*** Wednesday 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies

How are we all? SorryI never got back on yesterday, was hectic here. 

Back to work today after a week and a half off boo. But hopefully not too busy which would be a bonus. Pregnancy wise, not much to report. I occasionally am getting a shooting pain in my pelvis, generally if I turn over in bed or move at a funny angle. I might mention at Fridays scan or my booking appt on Monday and see what they say. Tiredness still overwhelming by tea time each night but that aside I feel generally ok, no nausea anymore. Just getting antsy about Friday now. 

Hope you are all doing ok xx



  • Morning weekender! Boo to being back at work!! I've had shooting pains also. They did pass after a time but these things are always worth asking about. So much must be happening in there in term of growing and stretching but its a worry nonetheless.

    I have my booking appointment with the mw today! Then this time next week its my 12 (ish) week scan! The appointment today is 11 and then I'm on annual leave for a week. We are off to Skye to stay with my mum et al. The forecast looks grim but I don't care! I'm so tired I just can't wait not to be at work! Does anyone else struggle to sleep with getting up to pee and then the brain switches on and starts thinking overload?! It's doing my head in!

    Hope everyone is well!

  • Hello ladies! Ooh, we've got to mid-week. Yay!

    WE - going back to work is PANTS. Hope today is okay.

    SP - I'd love to go to Skye, and I bet it's beautiful even when it's miserable. Countdown to scan :)

    I'm only getting very mild symptoms (always worries me lol) but also some stretching-y feelings high up in my tummy and lower down, I'm hoping that's all good. I'm 6+1 and have a scan a week today. Can't wait, just hope all is well. Rubbish night last night, H on shift and my dog (first time ever) slept in my son's room and not mine. I'll have to think of a suitable punishment for her... She's annoying but I miss her when she's not there!

  • Morning all

    WE - Hope today goes quickly for you, going back to work is rubbish! I've had similar pains.

    SP - Can't believe you haven't had your booking in appointment yet. MW's do it so differently around the country. At least you don't have to wait long for your scan. Yes I struggle with getting back to sleep again its so annoying having to get out of bed in the night.

    Counter - Stretching pains are totally normal. Ha ha about your dog, its annoying when they have a favourite. Mine definitely favours my H which is highly irritating!

    AFM - Can't believe its Wednesday already, glad the week is going fast. I'm really struggling with my work trousers at the moment, can't do any up and can't find any nice maternity ones. I already have a black pair but wanted a grey or brown pair but they are impossible to find it seems! Can't really wear skirts and dresses as trying to find my bump. Nightmare!!

  • Weekender-pants to being back at work but yay to edging closer to the scan. It's nearly here.

    SP - A break to Skye sounds lovely. Another person so close to a scan day too. Fantastic. The being awake in the middle of the night gets worse later in pregnancy but hopefully it'll pass soon.

    Counter - Stretchy feelings are goo i think. Making space in there!

    AFM - Tummy troubles seem slightly better but probablybecause i'm barely eating. Not eating much in turn makes me feel sick but actually i think the nausea is stepping up anyway as it's there when i wake up. Edging closer to 6 weeks now so seems right time for symptoms to step up a gear. P and i are off shopping today as she needs new clothes and i have to buy some leggings and tunics and similar. Any trouser pressure on my tummy makes me feel very sick.

    AR 5+6

  • Morning - I've made it on before lunchtime!

    Weekender I've had soem pains that still feel a bit like stretching and some sharpish pains further down, definitely worth mentioning though. Hope work isn't too bad - it's just so tiring!

    SP have a fab time in Skye - its fantastic scenery and will just be so lovely not to be in work for a while, enjoy! I'm really tired but am finding I'm not actually sleeping much more than usual and I can be tossing and turning a lot - I got up in the night to pee last night and it really threw me off, better get used to it though I imagine.

    Counter oh bless your dog what is she? I've got a Basset who sleeps on our bed but he's so fickle and if anyone else stays over he sleeps with them - I've just got him back after my Mums been here and I really missed him especially with H being away. Then he takes over the whole bed and I'm cursing him through the night!

