiredness front. I literally could fall asleep anywhere of an evening just now. H works nights Mon-Thu so it doesn't really matter, but on a weekend I'm falling asleep on the sofa around 8pm Wink I've blamed running around after a energetic toddler!

    Fig - Hope the GTT goes well tomorrow, having someone with you will definitely help pass the time. I didn't have to have one last time but this time they are insisting due to family history changing. Hope the house comes through for you, it sounds like it's the one for you on paper.

    Ixia - Glad the MW went well and  you persuaded H to hit to shops! Love the top!

    PS - Fab news on the bumpage! V envious of your break away - what part of Devon are you off to? My Dad was raised in Brixham and we had many holidays to various areas of Devon as children as a result!

    AFM: Well Baby G the second seems to be perfectly formed and was lovely to see them wriggling away on the screen again! We've decided to stay team yellow, but feel free to guess the gender.... deep down I am itching to know! Big Smile

    Here is a pic of our little wriggly pea! (Pic is a bit naff as it's a pic of the pic...our scanner is knackered!) but on screen and in print the pics are v clear! 

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