*** Tue 2nd Tri* **

Morning all,

Sorry I've not been around for a few days. Work has been hectic and I spent the whole weekend clearing out.  What started as just clearing the spare room has ended up with me clearing the whole place so it seems to be taking forever.  I had hoped that the weekend past would be the last for tidying out but I'm still not quite done.  I'm really, really hopeful that the weather holds out on Sunday so we can get to a carboot sale and get rid of some of this junk.  If it doesn't sell its getting dumped, its not coming home with us again.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Other than that.  My Maxi Cosi carseat arrived yesterday - I've got it sitting on the living room floor and can't stop looking at it and imagining a little baby will be in there at some point.  Its feeling pretty surreal.  

Pregnancy wise - nothing to report really.  Still feel great, bump is growing, getting more kicks than before but still nothing excessive.

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope its kind to you xxx


  • Morning :)

    CA you're a busy lady, I think you're Wonder Woman sometimes. How exciting that your cat seat is here, I bet it's so lovely looking at it and picturing your little baby in it. Eeek!

    I can't believe I'm writing this, but I'm 24 weeks!!!! Eeeek! Happy feet is a melon, ok a small one, but still! A blooming melon!!!!

    Had an ok day yesterday, my kiddicare stuff arrived and we went to ikea ladt night to get the wardrobe and drawers. It's all starting to come together now! :)

  • Morning ladies,

    HAPPY VIABILITY DAY IMP AND HAPPY FEET!!! Woohoo!! I am absolutely thrilled and over the moon for you lovely lady xxx So exciting that everything is starting to come together now, can't wait to see a flash of everything when it's all put together :)

    CA, I have my fingers crossed for perfect car boot weather on Sunday. Really hope this weekend sees the end of your mammoth clearing mission! Fab news that your carseat has arrived!

    AFM, I have the mw today followed by a day long work session. Hope it goes quickly! I have a bit of a list for the mw as I'm getting quite bad restless arms and legs, I'm as tired as I was in 1st tri and have gone off my food a bit. I'm wondering if the first two can be attributed to an iron deficiency? Either that or I'm just destined to be tired for the rest of my life!

    Hi to all who follow xx

  • Morning ladies! While is occupued by scrambled egg I can pop on without having my phone grabbed/text deleted!

    CA - Sounds like you've been a busy bee...I'll be doing a sun dance for you, hope you manage to sell some bits and make some pennies. Yay for car seats too :-)

    Imp - yay for viability! It's such a huge milestone :-) Sounds like you had a productive day yesterday too..have you much left to get?

    AFM - not much to report baby wise, though we've had all the cupboards etc out in prep for moving and found the bouncy chair etc and beem feeling very reminiscent! O is doing wepp in his bed and had no bother at all since he went in there...touch wood it continues!! Otherwise not up to much...toddler group this morning and then hopefully a trip to buy a new mucrowave as ours went bang yesterday!!

  • Fig - sorry missed you there! Hope the mw has some answers for you and that your work session isn't too bad. Tiredness is the pits, hope it passes again for you x

  • Morning everyone,

    CA - hope you are able to get a carboot done this weekend. We have so much crap too think we'll have to do one before we move.

    Imp - congratulations on viability day! Such an amazing milestone :)

    Figaro - I hope the MW can help you x

    Coco - glad O is doing so well. Hope you have a lovely day!

    AFM: busy day for me today-I have my consultant appointment this morning, then have to go to Audi his afternoon for my second key to be programmed as they couldn't find the actual one and meeting a friend for dinner later. My mum liked the property yesterday. Said its an ideal size but needs decorating. The kitchen is a bit small for my liking (I would have liked a kitchen diner) but other than that it sounds ideal. The estate agents were supposed to send me photos yesterday but they didn't so I'm going to ring them first thing to get them to send them over but think we're going to take it! X

  • Crashing to say happy viability day to Imp!!

    Look forward to joining you all VERY soon!


  • Fig I hope the MW goes well this morning and that work is ok.  I hope the mw can offer you a quick fix for your arms and legs too.

    Coco welll done to O for being such a big boy, long may it continue. How lovely to be getting to see all the baby stuff again! :)

    Browny, I hope the cons appt goes well.  Are you happy to decorate the new place yourself or are you going to ask the landlord to do it?

    Thanks for the wished everyone! :)

  • Hello ladies x

    CA - You are far too organised, fancy a trip down south to sort my house out for me? :)

    imp - Happy viablity day!!

    fig - Hope you get some answers with the midwife today, have you had an iron blood test yet?

