*** Wed 3rd Tri ***

morning all,

Couldn't see one this morning, but I'm a slow typer so one may be posted already.

on my way to work and have the builders back to do our drive, it's coming along at a cracking pace and could be finished by Friday, woo hoo!



  • Morning MrsP.

    The plasterering is all done. Hurrah. Decorating can commence - well, once its dry!   Toddler told plasterer that baby in Mummy tummy is hiding Laugh  Really made me giggle!
    My Mum got a v.cheap train ticket from Birmingham to Milton Keynes (£3.30) for today so we are meeting her in MK and going shopping .... hoping to get a bit of christmas shopping done actually!

  • Oh has anyone heard from Penny recently? She is due day after me but havent heard from her for ages

    Ditto Chimp - is she still planning a homebirth?

  • Morning all!

    Mrs P - that's great news re the drive - hopefully all done for the weekend :o)

    HF - that sounds ace - both the plastering and a bit of Christmas shopping!

    We did most of the nursery decor at the weekend (well when I say we... :o) ) so that's looking good now (apart from all the stuff we still need to put away!) friends wedding this weekend - so v much looking fw to that - eeek time is going really fast now!!

  • Morning ladies,

    MrsPenguin- glad all is going to plan with the drive. Really hope its finished for Friday for you!

    HF- sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Can't believe you are starting your Christmas shopping already! Im very jealous at how organised you are. Let us know what you get.

    Weeme- glad the nursery is nearly there. I know what you mean about all the stuff to put away! We are getting babies wardrobe on friday so all of her stuff is currently in bags and boxes, there's tonnes!

    Afm-word of the day is 'relax, relax, relax!'. Took the dog on an hour walk yesterday morning and again yesterday evening. Felt fine while I was walking and took it easy (dog has now realised his walks are getting slower and slower!). After being home for a while I had the worst pain in my bump. Think I pulled a muscle and .was in so much pain when I moved. It's better this morning but still there a little.

    Have also woken the past 2 days with numb hands like ive been lay on them. Just googled and ots possibly carpel tunnel? It isn't painful, just quite annoying!

  • Morning ladies,

    MrsP hope the drive gets finished on time

    HF have fun shopping. I wish I could get organised enough to start thinking of Xmas!

    Weeme do we get a flash of the nursery?

    Sam definately take it easy today. No experience of carpel tunnel sorry

    AFM I have a MW appt today. Only 8 days left until ELCS, getting excited. H is getting far too impatient though and wants me to go into labour early! Can't believe how quick the days are going. This time next week will be my last day having a bump , I'm definately going to miss watching my belly jumping about

  • JT- eek how exciting that baby is nearly here! I also have a H starting to get impatient. Because im 37 weeks today he said today 'does that mean we can start eating hot curries and having lots of sex to get her out?' Haha. Im still not ready for her yet though so happy for her to get to due date.

  • sam - take it easy - you do soon know when you have overdone it don't you! I also keep getting a dead arm - but think its cause I'm on my side and I am laying on it :o)

    JT - the pics I took look awful - maybe when I'e tidied!

  • Mrs P - Hope the drive gets done soon.

    HF - Enjoy your shopping day

    Weeme - its so nice when the nursery is done, i still go into mine now "just to have a look"

    Sam - Make sure you take it easy. I have had carpal tunnel earlier on and it was horrible, quiet painful.

    JT - Hope MW appointment goes well. How time flies! How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous?

    AFM - Gonna spend the day chilling and tidying up the house today.

  • Im catching up on 'The Midwives'. Why do I feel compelled to watch this when it scares me so much!? Haha

  • MS I'm excited. I'm trying not to think about the things that I know will make me nervous ( having a CS and when H goes back to work). I'm just focusing in getting to have some lovely newborn cuddles for now!

    Sam- this weeks episode of the midwifes got me do angry! The stupid selfish ignorant woman who discharged herself from hospital! Arghhh poor H had to put up with me ranting at the tv when it was on

    I've just finished scrubbing my bathroom floor ( it was still covered in grout from H tiling). The bathroom looks lovely except the wall tiles near the ceiling which I can't reach so they are still covered in grout :(  think I deserve to put my feet up and watch tv for a couple of hours now haha!

  • Wow! JT - scrubbing floors!!! (I'm a lazy oik icon)

    Have put a flash up for you  (ignore all the rubbish!)

  • Morning everyone!

    MrsP- fingers crossed it's all done by the weekend

    HF- have fun with ur mum xmas shopping! Ive got half of mine done already!

    I know Penny was really busy with work so couldnt get on as often.

    Weemee- I saw u had posted a bursery thread, I' go and look in a min, I hope there is a flash!

    Sam- yes, take it easy today!! Sounds like CT. Midwife thought I had that 1st tri as I got numb hands a couple of times but I also got a numb face so it got put down as a mystery!

    Jellytot-8 days!!! Wow!

    MummyS- hope u get to do more chilking than house work!

    AFM- at nct last night there was a nappy changing lesson and all the men got a doll to practice on. Each had a little surprise inside the nappy for them! Ours had marmite to represent day 1&2 poos! H was cleaning baby well but then kept putting the clean bum down in the marmite! Doh!

    Just had midwife appt and all is weell, luckily my iron levels are ok so I dont need giant suppliments! Got my GTT tomorrow & whooping cough vaccination then flu vaccination sat. Fun!

