*** Tuesday 3rd Tri ***

Daisy - happy due date for yesterday, hope you get your sweep today and that it kicks things off.

BG - glad to hear you're nearly sorted - but what will you do with yourself for the last few weeks Laugh I'm much the same though, I'd like to be sorted by 37 weeks 'just in case' - even though I'm quite convinced I'm going to go way over.

Noggin - lovely idea to hide things in A's desk! What did you get in the end? 10 days over 3 weeks is excellent, lucky you!

JT - happy birthday for Saturday! I'd start washing if I were you - I thought it was too early as well but have been told just to get on with it Wink so started over the weekend - I'm a few days behind you.

Popcorn - glad the kidney-type pain wore off. How did you NCT class go? We had our first one last week, we didn't learn anything (we've been doing other prep like hypnobirthing so already learned a lot) but the people seemed nice and the main reason we signed up for them was to try and make local friends with babies due around the same time!

MrsB - yuk, hope the dog is better now (for your sake as well as his/hers!) Enjoy your Cornish holiday!

LP - loving the final countdown singing! Woohooo for reduced working hours as well! When do you completely finish? Nursery flashes needed at the weekend!

Sam - I know what you mean about the sudden realisation. I went to a local homebirth group meeting recently and I was the only one there without a child - it was mayhem and I just thought 'this will be my life soon - argh!'

TT - what kind of thing did they cover at parenting class? What a great idea - the focus always seems to be on the antenatal side, the pregnancy, labour and birth - but then what?! My family laugh at me and say I wont know what to do with a baby that doesn't have 4 legs and live in a field, but I think they might be right!

MS - so glad everything is ok, this pregnancy lark is so stressful!

IDC - happy baby week! When are you due?

AFM - survived work yesterday but was in a lot of pain - in fact, pregnancy hormones got the better of me and I cried most of the drive home, wondering how I will cope for the time I have left. I've decided just to focus on the next 2 weeks and if I need to leave earlier than planned, I will - I want to make it through til the end of August though as my M/L cover starts next week so I need to be able to hand over.

In brighter news though, we almost finished the nursery last week! It still needs a blind, curtains, some wall decorations (bunting nearly made and I need to make some wall art) plus I'm not happy with the bookshelf we already owned (it's cheap laminate so I couldn't paint it to match the rest of the furniture) plus the nursery chair hasn't been painted and put in there yet, but the main room is complete.

Some flashes on my blog! http://projectstork.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/project-nursery-nearly-finished/  



  • Morning all,

    Mrs 50s- just take work one day at a time, don't push yourself too hard, and if you do need to finish early then do it, don't worry about leaving them in the lurch at work, you and baby are more important.

    I think maybe you are right about washing. I need to sort out the drawers in W's room first so there's somewhere to store all the baby clothes so I think I'll try and do that this week and then get started on the washing.

    AFM off to the park this afternoon for a friend and her lo so fingers crossed it stays dry.

    Baby out vibes to daisy and anyone else in need.

    JT 31+5

  • Morning!

    Well I'm working up to 38 weeks (that's next week, holy crap!) then I intend to have lots of tea and cake dates in the 6 child free days I'll have before my due date. It's been pretty easy this time as it's really just a car of getting stuff out of the loft and washing it all, only a few things to buy and we're not decorating or anything. I need to sort my hospital bag this week really too. I only really started sorting stuff last week.

    Had many vivid dreams about having baby in August last night, the 28th in particular. My friend who's due 31/8 (she was also 2 weeks ahead of me last time, but A was born 4 days before her boy) was in at the same time as me. I'm now paranoid about baby being a bit early and jumping herself up a school year. Any other September (or August?) due daters worrying?

    Today we have swimming and then meeting my friend for cake at Kiddicare where I'll pick up the crib mattress and a few other things.

    BG 36+4

  • Morning all,

    Mrs 50s as JT said take one day at a time, if you need to finish a bit earlier than planned then do so it won't hurt. Nice to hear the nursery is coming along well

    JT enjoy the park later it's lovely and sunny here this morning hope it stays dry for you.

    BG have fun with your friend this afternoon. And enjoy swimming.

    AFM it's our 3rd wedding anniversary today so we're out this evening for a meal, MIL is baby sitting. I've got MW later to see if she can get blood from me this week. Last week she couldn't get enough so it means a second round of torture. Then I'm taking Isla to have her feet measured as she needs some new trainers for our holiday. Hi to all that follow.

  • Sorry, had to post before doing the personals.

    Mrs 50's - The nursery looks fab! How are you managing to do the horses? Are you getting more help with them now?

    JT - hope it stays dry for you.

    MrsB - happy anniversary! Have a lovely evening.

  • BG I know what you mean about it being easier second time not having to buy loads of stuff. I feel really underprepared as I seemed to have loads of stuff to shop for and buy last time and this time I've done nothing. I have to keep telling myself its because I've already got it.

    Enjoy swimming and kiddicare- I've only been once but could have easily spent the whole day there it was fantastic!

    MrsB happy anniversary. Enjoy your meal out. Good luck at the midwife- blood out vibes for you!!

  • Mrs 50s I've just had a look at your nursery pics, it looks fantastic. Very jealous with how creative you are!

  • Just popping in for a nosey at Mrs 50s nursery. Proper lush! Love the stars! I also have one of those dreaded stair box thingies. I am using it as a changing station with storage too.

