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*** Tuesday 1st Tri ***



  • Counter, good luck for scan tomorrow! Sorry didn't see your comment at the weekend, I'm not sure how she knew, I wonder if I subconsciously rub my belly or something and me not drinking wine is v unusual, especially free wine Laugh. But there's another girl in the office that's pregnant and she said she knew before she announced it, and she also said that she thought one of the guys girlfriends was pregnant, turns out his sis is having's all a bit weird!

    AR, hope P let you get a nap this morning! You must still be relieved after yesterday, hope booking in goes ok on fri x

    Isis, £3 for 3 hrs childcare, I'd pay that!! Does he enjoy it! Good that his little friend is going too. Good about gender scan, when you hoping to have it?

    NLH, oh no what a shame the sickness is back. Hope it is a one off, but if not go back to the docs and ask to be put on different medication. Hugs to you though it must be horrible. I Think 2nd tri is from 14 weeks these days

    PP, is it worth asking for something for the sickness? Hope your bp comes down at subsequent appointments. Pregnancy is such a worry isn't it?

    Bertie, my sore boobs have all but disappeared, and symptoms vary day to day. Tiredness sucks doesn't it? Hope you can enjoy your meal tonight x

    OB, you must have got such a fright. Glad you are both ok, great pic x

    MrsV, it must be nice to get it out in the open. Hope the spotting stops. Not long till 2nd tri for you either

    Phew we are a busy wee thread these days! Great to see x

  • I know, it's a bargain! he does enjoy it when he's there but he says he doesn't want to go, I've stu to do though so tough lol Hopefully will be 14/15 Sept, I'll be nearly 17 weeks.

  • M was like that with kids club on holiday, would cling to me (or more likely H as I'd make him take her so I'd avoid the tantrum) then we'd pick her up and shed immediately ask to go back! Toddlers are fickle things Laugh

  • OB! That sounds awful. it's the worry more than anything, it's too much. So glad all is well!!!  Great pic then you up and leave us!

  • Mrs V - that's so  nice that your immediate team know. Lovely! The spotting seems to be nothing so that's good. but so much nicer when it stops, eh?

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