*** Wednesday 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies,

Only another couple of days on here for me, how did that happen? Time def is going quicker now!

Not much to report here,still got sore boobs and still wee bit tired but other than that ok. 

Off this week, planning to clear out the garage today as there's TONS of stuff in there we don't need or use and my sis is finished with her crib now that her little boy is six months (how??) So she wants that out of her way so need to make room for it. And tidy the garden before the winter. Sounds boring but I'm looking forward to getting it done! Some of my maternity purchases should arrive today too, stuff from asos and next. Stuff from Debenhams and New look have been despatched, exciting love getting stuff delivered even if it is fat clothes Laugh

Hope all are well. Do we have any scans this week? Pink Panther? 




  • how exciting weekend , moving to the 2nd tri !

    and lots of lovely maternity clothes, i cant wait to get to this stage!

    AFM i have my consultant appt this morning, im very scared as i know its about my weight and diabetes risk etc. hope i dont get a telling off :-(

  • Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I normally fall in to bed after work but we went and looked round our friends' new house and it was exciting and lovely for them and then we went out for dinner. A nice change :)

  • Morning everyone!

    Weekender can't believe you're off - I'll be joining you a week tomorrow eeek! I love getting parcels - it is all very exciting.

    Monnie I doubt you'll get told off (well they'll have us to answer to if they do!) it's likely just routine and hopefully to give you some advice and guidance if weight/ medication or anything may  need it. Exciting though to ahve a first appointment.

    Counter glad you had a good evening hope the dinner was lovely!

    AFM not much to report here - feeling the usual level of crap which is loads better than the weekend so that's good - constantly grazing is still the most helpful thing and like Counter going home and getting on the couch!

  • Morning girls,

    WE - Lucky you having the week off - I'm so jealous! Hope you have a productive day but dont overdo it! Cant believe you are leaving us ;)

    Monnie - good luck for your appointment, hope they are nice to you x

    Counter - sounds like a lovely evening :)

    Grif - I'm loving the constant grazing too!

    Sounds like there are a few that are going to leave over the next couple of weeks :( lets hope we get some new recruits!

    AFM: Felt very tired this morning when the alarm went off, but I was mid-dream so that might be why. It was a really wierd dream too. I have felt quite nauseous this morning too which is good. Just had a rich tea biscuit and it seems to have settled my stomach for now! x

  • Morning,

    Weekender 2nd ri is in sight! Sounds like your going to be busy but its nice getting those sort of things done.

    Monnie- good luck for your appointment!

    Counter- Sounds nice :) How are you feeling today?

    Grif- Grazing is my saviour too! Although i dont think my waistline likes it!

    Browny- A biscuit before you et up is always good :) Hope the nausea isnt too bad.

    AFM- Well I have a bump now, whether its bloating or not I dont know but I have it all day and todays dress does me no favours! Only two weeks to hide it :) met my friend last night for a soft drink so that was nice.

  • Morning all. Diving on at work so will get back later for personals.

    Feeling tired and more rough each day, trying to remember that's good!! On monday had first of my 2 (don't get me started on the stupid procedure!) booking ins at hospital. It was upstairs on maternity day unit, where the maternity triage is and right next to delivery and i hadn't been there since i was in labour with P. It was a MASSIVE reality check and i suddenly realised i'm having a baby, had a minor freak out!!Have to go back in 2 weeks for full booking in and then scan is 2 weeks today.

    HOpe you're all well

  • Hope you don't mind me crashing the thread - I'm normally more of a lurker over on OT, but found out at the weekend that I am around 6 weeks pregnant.

    I say around as I have very erratic cycles so have no idea when I ovulated.

    This baby is very much planned, but took a little longer than our DD. Feeling slightly nauseous, but the main problem I am having at the moment (TMI) is diarrhea. It's been going on for around 10 days now and I'm fed up of it. A trip to the Drs on Monday so a sample could be sent off, and a telephone consultation this morning to see if I can take anything to help.

    Sorry for lack of personals - I will get to know people and do better in future, I promise x

  • Bertie - exciting that you have a bump now! Good luck trying to hide it over the next 2 weeks!

    AR - I bet going there brought all the memories back!! Hope you arent feeling too rough x

    library gal - welcome! Will you get an early scan to check how far along you are do you think? I'm 6+4 so we might be due around the same time! :)

  • Hi All,

    Just ducking on at work, will come back for personals later if I get the chance. Barely slept last night for worrying about tomorrow's scan. So glad it's almost here. My boobs were hurting again last night and felt really sick on the way to work this morning...it was nice to feel rough for a bit!

