*** Thursday 2nd tri ****

Good morning!

Happy birthday to VT, I hope you enjoy your lazy day and your meal tonight.

A much better nights sleep for me! I do t feel as rough either.


  • Happy Birthday VT!

    Imp - Glad you managed a good nights rest.

    AFM - I keep waking up every single hour needing the toilet. It's driving me bonkers. It's just a new thing this week. Surely it's not normal to go to the toilet that much? My bladders always been rubbish at holding much liquid and it seems to be getting worse.

  • Hi pep, I wake up at least once needed the loo, and if I wake for some other reason I always need to go. Maybe baby is growing lots at the moment?

  • Maybe Imp! I'm starting to get uncomfortable on my sides too. I don't know if its just psychological but I've never felt that way before! Like baby is sat right on my side if that makes sense. It's too early for all of that though isn't it? I had looked at pregnancy pillows but most say they help backs and legs etc where as I feel like I want to put something soft under my side!

  • Some girls sleep on top of a duvet to help soften the bed, if that makes sense?  What type of mattress do you have?  We have a memory foam one so it's moulds and I don't seem to have an issue with my hips/sides.  Maybe look at a topper if it's a sprung mattress?

    I have been getting ligament pain during the day around my sides, is your at night or day?

  • Morning all :)

    Happy birthday VT - hope you get spoiled and have a lovely time tonight :)

    imp - great news about your good nights sleep and feeling better, may long it continue

    Pep - to the other extreme from Imp, sorry you are having a crap time of it sleeping with the loo breaks, hopefully when baby moves about you may get a bit of relief from it!

    AFM - still feeling really icky/sicky, tummy still feeling not quite right and the past few days I've felt a pulling/mild ache right low down around pubis area when I move about, thankfully this morning its eased off.

    Hi to all who follow xx

  • Morning leelee

    Sorry you're still not feeling quite right. Maybe the pains are stretching pains? No more spotting or bleeding?

  • Imp - Not sure. I wouldn't say I'm in pain at night time, it just feels more like I'm lying on a ball of 'fat' and squashing it if that makes any sense!

  • Morning ladies.

    Imp, yay for a better night's sleep! It really does make the world of difference.

    Pep, sorry you're sore at night, I'd try a pillow or a duvet under you as Imp suggested to see if it helps. The loo thing is just really annoying - I try to ignore needing a wee as much as possible as sometimes I get up feeling like I really need a wee and then there's naff all wee there. Every hour does seem like a lot though, when's your next md appt? Very frequent need to pee could be symptomatic of an infection, or it could just be one of those pregnancy joys.

    Leelee, sorry you're feeling sore too, hopefully it's just normal stretching pains.

    AFm, I'm in a waaaay better mood today, so no more whinging. J was an angel this morning to get ready for nursery and it makes such a huge difference to the start of the day. Yoga was nice last night, it turns out I know 3 people there already. Attila is getting a bit stronger, and I can feel more of her on a daily basis, which is lovely. Yesterday I had a couple of kicks quite high up, so she must be able to reach above the placenta now if she wants to. I think they're strong enough that H would be able to feel them, but whenever she moves and I grab his hand to feel she stops again, little diva. And in other baby related news I have bought her her first item - a moses basket mattress for the borrowed moses basket. Not the most exciting purchase ever, but it should get the ball rolling on starting to buy bits for her.

  • Ah, SG I a so glad things have been better this morning.  You sound much chirpier.  Nice that you know people at the yoga too, it's nice to have people to chat to before and after.

    When did you first feel Atila?

  • I think I felt her at about 15 or 16 weeks, but only very faintly - so faintly that even though I know what it feels like from J i still couldn't be certain that it was movement and not just my imagination! Have you had any more nudges that could be baby?

  • I think so, but I'm really not sure.  Mostly at night when I'm lying in bed trying to get to sleep, I think I'm wanting it to be baby and because of that I'm not sure if I'm imagining it.

    The other night I could feel like a twitch in my tummy, it was really weird, and then othertimes I've felt like a popping but that could be wind I suppose.  

  • The twitch sounds very like a baby movement to me, I've never felt the popping people describe, but twitches and nudges definitely. Exciting times!

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