*** Tuesday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies how are we all?

Nice day here yesterday, met friends in the morning then met mum for lunch. Not really got anything planned for today, must sort that out!

Pregnancy wise nothing to report other than I've booked my flu jab for 31st October. Still not getting much movement, I'm 17 weeks with baby 2, surely should be feeling something by now? Get odd rolling sensation if I lie down and concentrate on it, and the odd pulse feeling which could be a kick but certainly nothing regular. I think I'm destined to worry the entire way through this pregnancy!

Hope everyone is well, sweetpea I hope yesterday went well x



  • Morning Weekender.

    Early start for me, H is just totally gubbed just now so I'm opening the gym to let him have a few mornings off in a row. Now it's me that's tired.

    I'm struggling with heartburn just now. It's giving me that horrid sicky feeling. I'm going to make up a wee aromatherapy blend to see if that helps.

    I'm working this morning, might take the kids to the park on the way home if its dry. That's about all I have planned so far. Robins Star has 10% off today so I'm ordering a newborn Starsuit and hats for my 2 and a couple of my nieces and nephews x

  • Morning,

    sweetpea - hope all is well

    weekender - I'm sure in the next few weeks the movements will  ramp up x

    all fine here, slept a little better last night. Got more painting to do this morning then may venture out this afternoon. Feel a bit lost with no buggy to push though!

    ck 25+4 x

  • Take the dog CK!

  • missed you LR - Whats up with S? How's the spd?

  • He's just really shattered. Start of a cold and still recovering from a back injury. I'm hoping by me being nice and doing extra hours just now he will return the favour when I'm heavily pregnant and feeling rotten! Lol He has a competition on the 26th so needs to be fighting fit for that.

    It's not to bad today. It's generally ok in the morning but gets worse as the day goes on. A lovely gym member helped me move all the heavier weights so that was a massive help. The bump is starting to show under my work hoodies so people are offering to help me, and I wouldn't normally but I've been accepting the help recently. I'd say yoga and sitting on the exercise ball is definitely helping my back.

    How are your two getting on "up North?"

  • Morning all,

    WE i've only started feeling the baby properly in the last week. Up until then it was much like you. It's likely just the position of things. Hope you aren't worrying too much.

    LR - oh poor you :( It just sounds like a hectic and tiring time for your wee family at the moment. Glad you are getting help with the heavy stuff!

    CK how's the painting going? Are you pleased?

    AFM the scan went mostly well! Bubs was curled up in a tight wee ball so the sonographer couldn't get cardiac views or lower spine. I did star jumps, ate chocolate, shoogled my hips. Nada! Every other measurement was grand though which is a relief due to my complete lack of bump! I'll be back next wednesday although already feel a huge sense of relief that things are progressing well!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • SP - star jumps? not sure my bladder would cope! glad all is well. We are just painting some woodwork and a black retro wallpapered wall in the kids room. Just renting so hate spending any money so not much.

    LR - get the bump out and make them help! They're fine, spoke to them last night and Aaron 'had to go' to play with his train track. They'll be getting spoiled rotten s prob wont to come home!

  • LR, hope the heartburn eases. Agree with CK, get the bump out and let them help with the weights!

    CK, hope the child free time is productive and you don't miss them too much

    SP, glad everything went well so far!

  • Morning, didn't make it on yesterday, don't quite know what happened to the day but it flew past! I'm feeling a bit 'blah' at the moment. Starting to feel a bit ill (do have my flu jab booked for next week!), and am worrying because I just don't feel pregnant.  I know it sounds really silly but I feel as though I should be feeling different...can't really explain it very well. Have my 16 week midwife appointment next week (at 17+2!) so really hoping she'll listen to the heartbeat to put my mind at rest a bit until the next scan.

    Also on Sunday night I had a really vivid dream that we were at our scan and they told us we were having a girl. In my dream I was a bit disappointed and woke up feeling really guilty!

    Weekender, sounds like a nice day yesterday. Hope you plan something nice and relaxing today.

    LR, hope H pays back the favour when he's feeling up to it!

    CK sounds like the kids are enjoying their time away...hope you are too!

    SP glad all went well yesterday. Can't remember if you said whether you plan to find out the sex? Guessing little one didn't cooperate to find that out anyway?

  • Flossy I'm feeling like that too, it's that 2nd tri thing between symptoms easing and movements starting. Then the trepidation while you wait for the 20 wk scan. This is supposed to be the best bit when you feel fine and baby isn't big enough to make you too uncomfortable, shame it doesn't work like that!

