*** Tuesday 2nd tri ***

Morning ladies

As we're up bright and early I thought I'd post! Hope you're all well. We're off to the mothership in Kent today....looking forward to seeing my Mum and Dad and giving her a hand with a few bits after her op. In baby news we've a very active little rascal in there; looking forward to seeing them again in 2 sleeps :O

Have a fab day all xx


  • Morning,

    Coco, I hope your mum is doing okay now? Enjoy spending time with your parents. Lovely that baby is wriggling so much!

    AFM, baby is kicking lots here at the moment too, it's lovely to feel :) In other news we have a house viewing lined up for Saturday, I really hope we like it! It looks lovely from the photos so fingers crossed.

    Hi to all who follow, hope everyone is doing well xx

  • Morning both!

    Coco  I'm so glad your mum is in the mend and you can go and see her now. Enjoy looking after her. Lovely to have a wriggly baby too.

    Fig yay for a house viewing, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the one for you guys. Good that your baby is wriggling so much too.

    AFM- well I'm exhausted after a terrible nights sleep. I was lying awake for ages unable to switch my brain off. I've got a headache and my hips hurt too. Moan moan moan!

    In others happier need, happy feet is also active these last few days and today is a cauliflower! :)

  • Thanks for asking after her at the weekend Fig, sorry I couldn't get on to update. She lost a lot of blood post op and had a lot of lightheadedbess/passing out but once that was more stable they discharged her on proviso she goes straight back if any further probs!

    Great to hear your little lady is kicking loads now. Hope the house is everything you want it to be and more....this moving while pregnant lark is hard work! We've 2.5 weeks to go until the big move now :O x

  • Oh Imp, I'm sorry you had a rubbish night. I hope your aches ease soon. Sending you a hug xx Lovely that Happy Feet is so active though, and Happy Cauliflower Day to you both! :)

    I'm so glad that your mum is on the mend and back home Coco. Wishing her a full and speedy recovery x  Eeek can't believe that your move has come around so quickly! Hope you're getting there with the packing, it's so exciting!

  • Imp - sorry I missed you there. Sorry about the pants sleep, hope you get a better one tonight...hip ache when you're trying to get comfy is the pits. Fab news on a wriggly cauliflower Happy Feet though :-)

  • Morning ladies!

    Coco - have a lovely day with your parents.

    Fig - best of luck with the house viewing!

    Imp - sorry you had such a terrible nights sleep. Hope the pain in your head and hips eases soon.

    So great to see such active bumps from everyone :) Mine was kicking away at 5.30am but is quiet now. I'm seeing the midwife this morning with H and visiting FIL this evening but not sure what to do with the rest of the day as it's currently raining. I was in most of the day yesterday so want to get outside today if the rain stops.

  • Ixia I hope the mw goes well. Do you need anything from the shops? I always find shopping good on a rainy day.

  • Ixia, hope the rain eases soon and that you can go somewhere nice. Good luck for the mw!

  • Morning all, busy already!

    Coco - hope you have a good day with your parents and hope your mum is doing well. You'll have to treat her this Sunday!

    Fig - hope you like the  house! Lots of us moving at the minute! I've just over 4 weeks to go!

    Imp - sorry you had a bad night. Take it easy today if you can!

    Ixia - hope you manage to do something today despite the rain. Its hard to get motivated when the weather is bad!

    AFM - my nephew was very well behaved yesterday bless him. We went to the park and had a lovely time. Now his language is coming on its great that we can understand each other and joke around. Still waiting to hear about the house but my old account manager emailed me yesterday to say the estate agents had contacted her so hopefully things are finally getting sorted. We're a bit screwed if it falls through! X

  • Thank you Imp and Fig!

    Imp - I'm always up for browsing the shops, but not sure H will be! Maybe I can't tempt him with the promise of breakfast or coffee and cake somewhere at the same time!

  • That all sounds good browny. The house must be coming together if they're already referencing. Glad you had a lovely time with your nephew too.

    Ixia coffe/cake and lunch sounds like a genius idea! Do it!!!!

  • Browny - keeping everything crossed that things with the house will get sorted for you! Sounds like you had a great day with your nephew :)

  • Ixia -Hope the mw goes well and yiu can manage togetout and do something today; another vote for coffee and cake here. Mmm, cake!

    Browny - glad you had fun with your nephew yesterday. Things are so much easier once they can communicate; O used to get so frustrated! Hope you hear about the house soon,but sure everything will be fine :-)

  • Morning all!

    Coco - have a good time seeing your parents! I'm sure seeing O will lift your mum's spirits in any case :)

    Fig - oooh exciting, I loved viewing properties even if just for the nosy aspect! Hope it's the one for you!

    Imp - awww I'm sorry to hear that, hope you start feeling better soon.

    Ixia - hope you manage to get out for lunch and shopping! Sounds like my kind of day!

    Browny - that sounds promising about the house, I hope they can take you out of limbo soon. Glad you had fun with your nephew!

    AFM - sorry I've not been on much, we've had a D&V bug in this house! I had a mild version first and then my H got it really badly poor man :( I ended up taking A to my mum's to avoid him getting it too. Back home now though, planning to go out to music class later, it's the last one as the instructor is moving. After that just got a lazy day planned of washing/tidying etc! Baby-wise we had a gender scan and found out we're having a little girl, could not be more excited! Have bought her a few little bits already but going to wait for the anomaly scan before buying *too* much more!

  • Saisi - sorry to hear you've been ill. Congrats on having a girl, how lovely! :)

  • You all talk too much ;)

    Not even sure I can for personals in now before I leave!

    Helllllooooooo to you all anyway. Happy Tuesday x

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