  • Morning ladies,

    Mrs 50s - your nursery looks lovely, I love the drawers in particular. Our NCT class went well but I think, like you, we already knew quite a lot from reading all the books etc. It was nice to meet other couples though which is the main reason we've done it.

    JT - hope it stays dry for you this afternoon

    BG - we finish work NEXT WEEK! Wooo! Like you, I also intend to spend much of my time eating cake and drinking tea. Funny you mention the school year thing, so many people congratulated us on the "timing" of our baby wrt the school year, I'd never given it much thought!

    MrsB - Happy anniversary! Have a lovely evening x

    AFM - NCT class was good last night although I knew quite a lot of it (H called me a swat at one point because I knew all the answers to her questions). Tonight's class is breastfeeding so I'm not expecting to know half as much. I also slept really well last night for the first time in ages. It must have made a difference because people keep saying how awake I look today!

  • Morning Ladies,

    Mrs 50s- Definitely take work one day at a time. I'm not feeling to bad physically (I really don't have a demanding job!) but completely in the CBA stage and just ticking off the days on my desk calendar as I go! (I have 29 working days left to go whoohoo! haha). Just had a look at your nursery pics and it looks lovely. You've done such a good job!

    JT- Here's hoping it stays dry for you. We also need to sort storage etc out before I do any washing so no doubt this will all be done about 2 days before baby is due because we are always so behind on everything! haha

    BG- Not long left for you to go! I wonder if your dream is going to come true and we will see baby a little early! Very strange that they can jump up a whole school year just by being a day different. Have a lovely day swimming and at Kiddicare.

    MrsB- Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a really lovely day :) Hope they manage to get some blood from you easier than last time.

    AFM- Had a really strange dream last night that we had a baby boy! My mum had bought a huge box of dolls and there were 12 in it. Then I misplaced the baby and we were frantically searching through all these dolls to see if I had put him in there. Then my mum had to check I hadn't folded the pram up with him inside. It was awful :( Turns out H had him in the car in his car seat. Woke up at 6.20 stressing! haha Boss is back in today so need to try and look busy while I intend on doing as little as humanly possible. 29 working days after today..

  • Popcorn- Glad the NCT class went well. Even though I used to work in maternity so in theory should know enough about breastfeeding etc I feel like this is where I am completely unprepared! I think it's because I have seen that it's more a case of practice and perseverance rather than being able to get myself prepared for anything. Glad you managed to get a good nights sleep :)

  • PC hope the NCT class is better than my NHS one about breast feeding. She produced a knitted boob ( apparently she once stood in the craft section of John Lewis and handed out the pattern to people and asked them to donate them to the hospital for training new mums!). She then said that baby's naturally know what to do and often are known to crawl up your body to get to the boob and then just latch on!! Cue me feeling like a total failure in hospital when this did not happen, but finally after a week of trying it finally worked!

    LP hi hope you are well

    Sam- no strange dreams for me this time yet, although last time I kept dreaming I'd had the baby and not realised as it was so easy and then was really disappointed I'd missed out in the experience! Needless to say there was no chance of that really happening!

  • JT- Completely agree about the breast feeding. I have seen many a knitted boob and been told that parents to be were shown a video of a baby wriggling up to the boob and latching on. From experience I know the reality is very different and I really do think it is just a case of try, try and try again! I think if new mums were a bit more prepared on how every baby is different and how much of a struggle it CAN be that it would be a whole lot better.

  • Mummy Simpson- Just had a look at yesterdays post as I had missed your update. So happ that everything was positive and that you can go back to being MW led all being well on next scan! Not surprised you celebrated with a curry :) Big weight off your shoulders today xx

  • JT - our NCT teacher mentioned that newborns will crawl to the boob looking for a feed but thankfully, it was more a passing comment than "pah, it's easy they know what to do!" I'm taking that as a good sign that she won't just fob us off. It's a 3 hour class so hopefully we get as much covered as possible. It's one of the things that I'm most concerned about and I think that goes for my whole class so we'll make sure we get as much info as possible!

  • Morning. No time for personals today.

    Just back from mw. Had my sweep but not ripe enough. she suggested canoodling to help. lol. Finally got my washing fixed so now to tackle the 6 loads that are waiting. and its sunny so can get it out.

    Mw is going to see me again Sunday at home. And if no baby will get me up the hospital to get induction sorted. As D was so big she doesn't want me left too long x

  • I think it's an NHS thing to encourage new mums to try by telling them its easy.

    I remember asking my midwife at a check up while still pregnant something about bottles, saying I planned to bf but I know a lot of people can't or have problems so wanted to get some bottles in aswell and she just looked at me baffled and said why would you have problems, of course it will work.

    I remember one night in hospital being so upset as W wouldn't latch and wasn't feeding and a lovely MW saying to me that it was normal to have difficulties in the early days but they're not allowed to tell pregnant mums that as they think it will put them off trying!

    Personally I would rather know in advance that it is difficult and will take a while so I know to keep trying!

  • Daisy- Glad your washing machine is fixed and you can crack of with the washing. Not much fun but at least no going to the MIL's!

    Definitely get canoodling, anything is worth a shot at this stage :) Lots of baby out vibes to you. Hope things start up soon! x

  • Daisy- fingers crossed things get moving soon. The law of sod suggests now your washing machine is fixed you will go into labour so you can't get it done!

  • Daisy - baby out vibes to you. Sod the washing, get canoodling ;)

  • He's at work lol. plus my mum's here. Will try canoodling later x

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