*** Wednesday 1st tri ***

Morning ladies!

A very early start for me today, I've been awake since 5am! My sore throat has turned into a full on cold and I can't sleep, but shattered at the same time. Ughh!!

Hi to those that follow! :) I shall be back later on xxx


  • Morning boo, I feel your pain. I've had a terrible night due to a few things on my mind - was still tossing and turning at 3am! Hope your sore throat eases soon.

    Busy day for me today. I have my first acupuncture appoinment for my headaches and bad neck. Fingers crossed at works like magic. That said, I've felt really well since making the appoinment with the exception of maybe 2 days! Sod's law I guess. I'm sure the respite in the headaches won't last though so I'll go ahead with the appointment. Baby wise, all seems fine. Got to stop eating for 2 already, can feel myself getting fatter and fatter lol.

    Hope everyone else is well.

  • Morning.

    Boo hope your day is not too tiring and the cold goes soon.

    Weather girl enjoy the acupuncture, let us know how it goes.

    Not much to report here. Parents evening at work, although I don't have to stay the whole time as I don't have a class so we shall see how I feel later. Not much to report babywise except I seem to be expanding! Put on a pair of work trousers yesterday and they were far too tight! I'm only around 8 and half weeks. Last Time I started wearing maternity trousers around 14 weeks but I think it's going to have to be earlier this time!

  • Morning all

    Boo - sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, hope some paracetamol and honey and lemon drink helps

    WG -hope the acupuncture works! I have never tried it but have heard good things.

    Bunny - my friend who is pregnant with her second started wearing mat jeans at 7 weeks I think, just to be comfortable again!

    AFM - still got a earache and a sore throat but it's not got worse, so just trying to keep the pain at bay with the odd paracetamol. Other than that, I am starting to feel normal again in the mornings. 5 sleeps til scan day!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning ladies,

    Boo: Sorry to hear you're suffering, hope you get better as the day goes on

    WG: Enjoy your acupuncture and I know what you mean about the eating!!

    Bunny: I hope parents eve goes smoothly for you. We've got our late 1 tomorrow (6-8), am not looking forward to it but they're never as bad as you think they're gonna be! & I've gone up to my bigger jeans & have got my maternity stuff out ready but hope I can stay out of it for awhile longer!

    Gavi: 5 sleeps to go, how exciting!

    AFM: Well this morning nausea is not fun (especially on work mornings), I know I should be lucky that I'm not actually being sick but I'm sure I'd read that the sickness was supposed to be less than last a previous pregnancy but clearly that's not accurate! Other than that not much to report. These early weeks are dragging!

  • Hello ladies. Just a quick pop in to say I've moved to 2nd tri today (how on earth did that happen). Thank you for all the support you've given me and I can't wait to see you all in 2nd tri in the upcoming weeks x

  • Sorry I've not been on for a few days guys, just haven't had the time.

    Boo - hope the cold doesn't last, are you allowed to take anything for it?

    WG - how did you find the acupuncture?

    Bunny - know how you feel about the clothes, by the evening I swear I look about 6 months preggers!

    Gavi - not long till the scan now, how exciting. Hope you feel better soon.

    Blackkat - Do you have a long journey to work? Have you found anything to ease the sickness?

    PS - enjoy the 2nd Tri.
  • Sorry, having to post twice again as on my phone.

    AFM - had my booking in appointment today, they've dated me as due in September even though I told them this was wrong & they said I'll just get my scan next week & then be booked in for my 20 week scan. I'm a bit sad that I won't get another one, so my 12 week scan will actually be my 10 week scan. Have been feeling a bit rubbish lately so am trying to just relax.

    Hi to all who follow
  • WG - I hope we both get a better nights sleep tonight.  How was the accupunture?

    Bunny - they do say that you show earlier with your second. I hope parents evening goes ok, its a nice feeling knowing that you don't have to stay the whole evening.

    Gavi - you can gargle paracetamol for sore throats, so I've been told . pleased to hear you're feeling normal again.

    Blackkat - I totally agree with you. I've known that im pregnant for 12 ays... feels like weeks and weeks already!! I hope your nausea passes soon.

    PS - see you over in 2nd tri soon. Ish. :)

    PP - I hope you're enjoying your afternoon relaxing. On the up side of the scans... you get to see your baby sooner :)

    AFM - im still feleling groggy. Only thing I can take is paracetamol, which I don't feel the need for just yet. Took a walk into the village this morning, which was lovely. Spring is well on its way! :) xx

  • PS: Enjoy the 2nd tri

    PP: They'll be able to date you better at the scan, exciting that it's so soon

    PP: My journey to work is 45 mins long so not a short 1. I used to eat a banana for breakfast in the car on the 2 days I work but the thought of now turns my stomach so trying different things. I've now got a really strong drink of lemon squash by my bed & i am drinking that as soon as I wake then sucking on glacier fruits (which I now remember I used to do last time). If I don't eat as much during the stay it seems to linger for ages. This morning I forced myself to eat 3 slices of toast (the 1st bite took about 5 mins to eat!). Then I went swimming & didn't think anything of it but was absolutely starving again an hour or so after so had to get out of the pool quickly. It's not fun being starving & not feeling up to eating anything. Anyone have any other good suggestions? I'm using my travel wrist bands for driving but need to google to check that I've got the pressure points in the right place. Also got a little more spotting today. I can just tell this preganancy isn't gonna be as smooth going as the last!

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