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Morning ladies 

How are we all? Counter, glad scan went well yesterday, hope they get the other measurements easily at rescan x

Not much to report here pregnancy wise, getting wriggles and kicks, went last night and bought some rather unsexy nonwired bras, good job I'm not in the mood for some action these days as they'll def put H off Laugh but they are much comfier than my other bras. Today M and I have dentist early, then toddler group then after lunch is gymnastics. Coldone here ttoday, so I'll be trying to hibernate as much as possible! M has plans for the park and going out on her bike,we shall see!

Hope everyone is well today xx


  • Morning WE - nice to see your getting wriggles and jiggles!

    not much to update from me here, buggy came last week so ive been wheeling it round the house all weekend!, got a three day week at work this week so im chuffed about that! baby is moving all about this week but defo changed positions

    i washed all my newborn and 0-3 month stuff at weekend so thats all ready to be packed, got my bits and bobs for hospital bag! so i am getting there slowly but surely!! :)

  • Hello! Good idea re bras, I bet you're way comfier! Chilly out, definitely, but where we are it's lovely and clear and bright too, so that helps.

    Our pram bits have been arriving, piece by piece, so that's sort of weird. even though we have so many things already it sort of smacked us in the face unwrapping a wee car seat! And the dog went nuts at it and kept barking. But later we found a chewstick hidden in there, so she's not that frightened. Chew has been removed and seat wrapped up and put away, lol.

  • Hi NLH, didn't see you there. How lovely to wash and sort eveyrthing. and bag too. You're wonderfully organised!

  • Morning,

    Weekender- It is very chilly today! Good idea about the bras, i have been thinking of doing the same.

    NLH- Which buggy did you get? Well done on all the washing, very organised!

    Counter- Which pram and car seat have you gone for? It;s lovely to start buying things isn't it.

    AFM- Had such a wriggly, kicking baby yesterday for the most of the day. it was making me laugh as it was so often. Went to a friends last night and had some pampering so that was fun. Just counting down until scan, 6 days :)

  • I have a little work update, I'll update here instead of elsewhere. Although the future of the group is uncertain we are still going through the motions of interviewing for my number 2, in case all comes good. The no-brainer candidate is wonderful and although my boss hasn't ruled her out entirely he doesn't want her because she has 2 children under 5. I ruminated on this then went and saw him and attempted to reassure him that his experience with a previous member of staff is not the norm and that my work has never been hampered by having Harry, in fact, the opposite because I was more driven to achieve. I talked about how angry I felt on the one hand, but how I also understand it's a concern, as an employer (even though it's illegal and all that, blah blah).

    Basically he was lovely on the one hand, and talked about how great I am, how much I've improved things, and how dedicated I am. But then went on to say how disappointed he is (to be fair, he was very nice about it) that all of the businesses will suffer when I am off, no matter which way we try to cut it, and in these times, he's concerned.

    So instead of asking for extra leave I find myself trying to think of a way to minimise time off. Crazy really. I love my work and love this job. I feel so torn. So now I am wondering whether I should look to come back much sooner, but ask for part-time over a longer period of time, partly funded by me and partly by him. I could better cope with that financially, and I think he might buy in to it if I showed I was making huge sacrifices by cutting mat leave short, and part-time would be my perfect compromise. Oh this is so hard. I just don't know who to talk to as I just don't know anyone in a similar situation! I would welcome any thoughts :)

  • Bertie, enjoy the movements!! It's so exciting. We went for the Britax Affinity. We only looked twice at prams, but I read a lot of reviews online and knew the broad category I was looking for (practical, not trendy, good for dog walks) and the special offer was ending so we just went for it.

  • Counter - how much earlier are you thinking about going back? You were already only planning on a couple of months off weren't you? Exciting that you have your pram! I still only have two sleepsuit sand a pretty little dress (that I bought big so isn't even that useful for a while!). Really need to start buying practical bits but with Christmas coming up I can see it getting put on the back burner.

    NLH, you're so organised! Do you have anything nice planned for your time off?

    Weekender - I still haven't given into no underwire eventhough my boobs seem to be getting bigger by the day! It's freezing here too, but blue skies and sunny so it's quite pretty. Had to scrape ice off the car this morning which made me feel like winter is here!

    Bertie - you're lucky to be feelings so much movement. Mine isn't very often but it's more tickles than anything. Could feel her when I was sat at my desk yesterday and it was making me laugh!

    AFM, feeling fine but starting to get tired (think I managed about a week without feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment!). The last few nights my sleep has been quite broken, lots of tossing and tiring now bump is getting bigger. Realised this morning I need to invest in a maternity coat, tried to do mine up earlier and it wasn't happening!

  • Counter- When would you be looking at going back? It's good that you love your job so much.