    H has a day off today too but seems to be doing house stuff. Hoping we can go somewhere nice for lunch though!

  • JT- that woman wound me up too. I understand why she was desperate to feel in control after her last birth but surely babies well being comes before anything! ? Definitely put your feet up now and have a rest.

    Weeme- the nursery looks fab! You've done a great job.

    MrsBass- fun fun fun with all your tests and jabs! Haha I had my flu jab last week and it was fine, no sore arm at all! Think your H will need to do all the first days pooey nappies to get it right haha

  • Well today I have been out dor lunch. Now back at home with my feet up on the sofa and have just downloaded a new book on my Kindle (admittedly nothing that is going to need too much brain power to read!). I actually can't tell you the last time I had chance to read! Im starting to lose the 'freaking out at not having enough to do' feeling and I am embracing mat leave while I can relax before baby is here!

    I also phoned the mw about hiring a tens machine today. Being super unorganised I have left it until now.. left a message on her answer machine so hopefully she has one going spare!

  • Im going to feel like a pin cushion!

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon Sam!

    H and i have just been out for lunch, i am stuffed! He's making a brew and we are going to watch some Breaking Bad!

    our local mothercare has an event on tonight  that im going to pop along too. Goodie bags, 15% discounts, refreshments. might stock up on things like breast pads!

    H asked what the difference between the event and an NCT class was! I just told him he could stay at home!

  • Sorry ladies, late to the party as usual! Mrs B I got an email yesterday about the mothercare event so would be interested to hear how it goes. Ours is on Sunday, not sure if I'm going to go or not.

    I've had a really bad week at work, this is really sensitive and I don't want to upset everyone so you might not want to read on -

    My friend at work is 3.5weeks ahead of me, due at the beginning of Dec. She was off work last week with really bad SPD and just all round not feeling well. She was really really big (bump wise) as in, without a word of exageration, she must be easily twice the size of my bump. Anyway, she went to hospital on Sat as hadn't noticed much movements with the baby that day and they took her in for monitoring. They were concerned about the babies heartrate and after monitoring all night, things got worse on Sunday and she was taken for an emergency section at 30+2. Her little baby boy had to be resuscitated at birth and was taken away. They advised her that he had serious fluid retention and alot of fluid and blood in his lungs. He was 5lb when he was born but lost over 2lb overnight just from the fluid draining away. He was a little fighter all day sunday and monday, however they were told yesterday that things were really bad and that he wouldn't survive. He passed away this morning at 3 days old.

    I can't stop thinking about her and what's happened. I go through spells of feeling guilty and then worrying etc and wish there was something I could do for her or even some gesture.

    Sorry for such a sad post.

  • Weeme- your nursery looks lovely. I love the monkey wall art, where is it from?

    MrsBass sounds like you're going to be a bit of a pin cushion. The mothercare event sounds good, I would find it hard not to get carried away buying things though!!

    Sam if your midwife hasn't got a tens you can hire there's loads of websites that do it. I ordered one last minute last time and i think I paid a couple of pound extra for next day delivery but it was only £20 to rent for four weeks, can't remember what site I used but there's quite a few of them if you google

    Miss deedee that's heart breaking. No experience sorry so have no idea what to suggest. Must be even more upsetting for you aswell knowing her due date was similar to you. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry. But of course if you do have any concerns ring your MW or EPU . Whenever I've gone in over concerns about lack of movements I've always felt bad for wasting their time but they've always been great about it and insisted I always call/go in with any concerns.

    As far as wanting to do something you could put a post on here to ask suggestions. Unfortunately there's a few ladies on here who have had losses and they could suggest things that they appreciated that people did/said.

  • Hi everyone! Horsefan, Mrs P let me know that you were asking after me. I know that I've not been on here much but I've been missing you all. I can't get online at work and by lunchtime its usually too hard to catch up on personals on my phone whilst also running to the shop for food. By the time I get home (usually late) I find that if I do post, I just end up talking to myself :-). I will try to make more effort though. And once my maternity leave starts I'll be on here all day!

    I won't try to do personals today as I know that I'm well out of the loop, but hello everyone, hope you're all well, and how mad is it that we're in 3rd tri?? Argh, we're going to have babies soon!

    Missdeedee, hello lovely. I keep meaning to email you and then end up collapsing on the sofa in the evening and falling asleep instead. Have you put up your nursery furniture yet? So sorry to hear about your friend, that is heartbreaking. I hope that she has lots of support around her. X

  • missdeedee that is so sad! We all assume that once the 12 & 20 week scans are ok then everything is ok. Perhaps are card to say you are thinking of them, im sure she would appreciate it. Like JT says it might be worth asking in a separate post.

    The Mothercare evnt was alright. they had talks from Lazy Daisy, Red Cross first aid, fire men for house saftey and i think there were stalls from NCT, a midwife with what to have in ur hospital bag, a could of baby classes etc.

    There was n information I didnt already have or couldnt find else where. Goodie bag had a few samples in and a hat. plus information on classes. Also got a 10% off voucher which is valid until 20 oct so im going to make a big list of wha ti need and go back in!

    the refreshment table was pretty good! If you have an hour to kill it might be worth it!

  • Just popped on late for a look and seen Sam's post. Yes it could be carpel tunnel. Are your finger sore when you move them? I am having a really bad time with it at the moment!! It's temporary though and will right itself after the baby arrives xx

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