    Welcome to the thread Library Gal :)

    Counter, I've seen your other thread. Sorry EPU couldn't fit you in before Monday. Can you take it easy this afternoon or are you still busy at work?

    Can I ask a question about the booking appointment for those who have had theirs/had one before. Did you have your OH with you? Did you need him there?

  • Thanks for the welcome ladies.

    Counter - I've been getting myself up to date with the board. Hope you're OK and can take it easy for the next few days [xx]

    Browny - as far as I know I won't get an early scan, although if it's anything like last time, they'll call me for a 12 week scan based on a 28 day cycle which meant I was only 10 week, so I got a call back. I've got a rough idea of dates based on DTD :-)

    Flossy - at my booking in appt last time around my OH didn't come with me, it's fairly routine, urine and blood samples, weight/height, general discussion about health etc. Good luck with it and the scan tomorrow xx

  • Hi library gal- hope the docs can give you something to help!

    AR- two appointments is quite odd! Ha, it suddenyly dawned on you! I havent been hit with that yet but I will also be freak out when I do im sure!

    Flossy- I am having mkine tomorrow but my H wont be there. Good luck for your scan!

  • Thanks, that was my thinking. My booking appointment is at 10.30 with the scan at 12.30 so I might tell him to occupy himself while I'm in the first appointment then meet up with him in between. Don't want him getting too bored, plus he hates hospitals!

  • hey all, back from the consultant. he wants me to carry on my meds as i am for now. on the 4th i have an appt with the diabetes nurse to get my own blood sugar level monitor and learn how to do it, then on the 30th im back with the consultant .

  • Can anyone help with some advice, please - I've not posted for a while as work and everything else was getting in the way.  I am now 11+2 and on monday night I started getting some cramps and light bleeding, like the start of a period... we went to A&E which was a horrible experience; the doctor basically said if you're miscarrying you just have to go home and wait it out.  I have an emergency scan booked for this afternoon at 2.15.  The bleeding stopped but started again last night and was again like the start of a period; today it is heavier but nothing 'gushing out' so to speak, just when I wipe myself.  it is dark in colour rather than bright red.  I know I have to wait for the scan but I am so scared, this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea if this is normal.  has anyone else experienced this?  Is bleeding normal?  i have had none at all throughout the rest of my 11 weeks.  Any advice very gratefully received as I am working myself up into a panic.  Thank you x

  • Hi lovetoread. First of all have a big hug. I haven't had experience of this myself, so can't really advise, but didn't want to read and run. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you this afternoon.


  • Hi Everyone

    Managed to sneak on as it's lunchtime! Nice to see a few new faces cropping up!

    Browny the tiredness is awful isn't it - and grazing is definitely the way forward I have an absolute picnic at my desk!

    Bertie how lovely you have a bump! My bloating has gone down and a little bump has started the sprout I think.

    AR I can't believe you have to go twice it's crazy - and eeek the realisation - I'm still in denial ha ha.

    Hello and welcome library gal, exciting times hope the appointments go well and you get a date soon.

    Flossy my OH didn't come (because he isn't in the country but he wasn't really needed) they asked me loads of questions and some were around if he hit me so I think the midwife preferred he wasn't! I don't think they appreciated my answer of no he's away for 4 months at the minute!

    Monnie good the ball is rolling with the appointments and they're keeping an eye on you from an early stage.

    LTR big hugs sorry you're going through this - there are lots of positive stories of people bleeding and going on to have healthy babies. Hope all goes well this afternoon keep us updated xxx

  • Flossy - sorry you didnt sleep but at least not long to go now! I'm not sure whether my H should come to booking appointment either - he'd have to make the time up and works quite far from home so I'm thinking I might tell him not to bother :/

    Monnie - you have lots of appointments booked in already! How you feeling about it all?

    Lovetoread - I have no experience but sorry you are going through this. Let us know how you get on with your scan xxx

  • im a bit overwhelmed to be honest! i was shocked they didnt take a blood test or anythign at the hospital, they just took my word for it !

    lovetoread sorry your going through this. xxxx

  • Hi again. The scan showed a very small embryo and no heartbeat so we are miscarrying. Just got to wait it out now. Feel very sad but trying to be pragmatic; it's not meant to be this time. Thank you to all for your kindness. Next time for us, hopefully x

  • So sorry to read this LTR. There are a number of ladies on here who have miscarried including myself, all will be happy to lend an ear or give advice if needed x

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