*** wednesday 1st tri ***

Morning ladies

Work for me today, boo. Got midwife at 10, she called the other day to say my iron levels are low so need to have more bloods taken and pick up aa prescription for iron tablets, so will need to nip out for that. 

Tired tired tired and hoping H doesnt have to work this weekend and I can get a lie in. 

Hope everyone is well x



  • Good morning, fingers crossed your iron has improved and you don't need tablets!

    Woken up really early, worked out I am going to be 6 weeks Saturday! If you go by how the medical people do it! That's mental haha feeling so sick and indigestion has struck me again today! Told h it's his fault already and he's never coming near me again and asked mum how she had 4 haha!

  • Morning all

    Weekender-hopefully iron tablets will make you feel less tired. Boo to work.

    cc -congrats again and yay to being nearly 6 weeks.Try and eat little and often, it really does help with the sickness.

    AFM- feeling nauseous constantly as ever and so tired. Same old with me really!! P and i are going shopping today as she needs a few autumn bits and to get her feet measured again. Might meet H for lunch if we're in town over lunchtime.  

  • CC, 6 weeks already?? Hope the nausea doesnt turn to sickness xx

    AR, happy shopping! M needed new trainers at the weekend. She picked bright purple plasticky things with flashing lights from Clarks. HIDEOUS but as anyone with a toddler will know, you've got to buy what theyll agree to wear! She wouldn't even try any others on. My mum bought her a load of autumn clothes too which was great, think we just need tights and heavy socks now and she will be sorted for winter. Mums buying her winter boots in a few weeks once weather turns. Hope your nausea passes today and P behaves at the shops, nothing worse than 1st tri shopping with a toddler

  • Thanks AR!

    Weekend, According too going off the first day of my last period then yes it makes me at 5 +4 weeks, I am no where near that tho! I am more 3 weeks If going of my ovulation on FF

  • Thanks weekender. Didt hey have  a lot on clarks? I want to get some for autumn/winter. Then boots next month hope. I'm really pleased that a Boden fleece lined coat igot her last spring when it was huge on her fits brilliantly still so that's coat covered. Really after a couple of pairs of trousers and some tights/socks today. Her wardrobe is much better than mine!! Will be taking lots of bribing snacks to keep her quiet in her pushchair!

  • CC - stick with first day of yourlast AF for now. They'll probably alter your dates at your 12 week scan.

  • That's what I thought, Least it gets me to my 12 week scan quicker haha!

    It looks like 12 weeks will be the week of H's birthday so he's well chuffed!

  • Morning everyone

    WE - Hopefully the iron tablets will help with the tiredness. At least its mid week already!

    CC - I know it seems crazy how they date you doesn't it? Welcome along and congrats again.

    AR - Hope the shopping trip goes well.

    AFM - Last day in 1st tri for me! Time does seem to be going quicker now. If I don't get back on today I'll see you all over in 2nd tri soon.

  • Morning all!

    WE - good news about the tabs, may help with the fatigue a bit? Do they still give injections if your iron is super low? They stung like a b******! Where do you work or what do you do WE, don't answer if you'd rather not. I just wonder what people do and how they get on with all the first tri tribulations at work.

    Hey CC, yay to you being so far along already. I 'knew' at 2+6 and got a BFP at 3+6 so it feels like the longest few weeks in history (I'm 8+1 now).

    AR - get a lovely lunch out in town with hubby. What are you fancying today? Shopping will be nice? Pretty things for P :)

    Ooh Mrs V - another leaver! Have fun on second tri. Glad time is going quicker *waving goodbye*

    AFM - I am a GRUMPY COW. I feel like poo all of the time and am often near to tears. I laid awake for 3.5 hours last night, from when husband got in from work at 1.30am, to 5am. I feel so rubbish I feel like crying. I hate being pregnant. I look like Casper and have a permanent pained expression (I assume). I have had enough!

    So... today I am turning over a new leaf because I used to be so happy and now I'm a miserable bint. Plan: A quick stroll along the seafront in my lunchbreak, and a walk in the evening with the dog. I'm going to cook something nice and healthy, however small and however little I fancy it, every evening after work. I'm going to use the work pool once a week (start small) to try and get my fitness back up, I was pretty strong and well before getting knocked up lol. I'm going to get our wedding website updated this week and order our Thank You cards. Then I am going to work on selling all wedding things by end September so we can start filling that room with baby things. Think positive!!

  • Thanks Mrs V - Hope to see you on some of the other Tri threads :)! How exciting hehe!

    Counter - How did you cope finding out so early haha, I am too excited now not sure how I am going to cope till 12 weeks feel like I am going to explode lol!

    Hope you feel better later, walk along the seafront sounds lovely! Good luck with your fitness! You have made me think about getting rid of my wedding bits that are being stored in the small bedroom now! Can't wait!

  • is it bad that i'm still lurking in the first tri thread??? :)

  • I am too! Just to see how everyone is :)

  • Just popping back on, mw took more bloods to check folate and vitamin b12 levels, theyll see what they are like before prescribing iron tablets as I might need b12 injections too.

    AR, Clark's had loads but a lot of them were white which I didn't want. Ms a size 8 now too so she had more to pick from I think as the older girls shoes start at a 7 or 8

    MrsV, yay to last day in 1st tri!

    Counter, I'm with you on needing to move more! Bought a pregnancy exercise dvd that's still in its wrapper must start on it but just so tired. My friend and I are going to start getting out walking though and I'm signed up for pregnancy yoga to start in a few weeks so hopefully once 1st tri is over and iron levels are sorted ill have more energy for these things. Think you were asking what I do? I'm an accountant too, but work for a local authority.

    Hi to the lurkers Wave must be weird moving up and having to start getting to know everyone again!

  • Hi All!

    WE glad the midwife seems to be keeping an eye on things, make sure you get a good rest this weekend must be exhausting with a toddler and 1st tri tiredness!

    CC there seems to be some magical mist that comes over people who have a baby to make them forget feeling rubbish and do it again otherwise everyone would be an only child I imagine. Hope you're not feeling too rubbish.

    AR have fun in town and hope you manage to have a nice lunch without too much nausea bless you.

    Mrs V we'll miss you but so excited for you moving to 2nd - and see you soon!!

    Counter sounds like a good plan, sorry you're feeling rubbish but remember so many hormones are whizzing around its unsurprising moods are up and down plus feeling rubbish won't help!

    Hi NLH and Isis not bad at all we love to see you!

    AFM It's our second wedding anniversary today! Obviously would be better if we were in the same countyr but we've left cards with each other to open tonight and can have a good reminisce over skype.

    Had to go home from work yesterday afternoon I felt awful but thankfully feeling better today - for soem reason it seems to be worse the first day I ahve to get up after a weekend which is strange. Only a bit nauseous today think I'll have to accept I need to take it a bit easier!

    I'm booked into a pregnancy yogal workshop on sunday which is exercise plus relaxation and techniques for labour so hoping that will be useful and keep me a bit fit  - I know it can be OK but I really don't feel comformatble doing my usual gym stuff I work up such a sweat! Only 2lbs on so far which I'm quite pleased about considering the crap I've eaten - nice steady 2 stone in total I'll be happy!

  • Suffering quite a bit with indegestion. Have some mints to suck which seem to be helping! and just had a nap haha!

    Happy Anniversary! Hope your skype call is good for you later :) Glad your feeling better! and not so nauseous! the Yogal workshop sounds good! good luck with your loss :)

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