*** Wednesday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies

How are we all today? Didn't get on till late last night, was non-stop all day here. Not much to report, bump was quiet yesterday which was freaking me out a bit but lots of movements last night and some this morning which is lovely. 

Scan day tomorrow, and I'm bricking it!

Off to work shortly so may not get back on. Hi to all that follow x



  • Good luck with the scan today Weekender! Are you planning on finding out what you're having?

    Not much to report here, just still really tired. No proper movements which I'm trying not to fret about - I've seen plenty of people online saying they didn't feel their first moving until 20-22 weeks (I'm 19w today, will definitely sort out a ticker!) Hoping today will be quiet at work so I can get everything done and leave on time for once!

  • Morning!

    WE - that's exciting about the scan! You'll see your little bubba again! If you get a chance to pop on and tell us how it went that would be fab!

    Flossy - I was having movements at 19wks but not necessarily daily or reguarly. I would say it was 21+ when I started to feel reguar kicks. A MW friend told me that the baby is still so small that if he/she rolls to face in the way and all the kicks are towards your uterus rather than tummy then you won't feel much. Defo try not to worry. Not long till the scan!!

    AFM - all good here. FINALLY in the last week my belly has popped!! YAY! I look pregnant!!! Another night without getting up for the bathroom - bliss! Friends of ours came to visit last night (they live in Sweden and were over for a few days) and told us that they are 8 weeks pregnant after a 2nd round of IVF. Such lovely fabulous news!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Morning

    WK - yay to scan day!!! Hope today speeds by for you, are you finding out the flabour?

    Flossy try not to worry about movements, its so early. I have loads of friends who didn't feel anything until 23/24 ish weeks with their first, it depends on where your placenta is too. If it's at the front you won't feel it as easily.

    SP_ yay to a bump!! Hehe when  you're huge in a couple of months you'll be remembering a flat belly fondly!! Hehe. Lovely news for your friend too.

    AFM - exhausted and second day back at work. Bump is a bit bigger than before half term and it makes it more hard work. Movements are becoming more regular and feeling them during the day now too which is nice. Still getting horrible headaches but the braxtons hicks seem to have calmed down a bit which is nice. H has the day off looking after P so the house will probably be a tip when i get home but i'm sure they'll have fun. Tutoring tonight but not much else going on. 3 weeks tomorrow until scan, seems like AGES away!!

  • SP - yay for your bump finally making its appearance!

    AR - hope work goes quickly for you. Have you heard from your sister? Hope she's doing ok.

    Thanks all for the reassurance. I know it's too early to worry yet but I feel like ever since I got the BFP I've been fretting about one thing or another, good job you're all here to keep me sane! At least my scan is next Wednesday so I'm on the final countdown to it.

  • Morning,

    Weekender- Movements are lovel arent they. good luck for tomorrow!

    Flossy- Try not to worry Flossy, my sis in law didnt feel anything until she was 20 weeks and if your placenta is at the front that can block them too. Its only been this last week that I have really felt them as before they were very subtle.

    Sweetpea- yay to baby bump! Lovely news for your friends :)

    AR- Getting regular movements is great. Does anything ease your headaches? Di you get them with P too? Glad the braxton hicks have calmed down. Hope your sis is geting on ok.

    AFM- Car passed Mot fine :) felt lots of movement yesterday, I cant concentrate when it happens I just sit there day dreaming! Got H's sisters round tonight so that should be nice as haven't had a gossip together in a while. I am not sleeping great as I keep tossing and turning to get comfy, I keep H up too! Oh well, thats only going to get worse I reckon lol.

  • AR how is your sister? You must be counting down the days until the end of the next term! I deliver training for a living so I know what hard work it is being on your feet and having people to engage all day! Keeps us fit though!

    Flossy - I'm EXACTLY the same I don't think the worrying ever stops....for the next 70 years!! I haven't felt the baby move yet today and obviously worried! Ha ha! Positive self talk is the only way I keep it under control as I know it's perfectly normal!

