*** Wed 3rd Tri******

hope i am not double posting!


morning all



  • Hope no one minded me starting the thread

    been at my desk since 8:00am, very sad to read Bunny's update on her LO, really puts life into perspective

    hope you are all ok today ladies, sending hugs to you all and hope you have a good day x

  • Hi, I hope nobody minds me joining.I read this thread almost every day but posting from my phone is a nightmare.I am 39 wks today.booked for induction which is next Wednesday!this is our 2nd, already have Rose who will be 6 on boxing day,busy Christmas for.us!

  • Hi ladies.

    NLH, early start for you! Do you get to finish early? I know, life is so cruel isn't it :(

    Hi J, nice to see you here! I agree with the phone posting, it's not easy.

    AFM, 30 weeks today. Scary stuff. Should have my whooping cough jab today but I'm still ill so I've had to cancel it again.

    Have a lovely day everyone x
  • Hi J -Eeeeek not long now, good luck!

    OB- no still finish at 5:15, got three meetings today and i was working from home yesterday and kept getting thrown out of the system so i am really behind and need to prepare for today1 So not in the mood!

    i had my Whooping cough done last night and my Flu jab! sore arms today!

  • Just sitting waiting to see Midwife - who is already running 25mins late, grrrr. Will be back for update after.....
  • Morning everyone!

    NLH- hopevu haven't got too busy a day today!

    Jennilola- nice to 'see you ' again! How are you feeling about the induction?

    OB- hope u are feeling better soon.

    Lazy morning for me the going to see my friend and her little ones. Made a huge lasagna for dinner last night so ive put some porions in the freezer!

    TMI Warning- after dinner I had a very loose bowel movement. Got a little excited as thought it might be my 'clearout' but then read that some women have this for a couple of weeks before going into labour!!

    Read lots of positive S&S stories though so feeling positive about Monday!

  • That's not too bad HF, quite average for mine. The longest wait I've had is an hour!

  • Morning all!

    Hiya NLH!

    OB- boo to being ill! Hope you feel better soon. I had WC and flu both on the same day, my arms were sore for a while!

    HF- Good luck at the MW, whenever you manage to see her!

    JL- hello! Not long for you now!

    Well due date has been and gone for me. Im actually fairly chilled, after yesterday I had a flap about being induced. I went to my class nativity yesterday and I swear every person I approached said "Ooh you're high, you've got a few weeks in you left yet!" Grrrrr..

    Today is a new day! I'm in the mindset of that he will come when he's ready. I've been for a walk to the shops this morning and am currently bouncing on my ball. I have midwife tomorrow, so will see what she says. Although she is not the best and very vague!

  • Morning Mrs Bass! Glad your feeling better about the sweep!

    Ive had loose movements on and off for a few weeks but thats probably just me! Hope its the start of things for you! :-)

  • Ooh and Jennilola, is there a reason your being induced at 40 weeks? ( Sorry being nosey!) They wont do it here unless your 10-14 days over due date :-)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome ladies.I am wetting myself re induction! However,I am a control freak and having a date makes me feel a bit more in control and means I can get to see Rose in her school. Ativuty and there is at least a week between their birthdays.I am in for monitoring sat as I have a bit too much fluid round baby, he's engaged which I've heard is unusual for 2nd pregnancies and is flippin uncomfortable!

    Hf, very frustrating, my midwife would be running late at 9 am sometimes, god knows how late she ran later in the day!

    Mb, I keep needing too poo,oh the glamour!

    Nlh, I had both jabs and had lumps on my arms for a while although no side effects so I shouldn't grumble.

    Ob,sorry you're poorly, hope you feel better soon.

  • That's fine g, its mainly due to the fluid and rose was quite big. Baby was 8,1 at growth scan early last week.

  • Ahh I see :-) Good luck with it all! X

  • Gemini- what they know by just looking atvur dressed bump?! Feeling fine today so think it might have just been my dinner!

  • Exactly Mrs Bass! I just think it didnt help my state of mind by them saying it! Ha

  • Hi all; another one here booked in for an induction at term, next Monday. Bu**ger. Could I please have some baby out vibes, as quick as you can?

  • Hello ladies...dipping my toe into 3rd tri! Still feeling overwhelmed at how quickly 2nd tri went!! I'm delivering training at the mo (my group are doing a pairs exercise - so unprofessional of me!!) so can't do personals but will start tomorrow properly. Look forward to sharing the final leg of the journey with you!

  • Hiya sweetpea! Welcome to third tri. This is where it gets scary and people have babies! Ha

    Here's a bump flash from me at at 40+1

    Not sure why its upside down! 

  • Gemini, i feel so huge compared to you, and i have another 10 weeks of growing :(

  • Big vibes for baby out Sange!

    NLH- I'm 6ft though so think the weight is evenly spread. Weight gain so far 2st 1lb.

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