    MW listened for hb at my 16w appointment and that def helped me relax a bit, hope yours does the same x

  • Morning all! Is it only Tuesday?!

    WE, I expect those feelings *are* baby and they'll just get stronger and more frequent and then you'll wonder why you worried x

    LR, heartburn was one of the stand-out crappy things when I had Harry. All night and all day. What is it you're trying to help it? Let us know if it works. Shame you're so tired, hope yer man is feeling better very soon.

    CK - will you flash your painting endeavours when done? What colour(s)?

    Sweetpea, you're almost halfway now! :)

    Flossy, I've had some very vivid dreams, you have to tell yourself it's not real when you wake up! I understand how you are feeling, I was like death right to the end with Harry so the fact I feel kind of normal is really disconcerting some days, but I am having stern words with myself on a daily basis, lol.

    Me... mega-sore boobs, slight nausea, tired. But all manageable and am very happy about that. Still working long hours but think I found my second-in-command in yesterday's round of interviews, not sure it's going to fit with her for child care timings so I may have some mediating to do between her and my work, but I left the office at 8pm last night smiling and excited about the potential of working with her, so must be a good sign :)

  • Morning,

    Weekender- i would love a day with no plans at the moment! Hope you enjoy your day. I had the flu jab a few weeks ago. Just made my arm a bit sore but I am a wuss!

    LR- Do you and H own a gym then? Nice of the to help you out. Hope the tiredness isnt too bad.

    CK- Enjoy the painitng. have your children gone away?

    Sweetpea- Glad it went well at your scan. bet its a nice relief after.

    Flossy- the vivd dreams are weird arent they. I have had a few myself. I feel the same as you, I said to H last night that as i was so lucky first tri and didnt really suffer it doesnt feel like I am pregnant. I try to take time to just sit and take it all in as obviously I know i am! Hope you get some reassurance at your 16 week app. I know not everyone is keen but i got a doppler and that has given me lots of reasuurance when I was worrying.

    AFM- I slept through the night with no toilet trips, wooo! I am off to my friends tonight and her sister will be there with her newborn, i am looking forward to some baby cuddles. Seem to be getting quite a few spots at the moment which i have never suffered with, i blame the hormones!

    14 + 3 today.

  • Counter- crossed posted there. I am with you with the sore boobs, mine are itching at night too...lovely! Glad you have found someone and if you left smiling that must be good!

  • Thanks all! I've heard not all midwives listen to he heartbeat at 16 weeks so I have everything crossed that mine does! Otherwise Bertie I might take your advice and invest in a doppler.  I think part of the problem is that I was really lucky to get away really lightly in first tri without any symptoms and so in my head I feel as though things have been too easy.  Weekender, think you hit the nail on the head, it feels very inbetween at the moment. I'm sure when I'm in 38 weeks and really uncomfortable I'll be wishing I made the most of this time and kicking myself for worrying so much!

  • Flossy

    it feels very inbetween at the moment. I'm sure when I'm in 38 weeks and really uncomfortable I'll be wishing I made the most of this time and kicking myself for worrying so much!

    I hope it takes until 38 weeks to get uncomfortable, ha ha ha!!  ;)

  • I'm sorry I can't manage personals today but weekender this is my second too and I've only really felt movement in the last couple of weeks (I'm 21w today) but I have an anterior placenta again. Flossy, I had no symptoms first time and a lovely easy pregnancy, enjoy it!

    I'm ok, tired but carrying on! Got to do some tidying soon and sort out this pit of a house. Nothing to report pregnancy wise.

  • Just diving on at work so i'll try and get back for personal. Nothing exciting happening with me except bloomin insomnia meant i was awake most of last night. It's soooooooooo frustrating. Have my flu jab on Thursday so not really looking forward to that as i had a very swollen and painful arm for days after i had it with P. HOpe you're all well.

  • Afternoon all

    sorry i have only just got to work been at physion all morning so not got time for personals

    hope your all ok?

    i think i had my first braxton experience last night! but not sure! x

  • Honestly Flossy I'm still waiting to feel pregnant! I think we are just very lucky to be keeping so well and you just need to keep the faith that while you have no reason to worry you might as well enjoy the experience!

  • Hi everyone

    Sorry I haven't got time for personals today. I am just back home from a hospital appointment in central London for one child. Have another out in Essex this afternoon for another child. Nothing like my boys keeping me busy.

    pregnancy wise not a lot to report. I am trying to determine whether I feel this awful because I am pregnant with 3 children already or is there something else lurking away!

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