*** Wed 3rd tri ***

Morning everyone. Hope we all slept well. I'm up early thanks to my hips but still slept pretty well. Having a trim today and toes gelled. Then meeting my friends for coffee when they finish work.
Due date is Friday and have a midwife appointment at 4.10 and hopefully a sweep. Baby out vibes to those ahead of me x x x


  • Morning LP, I didn't sleep great because of my hips, nevermind! At least your toes will look glam in labour! Fx a sweep will get things moving for you, I saw midwife yesterday and she said they don't tend to do one until 41weeks :-( I was hoping for one at 40weeks, hopefully baby will arrive before then anyway.

    Baby out vibes to all that need/want them xx

  • Oh exciting times LP there are a few of us with DDs fast approaching, mine's on Sunday with MW on Tuesday. No mention of a sweep or anything if baby's still in there. Enjoy your day it sounds lovely.

    AFM I slept well too and woke up at 6 to Isla singing over the monitor. Had a fun day yesterday at soft play and walking our friends dog. Had my hair done in the afternoon then my sis popped round for a coffee at tea time. No plans at all today. Need to do something though.

    Now I think I have indigestion but having not had it before I'm not sure. It feels like a cold burning sensation that comes up to my throat. Worse when I lie down or bend over. But it doesn't occur for a good few hours after I've eaten. Does that sound like it? And what can I take? Gaviscon? xx

  • Morning BE missed you there x

  • Morning MrsB, I'd try some gaviscon and see if that gets rid of it. Or a big glass of water!

  • Morning ladies,

    Lots of babies due soon, how exciting. Although (remembering what it was like going v.overdue) I don't think Mrs50s will appreciate any queue jumpers!!

    AFM - slept well too. We changed to our winter duvet last night and I think I was wrestling it at about 2am but I must have gone back to sleep because the next thing I knew it was half 6 and my toddler came trotting in! Even H didn't wake me getting up & going out to work.

    Midwife this morning. Fairly sure baby is still breech, but sure she can confirm

  • LP - fingers crossed for the sweep!

    Morning Bump Envy!

    MrsB - sounds like a lovely day yesterday. I would prob try gaviscon, do you get an acidy taste in your mouth?

    HF - glad you slept well and good luck at the midwife.

    AFM - 39+1 and feeling a bit better, my cold is already on its way out although I now had it so woke quite a bit last night. Off shopping with a friend today and hoping the walking around will encourage baby down, no other signs of anything happening. I'm so impatient!!

  • Morning banzy no acidy taste really. Think I'll get some gaviscon today and give that a go anyway.

  • Morning all,

    LP- glad you slept well even if you were up early. Definitely think there are going to be some very close BAs!

    BE- hopw you're not too tired today. Hip pain is so frustrating for us all at the minute! Im not sure when they do a sweep here but have the midwife on Friday so suppose I will find out then!

    MrsB- sounds like you had a lovely wake up call!

    Horsefan- fx baby isn't still breech. Glad you had a good nights sleep!

    Banzy- glsd your cold is getting better. Enjoy thw shopping and I hopw it gets things moving!

    Afm- due date today!! Still no signs so looks like I'll be another one over due. Come on Mrs50s, need to get your little one out so we can have ours without any queue jumping!

  • HF - Good luck with your midwife appointment.

    Banzy - Good to hear that your cold is easing, enjoy shopping!

    Sam - Happy due date! Hope something starts happening for you soon x

  • Morning all ,

    Again on my phone so not attempting personals , bad md-er!

    Baby out vibes to all wanting. I bet we have a run of BA's!

    Afm, into work, I have 2 more really hectic days then can start winding down and handover!

  • Morning ladies, I'm on my phone so no personals just yet. (My phone has something wrong with it so I can't flip it on it's side to make things bigger!)

    I slept much better last night... New method is about 10 pillows! I made myself a little nest! My poor h was a bit squished but totally worth it to have a good nights sleep.

    I'm meeting my best friend today for lunch and shopping. She moved 200 miles away to live with her bf and do her teacher training so I haven't seen her in 8 long weeks. I'm very excited to see her :) next time I'll see her is when baby is here.  I'm sure she'll find my bump and waddle and crutches hilarious! Such supportive a friend! ;)

  • Morning!