    Coco - Pleased to hear bedtimes are going well - hope it continues for you!

    Browny - Good luck at consultants, I hope the new house works out for you and you are moving really soon :)

    Gavi - Hellooooo !

    AFM - Had my 16 week midwife appointment this morning, H came with me as he was keen to hear the heartbeat. Paperclip has a lovely strong beat and she said they seemed very happy in there which was nice to hear. All my test results have come back and no problems detected there so more good news. Just waiting for the consultant appointment now on Thursday where I should find out if I'm going to be made to have c-section or not (eek!).

  • Imp - she's doing 'what she thinks needs doing' but I'm happy to do other bits ourself. I've seen photos now and it looks to be done in neutral colours so think it should be ok just maybe a bit of TLC.

    PS - glad to hear your mw appointment went well. Good luck for your consultant appointment.

    AFM - consultant appointment went ok. As I was on clomid apparently my consultant likes to do growth scans at 32 and 36 weeks but they said when I move they my not have the same policy. Be nice to have them but not getting my hopes up.

    Due to my history of depression I'm at a higher risk of PND but I've just got to monitor it and see how I go.

    My hips were killing me last night, but on a plus note my back/trapped nerve has been so much better since I started doing yoga and walking/light jogging last week. Just shows the difference stretching and exercise can make! X

  • Afternoon all

    CA hope the car boot goes well. You sound like you're on a mission!

    Imp - happy viability day!!! Nice to hear all the bits and peices you're getting. Sounds very organised and exciting.

    Fig - sounds like it could be iron?Hope your midwife is able to give you something that helps.

    Coco - glad O is enjoying his new bed. He seems to have taken to it with no problems at all! Hope the packing is still going well.

    Browny - good news on the house and I hope the new trust give you growth scans too. Not the end of the world if they don't but it would be nice to see more of the baby eh? Also when you sleep and get hip pain is the one you lie on or the other one? I get pain from the one I lie on but I'm not sure how to fix that...

    PS - really pleased the midwife went well and there's no concerns. Fingers crossed the same happens again on Thursday!

    AFM - scan tomorrow AAAHHHHH. Been having all the scary dreams for the past week but we have the day off so I'm hoping it will be a nice chill day. Hopefully looking at a house but if not we are going to visit some estate agents and get some more viewings on the go. Been getting a lot more kicks now although they still feel like flutters. H is desperate to feel them and he has his hand on my bump at all available times at the moment bless him.

    Hi to those that follow

  • Jonesy - no it's the other hip so a cushion does help between my knees but last night it was painful regardless! Good luck for your scan! X

  • CA- good luck with the car boot. Would be good to get some money and declutter. Great you have your pram too.

    Imp- great news about buying bits from ikea.

    Fig, sorry to hear you're still so tired. I am too but I think I'm just getting used to it now and making life adjustments if i need  to. Hope the mw can help a bit.

    Coco - sounds like all is going well.

    Browny, exciting news about the house. I hope it works out.

    Ps- glad you apt went well.

    Jonsey- scan tomorrow! Fab! And how cool to feel flutters. Mw asked me today if I had felt anything but I haven't.

    AFM I had my second mw apt today, all good, low down risk, high iron, and she found baby's heartbeat for me to listen to which was very cool!

  • Evening everyone.  It sure if anyone will read this now.

    Imp - congrats on 24 weeks. It's another major milestone passed. I'm so pleased for you. Exciting that you got lots of baby stuff yesterday.  

    Fig - hope you got on ok at the mw. It could very well be an iron deficiency but it's easy to diagnose that so I'm hoping she'll do bloods to check.

    Coco - thanks for the sun dance. Hope you're managing to get everything packed up for the move it'd exciting!!

    Browny. - glad your appointment went ok today and that your finding your pains a bit better with exercise. That's good that your mum liked the property. Hopefully everything will work out with it.  Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

    PS - that's lots of good news today. Hope it continues. It's so lovely to hear the hb!!

    Jonesy - best of luck for your scan tomorrow. Hopefully you'll get a sleep tonight.  Best of luck with the houses. These babies are bad for not kicking on demand lol

    RC - glad all is going well and you heard the hb. It's awesome!!!!

    AFM - well another busy day from me so I'll be heading to bed just shortly to chill and maybe watch some tv. Hump day tomorrow. Yay!!!!!


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