*** Tuesday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies, 

How are we all? I'm exhausted. TMI but I think I've got thrush, been up a few times during the night. Waiting for docs to open so I can call for an appointment. Nothing to report pregnancy wise. Got 16wk mw appointment on Thursday, but that's it.

Hope everyone is well xx


  • Morning!

    Hope you get an appointment and the gp sorts you out.

    Had a good nights sleep so up bright and cheery. Back to nursery for Aaron today and Phoebe has playgroup. Have my nephew over after school this afternoon too :-)

    Ck 23+4 x

  • Morning

    Weekender, hope you get into the docs today.

    CK, hope you get to enjoy some you time  and that you have fun with your nephew this arvo.

    I'm not sleeping well at the mo, I'm not waking in the night but I'm so tired in the mornings and having really weird dreams.

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Hi Ladies, just thought I would pop over to see who is due to join us over on third tri soon!! Some of you must be due over there soon!

    Hope you are all well?!

  • Morning all!

    WE - that's rubbish :( hope you get to see a doc today.

    CK - glad to hear you are bright and breezy and I hope you have a great day!

    Mrs P - booooo! Any idea what's causing you not to sleep well? Hope you survive today.

    AFM back at work after a Friday/Monday long weekend which was lush! Got a job lot of clothes on the boots website (3 for 2 and £25 of £100!) so delighted with that. Delivering training today so best get organised!

    Have a fabulous day all!

  • Morning all, I'm joining the sleepy club. Really struggling to sleep the last few nights was up and down all last night so I ordered a maternity pillow first thing this morning to see if that helps. Also about to phone Physio as I can hardly walk. Hips and thighs are so sore. I was crying between clients yesterday as the pain was so bad.

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm struggling today :( my boy was crying at school and I don't know why and I just feel really emotional. On the plus side I'm sure I just felt the baby move again. Week today til our 20w scan.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Mrs Bass, think I'm due over on Thursday, might dip my toe in and say hello then join in proper after the weekend. How are you? X

  • Morning ladies, lots of sleepy ones about today it seems!

    Weekender- hope you feel better soon!

    CK- enjoy your day/afternoon :)

    Mrs P- the not sleeping stinks, i think hormones definitely play a part in the dreams too. Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. Also, can't believe you're off to third tri soon, eek!

    SP- Still jealous of the clothes spree! I'm resisting so far as a lot of what I was after is OOS but might take another peek later...

    LR- I hope the pregnancy pillow helps you poor thing! :( Take it easy if you can.

    Isis- I hope your little boy is okay, bless him. But hurrah for feeling the baby move!

    AFM I am on earlier than normal today as I'm home from work. Woke up today with painful cramps and very tight chest and was on my way in to work but just didn't feel up to it, so came home and am taking it easy. I woke up a few times on my back last night (despite having a pregnancy pillow!) and wonder if that's contributed towards the feeling in my chest? Either way, I was told very sternly by OH that I need to start thinking like a mum and not a manager, bless him, he was very concerned for me and bubs but I'm sure it's just one of those horrible uncomfortable pregnancy things!

  • All good Mrs P- bump is getting heavy and uncomfortable though! Looking forward to seeing you and others over there soon!

  • Very very late as always.  I think this is going to be my goodbye to 2nd tri post.  Everyone always seems to be on her so much earlier than me, work have blocked the site again and the connection on my phone is terrible so I haven't been posting much. You've all gone by the time I get on!!! Anyway, I'm 27 weeks tomorrow, no idea where the time has gone but I guess that means that when  next post I will be over on the scary tri!  Hope to see you all over there soon xx

  • So long Jem, see you on third tri in due course, take care!!

  • Hi Jem, bye Jem! Good luck over on 3rd tri, see you there Thursday - eek! Xxx

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