    Flossy- I know, im suprised i feel so much too! Even my H has felt some kicks too, I have felt them from 17 weeks. Wonder if build etc has something to do with it. You are getting an icandy too aren't you? Which one are you getting? I am the same with sleeping! I am always so tired now!

  • Bertie, I am now starting to wonder about going back after 4-6 weeks only, but doing 2 days, then 3 then 4 across the months until I get to 5 days. I would rather that than off, off, off, off then BACK! If you see what I mean. I thought he wouldn't go for it, but now I am starting to think he might. I think I need an excel calendar and a spare ten minutes lol.

    Flossy, can you get comfy? I thought I was being a diva saying it was a bit uncomfortable, I've no 'upfront bump' more an all over spread ha ha!

  • How would you work that out with childcare Counter? The phased idea does sound like it might be a bit easier than being away from the baby for the whole week straight away. Fingers crossed your boss goes along with it!

    I can't get comfy, no! I've always slept on my side, so thought it wouldn't be an issue but whenever I roll over I seem to wake up because I get some kind of ache or lie on something awkwardly. My bump (at the moment) is all pretty much at the front, but I guess the bigger boobs are adding to the problem too!

    Bertie - yep, I think we're set on the icandy Peach. H really likes it and has pretty much made his mind up, think we 'll go for the grey/silver colour one. What about you?

  • Flossy- We are going for the peach too, I like the normal one but H likes the jogger so its between those 2.

    Counter- That sounds good to gradually worj your way back up. Worth asking anyway isn't it if it would suit you better.

  • hi All again

    hello other ladies, sorry i didnt get to catch up with you earlier!

    we got a bugaboo cameleon! i bloody love it! and put it together all by mysellf! (quite proud even though it was super easy)

    we are off to Whitstable for the weekend! nice chilled weekend sitting in pubs and eating food! just what the doctor ordered!

  • Morning all, been proper proper rubbish with posting, do check in from time to time to make sure you are all doing well.

    Weekender - i have just this morning decided an underwear shopping trip is in order, i want massive comfy granny knickers and non underwire bras, H is less than impressed  

    NLH - How exciting to be getting things ready, you sound very organised and i am very jealous.

    Counter - So pleased your scan went well, and pleased work seems more secure.  Hows your sister getting on?

    Bertie - Its so lovely feeling movement and kicks, always makes me smile even when they make me jump.

    Flossy - Have you got a maternity pillow? i love mine and although sleep still escapes me it definately helps support bump.

    Me - now 22 + 1 not done update in forever so....... Found out we are having two boys,both have anterior placentas so only started feeling definate kicks and movement in the last week and can't help but smile now everytime i feel them. Blood pressure playing silly every time i see the midwife, who then refers me to the hospital who let me sit and take it manually and its then better so seeing the doctor  for a manual check once a week instead now. Developed SPD still quite mild at the moment and is apparently pretty par for the course when expecting twins.

    Life in general rather hectic as we are in the process of buying a new house, and getting a new car, work busy ish as coming upto Xmas and the horses are now in as the weather is getting colder so busy busy busy.

    Any way will try and post more, but pleased everyone is doing well. xxx

  • Hi everyone, late again so no time for personals really.

    But PP nice to see you. Lovely that you are having 2 boys! My friend is having twins and has suffered terribly from SPD and sciatica. Hopefully you won't suffer too badly.

    I'm trying to get organised so ordered the crib sheets and mattress last night and started my Christmas shopping as well! I can't believe how quickly time is going at the moment!

  • Counter - please don't take what i'm about to say in the wrong way....hopefully you won't. I do know how much you love your job and how much you care about it BUT, it is totally out of order for your boss to tell you that you are making the business suffer by going on materntity leave. Yes it's not ideal for him but that's life, it's ablance between work and homelife. For everyone, men just have the balance easier. You are entitiled to have a baby without feeling like your job is at risk or that you are putting the business at risk in any way shape or form.

    I honestly think that you will deeply regret going back any earlier that you already are. That is going to be difficult enough. That early time with your baby you will never, ever get back and is more important than anything else. I'm not naive and i fully understand the financial situation that means you can't take long off. But please pelase don't allow your boss to guilt trip you into coming back any sooner. He has absolutely no right to at all. It actually makes me really cross on your behalf!!

    The staggered return seems like a possible good solution but the sentence 'if i could show him i was making huge scarifices' really worries me. Why should you have to? PLease please don't sign up for something you'll regret. The businesses will survive irrelevant of your maternity leave but only you can enjoy that early time with your baby. Also you have to think about your physical recovery. If you have a c section or very bad tearing etc you may be physically incapable of going back and that happening at short notice would be worse for them than being able to plan in advance.

    I hope that reads in the context in which it's meant!!!

    AFM - i started a thread this morning but put monday on the title. That sums up how tired i am! We had a fab time in Brighton yesterday but i ache quite a lot today which worries me a bit.

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