*** Wednesday 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies

Off towork for me today, nothing really to report pregnancy wise but I feel under the weather today, kind of trembling? Weird. if I don't feel better soon I'll call for a telephone appointment with doctor, not sure if it's a pregnancy thing or if I'm otherwise unwell. 

Hope everyone else is doing ok xx


  • Good morning sorry to hear that your not feeling well hope you feel better soon :(

    Nothing much from me ATM :) just feeling very tired!

  • Hello ladies, WE hope you feel better soon. I know it's not the most sympathetic thing to say but I am trembly most days, as though I've done a long run and am weak and wobbly. Is it that or do you think it could be a cold/flu type thing? I know there are many MANY miles between us but lots of my friends seem to have been struck down with viruses in the last few weeks. Hope you haven't got similar.

    CC - tiredness. Argh. Nothing that can be done either  :(

    I felt fine for an hour yesterday, a whole hour. It felt WONDERFUL. Really cheered me up. Then it all went back to normal. Weighed myself this morning and am A STONE heavier than 2 months ago (week leading up to my wedding). Gutted. Andy is being so great at looking after me through my tears and tribulations though :)

    My son is due back at school today but there's a question mark over the subjects he can take at A level because some of them require an A at GCSE, so my fingers are really crossed today. He was one mark off an A for his favourite subject and he had tears in his eyes when he got the email saying he wasn't allowed to do it. He's gone in today suited and booted hoping to talk them round.

    Work is hotting up, I am very behind on the most important deadline of the year and struggling to care enough because of feeling so crap. Really need to impress them though as need the goodwill for maternity leave etc.

    I quite fancy a holiday lol x

  • Morning ladies, I'm too scared to move to 2nd tri already!!! Feeling wobbly today...I don't feel pregnant in the slightest. I don't look pregnant, I feel normal and my boobs no longer hurt. I'm sure everything is fine and I should probably enjoy the fact I'm feeling so well but it is scaring me a mini bit :'(

    WE sounds like a good idea to phone for an appointment particuarly if it's out of the ordinary for you. Could it be low blood sugar?

    CC - helllooooo! Early to bed for you!

    Counter I'll keep everything crossed for your son. How stressful as it's so important! He sounds like a a bright lad and will be successful whatever he does. And fingers crossed for you too with your deadline.

  • Morning all,

    We - hope you feel better soon.

    Cc - hope you make it through the day, maybe a quick powernap will help the tiredness!

    Counter - sorry you feel so unwell although hopefully an hour feeling well will start to stretch to.a couple of hours then half a day and so on, will keep fingers crossed for your son.

    Sweetpea- how exciting to be 2nd tri, as scary as it must be to get rid of the symptoms enjoy it.

    11+1 here and feeling much better than I have, can actually get through the day without a nap now and although still sick it has definately eased. Had lots of pulling and tugging feelings and cant decide whether I look fat or am starting to show, time will tell.  Scan not till 20th so wishing the days away so I can see the babies again.

  • Crashing in to say Sweetpea I didn't look pregnant last time at 14 weeks! Try not to worry. You will probably be massive in a few weeks :)

  • Aw thanks Mrs V. I will brave 2nd tri I promise!

  • Also crashing in! SP!!! I was all excited about you joining today! I felt the best I have between my 12 week scan and about 16 weeks when I started getting back pain. I think it's a 'normal' phase! (Now this is your 1st tri eviction notice!)

  • We'll rush in early tomorrow and lock the doors before SP can get in ROTFL

  • Good thinking counter!

  • Sooo mean Counter!! Ha ha!!

    Okay MDD...tomorrow it is!!! Eeeek!!!!

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