    LP - enjoy being pampered.

    BE - hello!

    MrsB - sounds like gaviscon will help, I hate the texture but it does take away the discomfort.

    HF - how baby has turned for you.

    Banzy - enjoy your day. I am the same as you and must have walked the equivalent of a marathon in the last week alone!

    Sam - happy due date! Come on baby, it's eviction day!

    MrsP - hope your day isn't too crazy, not long til finishing now.

    Custard - I have a pillow nest too, it's amazing. Bit tricky to get out of though ;)

    AFM - another terrible night, my stomach was really painful. I felt sick all day yesterday, I think there is just no space for anything to be digested any more. Going to make the Christmas cake today as I didn't get round to it last week, and some rocky road as well. Just need to nip out for baking parchment first - this will be a good opportunity to freak someone out when they ask how long I have left until due date.

  • Morning!

    LP- sounds liek a lovely day, enjoy yourself!

    BE- gingers crossed you don't get to that stage!

    MrsB- what a lovely way to be woken up!! Ive had that a bit, ive been putting it downt o heart burn, get it mainly in the evenings!

    HF- Hope the midwife has good news!

    Banzy- glad you are feeling better!

    SAm- Happy Due date!!

    Mrs P- not long until wind down now!!

    Custard- have fund with your friend, sounds like you have a fun catch up planned!

    Tina- enjoy freaking people out, i bet the step away when you tell them! :-)

    AFM- H had the morning off work y.day and he surprised me by building the crib!!! So exciting but its made everything really real now! it looks really big too!

    I got my first pair of maternity tights the other day and I bloody love them! the most comfy tights I have ever had on! Im only going to wear maternity tights now for the rest of my life!

  • God I love maternity tights. Although I was devastated to discover that some of mine are getting a bit small for me now!

  • Mrs penguin- bet you can't wait for the wind down at work!

    Custard-have a lovely day with your bestie.

    TT- send me some rocky road when it's made! I felt sick a few nights ago and think it was because my belly was so full. Hope you're feeling better today.

    MrsBass- it does make everything real. I can't believe all these empty cribs will soon be filled!

    Got up extra early this morning as we had SD last night and H said he was dropping her off at the child minder this morning. Then it turns out he had instead planned on me having her which im more than happy to do but just wish he would have planned it so I wasn't awake at stupid o'clock getting us ready! Think he couldn't be bothered with the 1? 5+ hour round trip to drop her off and get to work. Hope shes on her best behaviour as I don't have the energy for debating with a 4yo today.

  • SAm- I dont haev the energy now to entertain a 4 year old, not sure how you are going to cope!!

    I think most of you know that I am currently covering maternity leave. WEll the lady who they recruited to cover my mat leave, has called to say that she is pregnant!!!!

    It is only until July next year so she  will still do the role but that is 3 women on 1 role all going on mat leave!

    the lady who i am covering came int his morning with her 6 week old baby, he was so cute, and so well behaved, i would like to order one like that please!

  • Managed a waddle to the shops with energetic dog and SD. Back home now and the hour long battle to get SD to eat a meal is nearly over. My cousin has come over to do a bit of plastering which needed patching so all is good!

  • Wow Mrs Bass, that's one fertile job role! I too started as a maternity cover person and then got pregnant. They recruited a man to replace me haha.

    Well I have had a change of plan. Feeling sorry for myself after the lack of sleep and I have a dodgy stomach so am having my first pj and sofa day of maternity leave. It feels good! Shopping will have to wait until tomorrow, where I can freak people out even more by being in Tesco on my due date ;)

  • I know! another member of my team anounced her pregnangy a coupld of weeks ago, one of the blokes got back from paternity leave a few weeks ago too and another guy is due to go on his at the end of November! Not  bad for a team of 10 people!

    That will be much more entertaining tina!

  • MrsBass- what are they putting in the water at that place!? Haha

    TT- your first PJ day the day before due date, you've done well! My cousin has gone so im giving up on restricting tv time for SD and plan to sit on the sofa until H comes home.

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