    Not much to report here, still tired, some nausea and soem pains but nothing too bad. I had some friends round for dinner last night and am meeting some other friends on the Quayside for food tonight so looking forward to that - keep the weeks ticking over nice and fast!

  • Ooooo i'm so slow typing i miss people!

    Mrs V - Where have you tried for mat wear? I found H&M, JOjo, Next and New Look the best. They often don't have much in store though, online is better.

    Grif - Keeping busy definitely makes it tick of quicker. I think because we literally count the days when pregnant it makes it slower!

  • Grif

    Counter oh bless your dog what is she? I've got a Basset who sleeps on our bed but he's so fickle and if anyone else stays over he sleeps with them - I've just got him back after my Mums been here and I really missed him especially with H being away. Then he takes over the whole bed and I'm cursing him through the night!


    She's a long-haired scruffy tiny little Jack Russell. And I am in love with her. I joke that I must have given birth to her, and that our real baby could never be as cute as she is! She gets unsettled when people stay and on 2 separate occasions (2 different houses) has peed on our best man's bed. Oops. My friend's got a Basset. Blinkin' adorable!

  • Morning,

    Weekender- Boo to being back at work! not long til scan day :)

    Sweetpea- Yay to the booking in appointment. Very jealous of your week off.

    Counter- Try not to worry. I dont have major symptoms yet but I am 5 +2 so think they will be starting to get worse soon. Bless your dog.

    Mrs V- Hope you find some more comfy ones. I cant wait to get to the stage where my clothes are tight, a bit of shopping is always good!

    AR- Glad your tummy is slightly better. Just little and often helps me otherwise as soon as i start to get hungry i feel sick.

    Grif- good idea about keeping busy. I think I need to make some more plans to make time go faster.

    AFM- My boobs seem to be getting sorer now. Nausea isnt bad, just a ilttle throughout the day. I think I need to be more busy as I am just contstantly worrying and need things to take my mind off it. Got a busy weekend with H's Brothers 21st so hopefully that will help. I managed to get a cancellation at the doctors so I now have a appointment Fri for them to refer me to the midwife.

  • counter - stretching pains defo a good sign! I would LOVE a dog soooo much but it isn't practical when we're out of the house so much of the day. I'm v jealous of your wee scruff!!

    MrsV - it's strange about the varying dates of booking appointments isn't it? Apparently it's a nightmare of form filling!! That's a shame you can't find at mat trousers. Have you scoured online? I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

    AR - I don't know if you saw my post on yesterday's thread about dairy and bloating? I cut dairy out. Have a wee look if not. I am frequently the same as you about having any pressure on my sore bloated tummy but yesterday I mentioned some diet changes which have made an enormous difference. It might be worth picking up maternity leggings that you can pull right over your tummy!

    Grif glad to hear you are keeping well and also keeping busy!

  • Sorry missed you there Bertie. Glad to hear you are keeping well also. I seem to have managed to escape MS with only mild and occasional nausea! What kind of things are you thinking you could do to keep busy?

  • Morning!

    Weekender, boo to back to work. The pains are normal but could also be the start of SPD maybe? Try to keep your knees together when getting out of bed, out of the car etc and see if that helps.

    Sweetpea, hope the booking in goes well and you have a lovely holiday.

    Counter, just remember every pregnancy is different so try not to fret about different/milder symptoms plus its still early there's time yet.

    MrsV, I'm lucky I don't work so don't have to try and fit in trousers, just have jeans, leggings and skirts. Have you tried somewhere like m&p?

    AR, hope you feel better soon

    Grif, sounds like you've got some lovely plans, I love eating out!

    Bertie, glad you got that cancellation, the worrying gets a bit easier as you tick off each day/week I've found.

    AFM, well it's scan day tomorrow, the day I've been looking forward to for god knows how long! I feel ok actually, I think I'm just resigned to not being able to change the outcome and deep down I do have a good feeling about this, just hope I'm not eating my words tomorrow :/

    Boy is in preschool this afternoon and I need to do more cleaning and pick up a urine sample bottle from the docs (glamorous).  My H made it home last night so I'm happy, ridiculous that he drove all the way to Belgium for essentially 3 hours work though.