    Bertie - great news about the car! Oh I know what you mean about losing focus/concentration when the baby moves. I wonder if you ever get used to it or if it's always this awe inspiring?? Maybe in 3rd tri when we have feet sticking into our ribs we will feel less enamoured! Lol!

  • Morning all,

    Weekender - That's great about the movements and the scan tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

    Flossy - You must have your scan soon too? Try not to worry about movements yet. They quote a pretty big window for first feeling the baby. I am a pretty calm person really but I've worried constantly throughout this pregnancy about one thing or another.

    Sweetpea - That's lovely news about your friends and that you look preggers.

    AR - Wow that seems early for BH. Is it obvious when it happens? I have no idea what to expect.

    Bertie - A gossip sounds nice. I've not been sleeping great either and still keep waking up on my back. Oops. Have you got a pregnancy pillow yet? I have and it does help a bit.

    AFM - I managed to hurt my back swimming last night. I googled it and apparently your not supposed to do breaststroke while pregnant. Oops, your probably not supposed to race other swimmers either but I did that too haha. I really have to start taking it easy! I have pregnancy yoga tonight which I'm looking forward to especially as bump is much bigger now so I think the stretches will really help get comfy.

  • Morning all (just)

    Sorry I've not been around much. Been pretty busy with work and trying to declutter my house.

    My dad has been in hospital for an operation. My car got a blow out in the peeing rain and I couldn't get the locking nut to unlock so I abandoned it in pure temper and walked the 2 miles home. H was not happy!

    On the plus side I'm off to meet my friends 3 week old after work. He's just out of hospital as the poor wee soul caught chicken pox at 6 days old.

    Hope everyone is good x

  • Hello All

    WE - that is great news about the scan, it will be great cant wait to hear all about it

    Flossy - it won't be long until you feel it moving away! its a very sureal feeling!

    SP -Great news about your friends, and yay to the belly pop!

    AR - it's amazing how tired you can get, try not to over do it i know its hard

    AFM - working from home today which is lovely, work is really stressing me out! cant wait to leave! baby is moving about as usual, got midwife tomorrow!

  • Oh W/E - please try not to worry about the scan. I bet it will be magical! We do this to ourselves :) Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Flossy - get yerself a ticker, girl :) The movements, I had a flutter at 18 wks with Harry, and nothing for blooming ages after, to the point I thought I'd made it up, lol. Looking forward to hearing you say a wriggly baby keeps you awake all night :)

    How is the tiredness going? Are you making any progress? I seem to have pretty much cleared my diary so all I do in the evening is wind down reading, then sleep. I wake lots but apart from the loo breaks I crash straight back out again most of the time. Are you getting enough sleep overall, do you think?

    Sweetpea - excellent news re the popping tummy and how wonderful about your friends. They must be over the moon, that's awesome.

    AR - sorry if I've missed this in other threads - do you know what's causing the headaches? it must be so hard to work through them, especially in your job, I hope you feel better soon!

    Bertie - are you finding the nights difficult? I don't think I look preggers at all, but this week seems to have seen me look v bloated and I think I am uncomfortable overnight, lots of repositioning. Have you tried or do you have a pregnancy pillow? Choc Cupcake said she found hers really useful. Have a lovely evening :)

    I'm exhausted all the time. Didn't get back to thread y/day but meant to reply. Sweetpea - I am being FAIRLY good about the rules :) A lot of the house stuff (spare kitchen crockery/utensils etc) I am putting by for when/if Harry goes to uni, so it's not that difficult to make the decision. But I am better with clothes. I have an urge to have space around me, in cupboards, on shelves etc so that's driving me at the moment. Otherwise it feels like life is just a massive game of 'stuff tetris', moving and shuffling stuff to get other stuff in. I want places to put pram, baby, baby things etc next year.

