*** Tuesday 1st tri ****

Good morning!

congrats to Leelee on the great scan yesterday, fingers crossed we'll all be joining you in 2nd tri soon.

I slept better last night, so pleased about that as yesterday was a real struggle. Still feeling a bit nauseous but nowhere near as bad. Time seems to be standing still at the moment, I wish the next few weeks would hurry up! 


  • Morning Imp! Glad you slept better and the nausea has eased.

    H and I are off Christmas shopping and out for lunch today. We only get Tuesday off together so we need to shop today, deliver presents next week then we'll be working through Christmas and New Year. Nothing else to report really.  Hi to those who follow!

  • Have a nice day then Ixia.  Will you both be working on Christmas day?

  • Morning.

    Imp - Know what you mean about time, I'm also feeling like time is standing still. The last 3 weeks have been the slowest ever.

    Ixia - Sounds lovely, enjoy your day.

    AFM - Feeling better this morning compared to yesterday morning. Didn't have much fun last night though :( Its a shame that my 'peak' time seems to be after lunch / afternoon time, when I'm stuck at work! I was in bed when H got home last night. Its official that whatever I eat in the evening does not stay down.

  • Morning!

    LeeLee, have you come down from cloud 9 yet? Smile

    So glad you had a good sleep Imp, I bet it's done you the world of good. Long may it continue!

    Good luck with the Christmas shopping Ixia! Hope you have a nice day.

    Glad you're feeling better this morning Pep, sorry you had a rotten night x

    Not much to report from me...still tired and still waiting for my 12 week scan date to come through. Impatient.com. Really need to think about starting our Christmas shopping...so far I've done sweet FA. I can see a major panic the week before Christmas on my horizon!!

  • Glad you're feeling a bit better Pep.  I hope it stays that way.

    Fig I won't tell you how much of my Xmas shopping i've done- smug.com!

  • Afternoon ladies :)

    Imp - thankee we are very pleased with the scan and just waiting on the blood results now. I know what you mean about time standing still, its pretty horrid ain't it! I hope time comes round quick for you :) Stop showing off with your Xmas shopping haha (only joking!) ;-)

    Ixia - aw lucky you Christmas shopping, I hope it isn't too crowded, I can't stand that haha, hope you bought some lovely goodies

    Pep - sorry to hear you are struggling with evening dinner :( It's a double edge sword really you want to feel some symptoms but not too bad that it's really delibitating. Hope it eases for you

    Fig - haha yeah I have come down from way up there due to being at work :( and my director being his usual lazy self the git. I'm gonna have to change the way I deal with him and work as my old ticker is fluctuating a lot and I have to watch it especially with carrying the little un. I'm not gonna get too stressed, yeah right haha! Fig get out there and do some Xmas shopping or do what I do and spend hours trawling around the web hoping something will jump out at me, good luck!

    AFM - I think as they've put me forward a few days I think I'm now 13+4 today, do I have to move on to 2nd Tri tomorrow? I shall miss you lovely lot, so hurry up and get over and join me :) :) xx



  • Hey everyone, my  first post in the tri threads eeeeek! Im way too scared to post here everyday until I know that everything's ok this time (fx, well everything blinking crossed!) but just wanted to let you all know I'm always lurking here and love hearing how you're all getting on. I'm so happy for you all, my ttc buddies! I had an early scan yesterday which showed everything's in the right place, my little blob and heartbeat :) so we're very happy. Feeling sicky which is reassuring - have developed a love for salt n vinegar chipsticks and my boobs are massive (for me!). I continue to wish you all the best and will be popping in and out if that's ok until I know everything's ok. Loooooaaaadddds of Love x

  • Lelee hopefully see you there soon!

    CO- welcome. I was wondering how your scan had gone, I'm glad it went well. I know how scary all this is so just dip in as much or as little as you want. Nice to see you here though.

  • LeeLee, hope to see you over on 2nd tri soon!

    CO, hello! Fabulous first post in the tri threads, I'm so happy that your scan went well! Lovely to see you, feel free to post as much or as little as you like, there are no rules here xx

  • Hi all

    Imp - I feel like time is standing still too just now!!

    Ixia - hope you had a good day shopping and having lunch.

    Pep - hope you've been feeling ok today.

    Fig - how long will you leave it before chasing up your scan appointment??

    LeeLee - congrats on your scan again and very best of luck on 2nd tri xx

    CO - welcome. So glad your scan went well. Feel free to dip in and out as much as you want to.

    AFM - I spent most of today feeling rough - nauseous, not wanting to eat anything and tired. Now I feel like somebody hit the switch and I feel human again. Ever so slightly worried about that but we'll see what tomorrow brings. I got woken with that searing pain in my hips again last night. The only way I can describe it is like if your pants were too tight and cut a big dent in your skin and it was sore - that's what it feels like but it's nothing cutting into my skin. It's really painful and strange. Can't work out if it's pregnancy related or not but the fact that it started at about 6 weeks and I've never, ever had it before it seems a bit coincidental.

    Possibly talking to myself again here at this time  lol

    Hi to all that follow xxxx

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