  • AR - Yes I looked at mat wear last night and its difficult because I need long length as well. Plenty of black trousers but it gets a bit boring wearing the same colour trousers every day!

    Grif - Glad time is moving for you, 1st tri seems the longest few weeks ever!

    Sp - Yes lots of questions and form filling I'm afraid.

    Bertie - 1st tri is a worrying time but yes definitely try and keep yourself busy.

    Isis - Eeek, scan day tomorrow! What time is it?

  • Morning All

    Weekender - that rubbish going back to work, i have had shooting, stabbing and pulliang pains got told it was all normal but also worth clarifying

    Sweet pea - good luck at the midwife appointment

    Counter - i had days like that when i was around 6 weeks, my symptoms really kicked in at 8 weeks

    Mrs V - i got my first pair of maternity trousers around 6 weeks as i couldnt do my trousers up anymore, i got mine in H&M

    And hello to the rest of you im far to slow at typing to keep up with you all,

    i went back to hospital again last night (may as well just move in ) got given  an injection and some new drugs to try so hopefully they will work, i am so exhausted at the moment and work is really getting me down as my managers attitude is (oh she's moaning over a bit of morning sickness) apparently one of the HR ladies are going to talk to my management today as i have requested working from home twice a week until my sickness calms down, will see how that goes!

  • MrsV, my appt is at 11.30, my good friends is at 11.45 lol

    Nlh, I'm glad you went back and I hope you feel better soon. Might be worth getting signed off? They can't hold any pregnancy related sickness against you.

  • there just being total arses at the moment, everytime i ask if i can nip off a bit early or that im really unwell they just laugh

  • Can you talk to HR? That's really not on. I'd be so tempted to just phone in sick if I was you.

  • neverlosehope

    there just being total arses at the moment, everytime i ask if i can nip off a bit early or that im really unwell they just laugh

    Oh it's awful if they're like that.

    I was sent home from hospital at 17 weeks to wait for a miscarriage (it didn't happen) and my dept manager told my then-husband I was a skiver. He came so close to getting a punch!

    It's hard but you have to try to rise above it. Remember it won't always be like this, and they don't understand. They're not trying to be mean, they're just ignorant x

  • Sweatpea- Thats good! I have a feeling I wont be as lucky. I hve just got  anew book for when hubby is at football but apart from that not sure really, any suggestions?

    NLH- Your manager sounds like a right pain in the ar5e! Hope things improve for you soon.

  • Sorry I missed people this morning in my excitement of actually being on here!

    Mrs V apparently asda are doing some maternity bits now so maybe for cheap and cheerful options! I'm dreading maternity clothes I'm such a tight *** and begrudge spending on things I'll only wear for a few months - at least I'll just need a winter wardrobe though!

    AR good luck shopping and hope things ease, eating is really helping my nausea so you poor thing must be really suffering.

    Counter so cute! Archie is our baby - he's nearly 7 and we've had him since he was 6 weeks old he is such a character and so wilful. He goes to doggy daycare in the day while we're at work and loves causing so much mischief, then he's tired when he gets home and grumbles about getting cuddled! I just love them, I'm really hoping Arch is OK with the baby and doesn't feel too put out!

    Bertie it defintiely helps - I found the first couple fo weeks seemed to go really slow but it's starting to get a bit faster now, I'm just booking in little things like a trip to the cinema, dinner, people coming to visit. I'm also counting down to H coming home - he's been gone for nearly 6 weeks which is crazy! Try eating little and often through the day for nausea it really helps me (not my waistline though)

    Isis so glad you have a good feeling, as you say what will be will be and it would be awful luck to have somehting happen this time too. We're all sending loads of positive vibes for you! I also heard tha once they see a heartbeat on a scan the risk of miscarriage goes down loads so you've passed that hurdle.

    NLH so sorry you're feeling rubbish and that work are being pants - they have a duty of care and need to be especially careful with maternity issues - I would go off sick if it's really bad and cite prgnancy related reasons so you're protected - I work in HR so if you need any advice give me a shout xx

  • Ha ha a r s e got starred out!!!

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