    Someone asked about decorating, we've done lounge, dining room, bedroom and en-suite. Leaving kitchen with a bit of light 'tarting up' and hallway can wait, it's too big to take on at the moment, can't afford it. We're doing one bedroom before Christmas, and then baby's room (currently full of wedding and Xmas things) will be in the new year. Anything else not done then remains not done. We're not doing my son's rooms because it looks like a tip up there. When he can keep it clean and tidy he'll get a budget and some help to do it, lol. I am dying to get my hands on it up there, but on principle I don't want to spend money and then see it looking rotten within 2 weeks

    Hello to those that follow!!

  • LD - oh no! How's the pain in your back? Hope it settles quick for you!

    Hi LR, the car thing sounds a nightmare. Hope your dad is recovering well?

    NLH - enjoy working at home, it's great skipping all the getting ready and travel etc isn't it?! let us know how appt goes tomorrow.

  • LD- Yes i got one last week that is helping me to not sleep on my back. I think because I am trying to slep on my left side rather than my right I give up in the night and swap to my left and then I swap back when I realise. Hope your back isnt too bad, racing other swimmers made me laugh! I can only do breast stroke! or doggy paddle lol...

    Counter- I got one last week tha has helped a bit but as you'll see above I think its me trying to sleep on my left thats the problem! It could be bloating too, i didnt think of that.

    God that sounds like a real project! is it redecorating or have you not lived there long? bet i will be great once all done though.

    Hi NLH enjoy working from home! 

    Hi LR What a time you had with the car! Glad you got back safely. Hope your dad is ok.

  • Bertie - i missed you i'm sorry! glad your car passed MOT! and that your getting lots of movement :)

  • I made a ticker...finally!

    Counter - I'm still exhausted! I'm sleeping as soon as I get into bed, and I'm not really waking during the night (even for the loo), but I just never feel refreshed. I'm at my desk at the moment thinking how easily I could go to sleep if there was a comfy sofa nearby. I've been limiting myself to only going out after work two nights a week (because of the commute, even meeting a friend for a quick dinner means not getting home till after 10 which was what I did last night). I've not been able to lie in at the weekends though, I've been waking up about 7 and can't get back to sleep no matter how hard I try. During the week it's a different story and I just can't drag myself out of bed at all!

  • Yay for your ticker flossy!!! hope you didn't feel too bullied into that....now for the profile photo :)

    LD - what stroke is best then?? I was quite looking forward to swimming but not if I can't do the breast stroke! Enjoy yoga!

    LR - I did wonder where you had disappeared to! Nice to see you. Sorry about the car incidence :( Hope your dad is back to full health soon.

    NLH - V jealous of your working from home! Do you manage to get much done? I'm terrible for procrastinating at home!

    counter - well done with all the house renovations and clearing out! I saw your dress thread and I did similar over the weekend with the clothes that no longer fit. It's depressing! I have about 5 outfits too! Bring on my ASOS delivery! Might be worth checking there for a dress for your do.

  • Its just a much nicer environment for me at home, I dont get ad stressed as I do in the office,I deal with all the complaints for my department so its quite a stressful place to be, as least when im at home I can sit on sofa and be comfortable x

  • LR – Hope your dad gets better soon. Enjoy cuddles with the new baby.

    NLH – Good luck with midwife tomorrow.

    Counter – That sounds like a massive decorating project to be taking on. I’m useless at decluttering but as I live in a flat I have to have a throw out every now and again. I don’t blame you for not wanting to tackle your son’s room.

    Bertie – Haha, I’m only ok at swimming but strangely competitive. I seem to get tangled up with my pillow so I’ve stopped using it properly and now it really just acts as a barrier between me and H!

    Flossy – Yey for the ticker.

    Sweetpea – You’re meant to swim front crawl only. That knackers me out after a bit so I think I am just going to use a float and kick my legs.

  • Sweetpea- are those Asos dresses modelled on giraffes? They're so short I think you'd see... well. They're very short!! :)

  • Ha Counter that made me laugh. I can't wear ASOS dressed, they are way to short and I'm only 5'8''.

  • Oh no are they???? I'm 5"11 and have just ordered several!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

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